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Lib Dem minister Lynne Featherstone affirms coalition’s gay rights promises

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry TOO LATE !!! You’ve had my trust once and threw us to lions. Thats what shes saying this month !! NEVER TRUST THEM AGAIN!!! LIARS!! Enjoy your puppet power, immorally gained on the backs of honest public votes.

  2. paul canning 22 Sep 2010, 1:39pm

    Here the whole speech.

    She actually says little on asylum, just how Theresa May welcomed the Supreme Court ruling, which I *assume fits the idea that LibDems are ‘moving the Tories’ although that welcome matches Tory policy which May launched during the campaign.

    The problem is that the Nigerian case pinknews reported on only last week says that we cannot change reality for LGBT asylum seekers by just relying on the Supreme Court decision, Home Office homophobia must be changed.

    Here is a campaign seeking to do just that.

  3. Have to agree with Paul #1 – I’ve heard some remarkably negative things from the GEO recently.

  4. WHAT promises? The Tories didn’t make any, remember?

    And we’re to trust the Lib Dems? The party that worked with the Tories to make Theresa May equalities minister? What are they actually going to do with their motions? They’re part of the “coalition government” are they going to force gay marriage through their Tory partners?

    And how dare the Lib Dems, supporters of the Tories criticise Labour on gay rights? Sure Labour missed a lot and was far from perfect but they did more for advancing our equality than any other party

    Keep being the fig leaf for the Tory bigots, Lib Dems. You’ve shown your worth

  5. Sorry Featherstone – not good enough.

    I want to see so real movement on equalities issues before I will trust you.

    The very fact that the homophobic bigot Theresa May is Lynne Featherstone’s boss makes me worry a lot.

    And I also want Featherstone and May to confirm that they will not be swayed on equalities issues by groups (such as S-onewall who are actively campaigning against LGBT equality)

  6. Emmarainbow 22 Sep 2010, 5:27pm

    Lynne Featherstone has been pushing for equal rights for LGBT issues for a long time – remember her speaking up for trans stuff a couple of years ago. I can’t see that she’d do a bad job now – she’s doing what I would expect her to do, given her track record, and I’m looking forward to it.

  7. All this rude negativity directed at Lynne Featherstone really is crass – if those promoting equality like Ms Featherstone are slagged off like this by some gay commentators on this site we will get nowhere. If those who criticise her think they can do a better job then stop carping from the comfort of your arm-chairs and stand for election yourselves.

    You are doing a good job Lynne – don’t listen to the moaning minnies and their bile!

  8. Matt Sephton 22 Sep 2010, 6:41pm

    @Sparky – The Conservatives DID have promises on LGBT issues, including on:

    1. Civil Partnerships
    2. Tackling homophobia
    3. Ending the injustice of convictions for consensual homosexual sex
    4. Fighting for LGBT rights around the world

    This was all published before the General Election from page 14 of the Party’s ‘Contract for Equalities’, a link to which can be found here:

    David Cameron also, before the election, said that he would be willing to look at the possibility of full gay marriage and on the situation with the gay blood ban.

    On gay marriage, meetings have already been held at the Home Office with various LGBT-related charities and campaign groups on the future of civil partnerships with the blood ban there is an ongoing review.

  9. Excuss me ….Labour have done a great job for LGB people, so please don’t play a game for us. I have voted you….but I have really regretted since you work with Right wing groups.

  10. I don’t doubt her sincerity, but, just as on the economic front, the jury is still out on the precise role of the LibDems in this government. Will they rein in Tory extremism on spending cuts? Force the Tories to accept a radical equality agenda?

  11. Craig Nelson 22 Sep 2010, 9:52pm

    Well let’s see. If the government does good in this area we’ll all cheer even if we don’t support their respective parties or disagree on other areas. I have a suspicion that yesterday’s motion is gonna be some nice window dressing and there won’t be any action in the life of this Parliament – would like to be proved wrong but don’t think I will be somehow.

  12. Omar Kuddus GayasylumUK 22 Sep 2010, 11:54pm

    Dear Ms Featherstone,

    I realise the strict policy in regards to MP’s and constituents but i am not writing to you as my MP, but as the Junior Equality Minister.

    As the Liberal Democrat junior equality minister you said that the coalition government has a “long-term” strategy for equal rights.

    could you please inform me as to what exactly these “long term” strategies for equal rights involve and are about?

    Speaking at the Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool you, she said that you was “proud” of successful motion calling for marriage equality and promised that the government would tackle homophobic bullying, protect gay parents and use Britain’s influence abroad to encourage an end to homophobic laws.

    Does the coalition government mean to keep these promises, and in particular its stance on, to ” use Britain’s influence abroad to encourage an end to homophobic laws”.

    You added that the government would get its policies “in order” on gay and lesbian asylum seekers fleeing persecution.

    Does that mean that it intents to follow the Dutch and German example on Homosexual persecution for asylum seekers, or will the standard response of “discretion” still overrule and be the main factor in declining LGBT asylum applications?

    I note, Ms Featherstone that you ,also attacked Labour’s record, saying the party which legalised civil partnerships had turned equalities into a “burden”, saying “[Equality] became a byword for bureaucracy and red-tape.

    “Less about liberation and more about frustration. And if ticking boxes and filling out forms led to equality, then Britain would be a utopia of fairness and optimism.”

    But would this not be easier and achievable if the government granted equality and similar rights to everyone, despite their sexual orientation and hence make the county a fairer and equal place for all its citizens, and thus exclude a second class society.

    In the past (MAY 2010) you criticised your own party’s coalition negotiators for being too “male” and “pale” and now added: “We also recognise that trans gender issues are often distinct and sometimes need to be addressed separately. That is why this government will be the first ever to produce an action plan on trans gender equality.”

    The question again is when, for words are cheep and at all party conference’s promises are made that never materialise.

    The conference may have voted in favour of a motion supporting marriage equality, which in essence means, that the party will lobby for civil partnerships and marriage to be opened up to all couples regardless of sexuality. But again the question remains when, for no time scale or concrete proposals have been put into place, or even indicted.

    In the mean time LGBT’s in Britain are still to be regarded and classified as second rate citizens/ nationals.

  13. @Matt Stephon
    With the exception of old convictions, those are vague and general statements with no real plan or structure – that’s not a promise, that’s a wish.

    We get vagueness and pretty speeches – and we’re supposed to be cheered by this? The only concrete thing the Tories & Lid Dems have done with regarding GBLTQ equality is appoint Theresa May – which shows how much it matters to them

    I am not placated by speeches and well wishing – nor motions made by a party that is going to make no real effort to make them into law. I’m not so easily fobbed off

  14. Coalition’s Programme for government – “We will use our relationships with other countries to push for unequivocal support for gay rights and for UK civil partnerships to be recognised internationally.”

    So what did the government have say to about gay rights in the Vatican when the Pope was here on a state visit last week?

  15. excellent point dave and the answer is nothing as far as the news reports so again the politicians deliver awesome ideas but never act on it

  16. No 8: Matt Sephton: you say:

    “The Conservatives DID have promises on LGBT issues, including on:
    1. Civil Partnerships”

    Civil Partnership is simply Apartheid by another name.

    What are the Tories doing to introduce marriage equality?

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