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Video: Senators block vote on repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ US military policy

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Reader comments

  1. John in Calif. 21 Sep 2010, 9:43pm

    Not surprising for America I am afraid.

    The supposedly “progressive” Democrats are far to the right of the UK Conservatives. And up against them are the Republicans (who are simply gatekeepers of the insane asylum). Imagine the BNP getting 45-55% of the vote in a general election and you have a pretty good idea of what passes for political discourse in America. Just a whole lot of racist and homophobic tripe masquerading as patriotism. The voters buy it every time too. We have just become so desensitized to this nonsense that it isn’t shocking in the slightest anymore.

  2. Disgusting.

  3. Gabriel in London 21 Sep 2010, 10:45pm

    American never seeks to not surprise me.

    The best gay army in the world is Israel..

  4. PeterinSydney 22 Sep 2010, 12:24am

    America promises the best and the worst. This is surwly the worst.

  5. Oo-er Missus ooo no 22 Sep 2010, 12:56am

    America sometimes gives democracy a bad name.

  6. Democratic isn’t always pretty, but it isn’t “bad”.
    It is the rule of the majority. It is justice that has failed us.

    That and the fact it was a stupid idea to tack an immigration bill onto this. Republicans are warming up to reappealing DADT, but immigration is something they are staunchly against.
    It was a bad move really and it was that really to blame for the death of this, more so than the idea of mass homophobia here.

    A third of Americans agree that DADT should be ended.

  7. This vote was strictly an election year move. The Defense Authorization Bill WILL come back for another vote after the November elections and WILL pass. With the courts ruling DADT is unconstitutional they really don’t have a choice.

  8. Note to your editors. Why ‘defense [sic]’? Defense is the US spelling of defence.

  9. Have no fear, this is strictly an election year delay tactic. The Defense Authorization Bill will be back for another vote after the November elections and it WILL pass. With the courts ruling DADT unconstitutional they really don’t have a choice.

  10. It’s sad that as the rest of the world heads towards equality and greater or lesser steps America is still fussing about who sees who in the shower. Then the same politicians ‘fearing’ for their children’s moral fabric are the ones caught with tehir pants down in men’s urinals.

    USA = fast becoming U No Way!

  11. This coming from a country who invades others ‘for its freedoms’ (well oil anyway). Yet themselves are so far in the ‘freedom closet’ they go beyond fracking Narnia!! The Senators that voted for this are disgusting and clearly have no grasp of the words respect, loyalty and honour.

    I would love to see a mass coming out by LGB people and those that support them within the US armed forces and see how the military and government copes with the throwing out in large numbers it’s very troops that have ‘protecting’ their country.

    How can anybody respect a country that orders it’s troops to protect a nation yet the leaders asking cannot protect and honour those doing that job?

    Land of the Free? What a Joke!!

  12. Obama is Commander in Chief: just as Truman ended racial segregation in the military by executive decree, Obama can end DADT at a stroke. Why doesn’t he do it?

  13. This nonsense doesn’t do America any favours.

    It’s becoming harder to defend them over a variety of policies when south American countries start to overtake them these social issues.

    Very sad and potentially worrying.

  14. Obama can’t end it unilaterally because DADT is the LAW. Segregation was not the law, it was an unofficial policy.

  15. This article doesn’t really have it right. The vote was to invoke cloture to stop the debate and end the filibuster. This is all political grandstanding on both sides because Obama plans to veto the bill due to certain spending items. I don’t agree with xrk9854. A Defense spending bill will pass eventually, but not necessarily this one. DADT repeal could easily be removed. The court case in Riverside has a long way to go before the DoD has to pay it any mind. Obama hasn’t even acknowledged that it happened. The President can’t end DADT with an executive order. It is a law which must be repealed by Congress or invalidated by the courts. He could issue an order to stop discharges due to DADT, but Obama insists the solution must be legislative.

  16. What’s all this utter nonsense of waiting for the Pentagon report, I thought the essence of a military service was that the oders of those in command are obeyed! As for McCain, two years ago he said he would defer to the decision/judgement of the Military … well both the Secretary of Defence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have both said DADT should go, as has the Commander-in-Chief … and now he’s back-tracking like crazy. What a yesterday’s numpty!!!!

  17. The US is the worst example of a democracy in the world. They always manipulate Congress to get the answer they want. If the vote fails they will re-vote and re-vote again until they get it, and then will immediately stop any further votes. When it is close like that there should be a second ballot. The same as when they voted to get their $800 billion bank bail; Bush’s last big steal. The vote was against it but close, so they re-voted. All they had to do in that case was buy a few senators to win it; a small price to pay for their $800 billion prize. Daylight robbery disguised as democracy, stealing taxpayer’s money. All those billions sitting there and they get to decide where it goes. If you think the UK government is any different on the theft economy side, you’d be wrong. Welcome to the modern ‘false democracy’.
    This same ‘democracy’ also manipulated the UN in exactly the same way for their illegal profit wars in the Middle East.

    Why else did they attach an immigration point to this bill if not to attempt to scupper it? We all know just how much the right wing senators love gay people and immigrants. :/

  18. paul canning 22 Sep 2010, 4:53pm

    Watch Rachel Maddow for the real story on what happened. *Nothing the Republicans are claiming as excuses is true.

  19. chris in new england 23 Sep 2010, 5:39am

    Kind of rich for the White House to say they’re disappointed, since they made it clear from the start that they were opposed to adding repeal language to the defense authorization bill and wouldn’t lift a finger to help get it passed.

    One thing that’s getting lost in all the anger and dismay is that the opposition here isn’t just coming from conservatives, but from a lot of liberals as well. Keep in mind that the amendment wouldn’t actually repeal DADT, just allow it to be repealed without further involvement by congress depending on the results of the Pentagon review and certification from the president, chairman of the joint chiefs, and secdef. Why the opposition? Because one side thinks certification will happen regardless of the results of the review, given that Obama and Mullen are both determined to end DADT and Gates is a wild card at best who will be replaced by an Obama pick next year anyway. And the other side thinks the three-way certification requirement is a poison pill designed to kill repeal by giving the Pentagon veto power over it. Basically both sides are suspicious of it because they’re both convinced the process is rigged against them.

  20. Don’t ask don’t tell was really the protection of gays in the military,not to harm them.I wont ask you,and you don’t tell me and everything will be alright.

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