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Gay German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle has a civil partnership

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder what the German foreign minister thought of the Pope’s comments a week earlier when he stated that

    “Pope warns on right-to-life, marriage issues in Germany

    ..Pope Benedict XVI warned of moral and ethical erosion in his native Germany, particularly on right-to-life and marriage issues.

    The pope linked the weakening of traditional moral principles to a new concept of God — an impersonal and invisible God who has little impact on society.

    The pope’s remarks came in a welcoming speech Sept. 13 to Germany’s new ambassador to the Vatican, Walter Schmid, who presented his credentials at a ceremony at the papal summer villa outside Rome.

    The pope zeroed in on continuing efforts in favor of gay marriage in Germany, saying that the church “views with concern the growing attempt to eliminate the Christian concept of marriage and the family.” Marriage should always be a permanent union between a man and a woman, open to the transmission of life, he said.

    He criticized legislative initiatives that “suggest a reevaluation of alternative models of the life of couples and the family,” saying they contribute to the weakening of principles of natural law and to the spread of moral confusion in society…….”

  2. Since when did a so called “christian (roman) cult own civil marriage? With Angela Merkel in power, same-sex civil marriage will not be on the table. If I’d been Guido Westerwelle, I would have gone to Holland or Belgium and had a genuinely legal civil marriage. If more of us did that where we can, it would put pressure on governments to do something about it. Germany is very backward socially and that will continue as long as people of the Merkel ilk are in power.

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