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21 September 2010

  • 21st September 2010

    Video: Senators block vote on repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ US military policy 20

    Gay solider Dan Choi chained himself to the White House in protest at the policy

    9:30 PM — Primarily Republican, US senators have voted to block a debate this evening into gay and lesbian people being able to serve openly in the military. A minimum of 60 senators were required to be in favour of overturning a filibuster of the 'defense authorisation bill' which includes the repeal of the US military 'Don't ask, Don't tell' policy by senator John McCain but only 56 senators voted in favour. Although some of the senators who voted against did so because of an immigration amendment 'tacked' onto the bill.

  • Senate to vote on out gay soldiers 2

    The US Senate will vote later today (Photo: US Army)

    6:37 PM — The US Senate is to vote today on a bill which contains a measure to repeal the ban on out gay soldiers in the military. The measure has been added to the National Defence Authorisation Act and Democrat senators need 60 votes for it to progress to a debate on the floor.

  • Eleven gay rights activists arrested for protest in Moscow 4

    Russian campaigners held an unauthorised protest today

    4:26 PM — Eleven gay rights activists were arrested today for holding a protest outside Moscow's city hall in protest at the homophobia of mayor Yuri Luzhkov. They were arrested by police at around 6.15pm local time after chaining themselves to a metal fence next to the building.

  • Liberal Democrats back marriage equality for gay couples 31

    Liberal Democrats voted in favour of supporting equal marriage

    1:31 PM — Delegates at the Liberal Democrats' annual conference in Liverpool voted to back marriage equality for gay and straight couples this morning.

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