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Lady Gaga to join gay rights protest

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Reader comments

  1. Do we really want this piece of mutton dressed up as lamb (or was it beef?) associating her sick, debased, warped worldview with the gay community? Does anyone on here really know what she is representing via the symbolism and sick imagery that infest her vile videos and song lyrics? If not then I sincerely suggest you take moment to Google “The Vigilant Citizen” into Google and discover what this twisted sister is really about. The day this creature falls flat onto her fat, turgid backside cannot come a day too soon. A credible ambassador for gay rights she will never be.

  2. Yeah, politicians really listen to people who collect awards with a piece of steak on their heads whilst wearing a beef carcass. Stupid cow. She’ll probably do a donna summer when her career falls flat on its face.

  3. Kirsty Richards 21 Sep 2010, 3:58pm

    Talentless, ugly, Hollywood-controlled/manipulated bitch who will do anything to get on the front pages. Today’s Rolling Stone cover, tomorrow’s chip paper. More the Devil’s hag than fag hag, clearly…

  4. PumpkinPie 21 Sep 2010, 5:46pm

    Jesus, what is with all the venomous, bitter cynicism on here lately? If you people knew a single bloody thing about this particular pop icon, you’d know she’s the sort who works her ass off for her fans, and dedicates herself utterly to causes she cares about. Causes such as this one, in fact.

    Seems to me that today’s breed of mainstream skeptics have cynicism confused with skepticism. Let me tell you how Occam’s Razor works in this scenario: some people are just good. The simplest answer is that Lady Gaga cares about gay rights, rather than there being some sort of convoluted plan to make millions by appealing specifically to only 10% of the population. As far as I’m concerned, that is the conspiracy theory here, and the burden of proof lies on those who believe that and think all her appearances for charity and protests were elaborately staged.

    Also, Lady Gaga knows that politicians don’t care what she thinks. Politicians care about numbers. When she takes part in these events, it’s to use her considerable clout to encourage her fans (and even people who aren’t her fans) to take part, thus increasing those numbers by bringing attention to these protests and encouraging people who might have thought “what’s the point”.

    If anyone doubts she’s a force for good, her’s a vid she made for us:-

    And here’s a response I read in a messageboard:-
    There was a video response to Gaga’s video with two girls in Colorado who called their senator. Then they got all the guys in their apartment building to call him as well. They had so many people call that they filled up his mailbox. The really amazing part is that there was a video response to their video with the actual senator of Colorado. He thanked the two girls and said that he was going to vote in favor or doing away with DATD. It was really incredible and actually brought a tear to my eye. Democracy at work…it’s a beautiful thing.

  5. @ PumpkinPie

    Oh really? Now let’s see what Gaga (she ain’t no Lady!) REALLY stands for shall we:

  6. And some essential background information on what is behind the Gaga phenomenon:

  7. Why the need for conspiracy theories? Please, if you’re going to make an argument about this, try to replace the paranoia with some genuine inquiry. I do think there are problems with this, but not because I believe in some ridiculous secret society and mind control. The thing that concerns me, is that in our efforts to get rid of discrimination within the military, we may in turn become uncritical of the military itself i.e. in attempting to do away with one form of oppression we end up endorsing another. I don’t however, think this equates to Lady Gaga being insincere or manipulative, rather I think she’s attempting to make a principled stand against homophobia and using her celebrity status in order to try and muster more support. Personally, I would never join the military, and I think that many who do join do so purely to escape unemployment, rather than out of an implicit support for the army. This is coupled with the way in which the US employs military force in a manner which I would argue is ethically unjustified.

    In this sense, homophobia is only one of the ethical problems within the military, and it worries me that in our attempts to gain equal access to this institution, we end up muting the dissent that many within the community will also hold.

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