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Cricketer Jimmy Anderson poses naked for gay magazine

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Reader comments

  1. The most telling aspect of this story is in the sentence; “In fact it was his wife [Daniella] and her many gay friends who convinced him to do it. We’re very grateful to her.”…….HER many gay friends, he obviously has none but he’s not ashamed to take advantage of the pink pound. Pfft.

  2. IQ 55 = pose nude rather than learn to spell own name. Just sad.

  3. Why Ray, is it such a Terrible Thing to let others appreciate physical beauty? Those with a phobia of the erotic tend to be fanatical religious nuts.

    Personally I do not care two hoots for this man’s six p[ack but I would like to say, a very big thankyou for the show of solidarity, Jimmy.

  4. Allansmithee 20 Sep 2010, 10:24pm

    Adrian, what bitterness is to trolls in the gay community is akin to fanaticism amongst the religious extremists; it’s ugly, pathetic, yet understandably laughable.

  5. What a stupid thing to say Ignacio. How has he taken advantage of the pink pound? He clearly is totally relaxed with gay people to strip off for a gay magazine considering the grief he’ll get from his team mates no doubt. Good for him. We moan when people attack us and we moan when theyre cool with us. I dont know how they can win!

  6. I’d just like to say that some of the bitter, disgusting and lonely commenters that somehow manage to pass during daily life as “people” are certainly not a part of any group that I consider myself a member of. I’d much rather refer to them as “they” than “we”. I think this guy’s excellent for doing what he did and anyone who honestly thinks this man is taking advantage of us is a conspiracy nut.

  7. If we could only have this effect on more athletes…

  8. Well, hopefully it will encourage gay peeps … at least he can show off his body while he still can … in 10 years or so, his youth will be gone and no more magazine will be willing to treat him as a Bod God …

  9. So he will earn a few quid for a cover on Attitude, but again he sets another example of the many in the ‘straight’ community who are happy and relaxed at dong such a shoot. We should be appluading such gestures not knocking them as it sends a very strong message to the homophobes that the majority are ok with us! It might even get a few pro footballers to follow this path and help to break that elusive taboo that seems to exsist in football today. I think this shoot can only help our cause of acceptance. Jimmy looks rather handsome too. Bring it on!

  10. Andrew Strauss and kevin Pietersen please!!!! ;-)

  11. He is to be commended as he was brought up as a Catholic (therefore a homophobe).

  12. And I thought cricket was so boring. Bring it on!

  13. Harry – “…therefore a homophobe” – what a sweeping generalisation! You’ve absolutely no evidence at all about this; unfortunately this comments page tends to be used by too many people with too much time on their hands and who are almost verbose in their condemnation of any form of spiritual belief.

  14. Jeff Duncan 21 Sep 2010, 6:18pm

    Is it scatch and sniff ….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. @dean


    I look forward to seeing the photos.

  16. Rev Laurie Roberts 21 Sep 2010, 8:04pm

    Bring ‘it’ on !

    Can’t wait to see them !!

  17. I hope if Jimmy or Daniella read this, they ignore the idiotic nonsense at the beginning of this thread, and are aware that this is very much appreciated. Well done and many thanks, good on you!

  18. @ John – “…he sets another example of the many in the ‘straight’ community who are happy and relaxed at dong [sic] such a shoot”
    Ooops! Bit of a Freudian slip there.
    But seriously is that a middle wicket or is he just pleased to see us?

  19. how would he know if there was ‘no homophobia’ in cricket?? He’s not gay!

  20. @barry: You claim that it is wrong to equate catholic and homophobe. Please read the catechism of the catholic church which tells us that being gay is inherently disordered. Therefore a believing catholic is either a homophobe or a hypocrite and a gay catholic is, quite simply, a traitor tot he gay cause.

  21. Jimmy Anderson is a great bloke who does a lot of work within the community and for charity. I have recently photographed Jimmy Anderson and his team mates for Macmillan Cancer Support. Follow link for details

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