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Gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseev ‘kidnapped and drugged’ by Russian security agents

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Reader comments

  1. Poor Russians. They just go from one regime to another. At least Alekseev’s alright now.

  2. I hope this won’t scare him off, but will inspire him to fight all the harder.

  3. What a fine brave gay man! You make me feel like a worm, Nikolai. You’re a hero.

  4. Wow, this man has all my respect. What resolve and courage!

  5. chris in new england 20 Sep 2010, 11:23pm

    I don’t know what’s more disturbing – the fact that this happened, or the fact that so many gays in Russia think Nikolai is just a troublemaker who should shut up and stop rocking the boat. More than a few even think he staged this himself as a PR stunt. It’s mind boggling.

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