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Stephen Fry says he’s ’90 per cent gay’

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Reader comments

  1. he’s either gay or not, no women I know would want a bisexual man, the 90 percentile statistic doesn’t do the gay community any favours nor project any credibility what so ever.

  2. William, I find this article actually a waste of time. Why would Pink News care if 10% of him is attracted to women? There are such things as bisexual, some even married to one another, not that I’m bi, just saying, but I agree, this does us no favours, irrelevant if you like.

  3. I am 100% gay but had feelings for a couple of women before.
    I love Mr. Fry but this was a littl silly.

  4. It’s certainly stretching the definition of ‘news’.

  5. PumpkinPie 20 Sep 2010, 2:09pm

    I think you guys are taking this article a bit too seriously. Also, I find these “exceptions to the rule” (Fry’s rare female crushes) to raise interesting questions about the nature of sexuality and attraction.

  6. Grant Denkinson 20 Sep 2010, 2:21pm

    I’m glad Mr Fry feels that a certain amount of range in his sexual interests does not imply a crisis.

    Some people seem to have an awful lot invested in separating gay people from straight people. The reality of most people’s attractions and behaviour seems to belie this model. How people identify themselves is up to them as far as I’m concerned.

  7. @William
    Your bizarre comment shows that you must have a very narrow circle of friends! There are plenty of bisexual people of both genders who have no trouble findings partners of either gender. I think the real point of Fry’s comments is that most gay people can occasionally find something attractive about someone of the opposite sex but that element is minor compared to their main preference. Sexuality is definited by sexual preference. If we all defined our sexuality by the Klein scale (or even the Kinsey scale) we would pretty much all be bisexual.

  8. Red Gosans 20 Sep 2010, 2:43pm

    I applaud Mr Fry for being honest with his sexuality.
    And William, being a woman who is personally attracted to two bi (or appropriately, pan-)sexual men, I can honestly say that you’re quite wrong in your assessment. :)

  9. Not sure how 2 out of hundreds/thousands of attractions over a lifetime= 10%, (unless it’s a joke about the mytical 10%), but anyway good for him, sexuality is definately not a binary characteristic.

    And William, What on earth are you on about?! I know lots of Bisexuals in all kinds of relationships (I’m a Bi female and am definitely attracted to Bi males-my husband is one).

  10. Most gay AND straight people will occasionally find themselves attracted to people they wouldn’t expect to be attracted to.

    Straight and gay – it works both ways – we shouldn’t cling to labels and deny feelings whether they are for a man or woman. To say Fry’s comments don’t do the gay community any good is absolutely ridiculous and it well and truly disappoints me to find intolerance towards bisexual/not-entirely-gay people coming from members of the gay community.

    YOU are the people who do our community a disservice.

  11. It confirms something that I and Alfred Kinsey always suspected: everyone is a little bisexual.

  12. William, the gay community has always contained very many bisexual people and people who do not define as bisexual but who recognise an attraction to both genders. Surely it would be less credible if the community only opened its arms to people who could or would swear that they had never been attracted to or never would be attracted to a member of the opposite gender. And as for women not wanting a bisexual man – many do. I’ve been in a relationship with one for 12 years and he’s lovely

  13. Ciaran McHale 20 Sep 2010, 5:13pm

    In reply to Felipe (comment 11). I have read a biography of Alfred Kinsey and have his “Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male” book sitting on my bookshelf. I don’t recall anything about Kinsey that suggests he believed “everyone is a little bisexual”. In fact, several things I have read about him strongly suggest that he did *not* believe what you claim he did. Can you provide a citation to back up your claim about him? Or are you (as I suspect) just spouting nonsense and falsely claiming that a figure of authority supports your viewpoint?

  14. Yes, we’re all somewhat bisexual, but I have long suspected Stephen Fry of constantly coming up with confounding statements just to cause a buzz, a bit more publicity. In this case he seems to have spiced up his latest book in order to appeal to a wider market.

  15. It’s a bit silly to make a generalisation that “we’re all bisexual”, when the truth is, as Kinsey pointed out, that there is a spectrum of sexuality in which some people are all one way or another, whilst others are mixed to a lesser or greater extent. There are also some people who are non-sexual, and have no attraction to anyone.

    I suspect that if sexuality wasn’t such a big deal, more people would be actively flexible. As it is, many of us have the odd feeling towards the gender we don’t identify to being attracted to. Many, not all though.

  16. 100% needy. Another mindless sound byte from Fry, filling our lives with his verbal diarrohea. Cheers for that.

  17. I slogged through Moab Is My Washpot, so I guarantee that I will not be reading this one.

    That said, and I can’t put my finger on it, but this rings shallow to me. An emotional and physical relationship with a woman would have been entirely experimental for him (as it would be for me), but not nearly so for the woman. Would he really have toyed that way with a woman, knowing his preponderant orientation?

  18. Soren456, what a bizarre reaction. Just because his preponderant orientation is gay doesn’t mean he couldn’t have had a lasting, meaningful relationship with a woman. I’m about 80% attracted to women, but am happily married to a man. He just happened to be the person I fell in love with at the time that I was ready to settle down permanently. The fact that I find a random woman more attractive than a random man doesn’t mean that my seven-year marriage is a fling. Honestly…half of these comments sound like they’re from the Daily Mail or Fox News. Just flip the genders! I guess you can be old-fashioned and naïve in all kinds of ways…

  19. So he is 100% gay and has girl crushes. There is no problem with self-identified gay men having girl crushes but when it is used as I am only _% gay it looks to the straight population that it is a preference. It would be better if he said he was 100 pc gay and 10pc straight. There. He is not bisexual!

  20. And in other news, some dust said to another piece of dust that it might be a bit gay.

  21. Dave North 21 Sep 2010, 3:36pm

    I tend to think of myself as 100% Homosexual.

    One glimpse of lady bits fills me with dread, however
    strangely enough I always seem attracted although not sexually to women like Sigourney Weaver ( Alien ) and Jobeth Williams ( Poltergeist ).

    Don’t ask me why though?

    I haven’t a clue.

  22. Everyone is jumping at me on the bandwagon for silly reasons, I have bisexuals friends also, no difference to me and bisexuality isn’t the issue, I think its very hard to say your a middle of the road person and I applaud that, as a scientist I know full well sexuality is variant, my point was the “90 percentile” as a statistic, if your bisexual fair enough but don’t make stupid comments like “90% gay” and play the statistics game because it implys you incur discrete mathematics to define your own sexuality which is absolute nonsense and lacking credibility.

    If your gay, your gay, if your bi, your bi, if your hetro/metro whatever fair enough but never say I’m 90% gay or I’m 10% straight because its daft.

  23. Big scoop. Basically gay guy has once or twice fancied women and even thought of dating them.
    The real issue is the scarcity of straight celebrities owning up to sometimes feeling the same about someone of the same sex – the closest you get is a bit of ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ teasing strictly for pink marketing purposes.
    Years ago a straight friend of mine told me he had once fallen in love with a male friend though generally was very much for the ladies. He was, of course, very homo-friendly and and very open. I think one consequence of the death of homophobia would (or hopefully will) be a revelation of just how complex and blurry human beings can be.

  24. FloridaHank 22 Sep 2010, 3:17am

    Now will this throw the scientists into some fuzzy world looking for a “gay gene?” Will they now have to consider “90% gay genes?”…maybe…75% gay genes?…50% gay genes…and on and on?
    Don’t we have enough problems without adding a new one?

  25. It’s so easy to fool ourselves, Mr. Fry. When I’m in a foreign city, I tend to gravitate to the women for help. It’s because I’m attracted to them. Certainly not. I’m attracted to the guys. The guys give me a thrill and interacting with them is riven with excitement. So for an easy ride, for who could put up with heart-palpitations with a sexy man every half-hour, I tend to go for the women when I want directions and so forth. No problem with the women: it’s all straight-forward and factual and easy. No fluttering of the heart but just really nice and comfortable. But that ain’t sexual attraction, Mr. Fry. It’s just the easy way out. You need to learn the difference.

  26. I guess we are all far too much under the shadow of the hate-mongers whose response to any admission of the slightest attraction to the opposite sex is to say that means we could and should foreswear same-sex relationships to openly discuss such situations as Mr Fry reveals. But it does appear very common.

    I watched in amazement, on television a few weeks ago as a-self-styled-gay Big Brother winner perved over a female in a very short skirt at a dinner party, then fondled the breasts of another. It looked highly heterosexual to me. Recently he described hugging another woman as a “lesbian experience”.

    One of my partners had to leave a good job because a man there was constantly trying to touch her hair (which was long and beautiful), and kept asking about her periods like he was checking to inseminate her. The management told her that it didn’t mean anything because the guy was gay.

    Its a shame we cannot discuss such conflicts.

  27. somethingorother 24 Sep 2010, 5:13am

    Hey come on guys, relax! This is a light-hearted and kinda sweet thing taken from his autobiography. It’s his life, he knows it best and not putting stuff like this in would be lying – hardly the point of an autobiography. If anything, it just shows that being gay – and being attracted to a grand total of two women does not make you bisexual – is chiefly to do with loving men, not being repulsed by women. Most people of all sexual preferences have one or two people they’d jump the fence for, and it sounds like he’s genuine about these women. Give the guy some credit for his honesty and his refreshing lack of misogyny. (Biphobia shows you up as hypocrites, by the way.)

  28. somethingorother 24 Sep 2010, 5:16am

    The ‘90%’ thing is just a sweet and witty way of putting it, BTW – Not a literal representation.

  29. It’s always fascinating to see how quick some observers are to demonstrate how much better they understand another’s sexual and emotional experiences than does the person themselves when those experiences don’t quite match the observers’…

    1. I’m honestly surprised at the amount of drivel people have been spouting on this article. I can see what Fry is saying, people are getting so wound up and taking the statistic he threw out there so literally… unbelievable. Personally I am mainly attracted to men, almost exclusively but there are definitely some women that I am attracted to also. I’m not confused in anyway, I know this is what I want. Does this make me gay, no. By definition it makes me bisexual, however that often implies equal attraction I’ve found which is very far from the truth. Personally I’d rather I went along enjoying my life allowing people to label me what they wish. If people get such persecution for trying to more succinctly define their sexuality or further explain it like Fry then I’d rather not. Fry identifies as gay? Cool thats up to him, if he has the occasional female crush too, well fine. The problem here obviously stems from the nomenclature for sexuality.

  30. Jess Conrad 25 Sep 2010, 3:33pm


  31. 90% gay or 90% straight, I admire Mr. Fry’s candidness and humour. Best wit round these days. From one cheeky lad to another, “carry on, Mate, this world needs more of your brilliance!”

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