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AA Gill nominated for Stonewall’s ‘Bigot of the Year’ award

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Reader comments

  1. Fine, but if he gets it, it will rather send the signal that the worst thing that’s happening to gay people now is that they get a bit of bitching from a notoriously bitchy (if generally very funny) writer. Let’s hope this is just to have a bit of a dig at him and make up the numbers.

    “Tickets for the 2010 awards are £150 plus VAT”
    Just so damn inclusive… sigh.

  2. Hero of the year and no inclusion of Peter Tatchell yet again. Crazy. Yet an inclusion of Joe Mcfuckingelderry.

  3. PS on the other hand if AA Gill did win, there’s a very small possibility that he’d turn up to collect it, which would be amusing for those with 150 quid or so to spare…

  4. A bit of a waste of a nomination when there are such worthy candidates as Joseph Ratzinger, William Hague, Ben Summerskill etc, etc.

  5. I agree it is a waste of a nomination, especially after his very apt and very witty description of the ‘Church of England being Hampstead Heath with a roof’. I really liked that.

  6. Why hasn’t Ben Summerskill been nominated for Bigot of the Year?

    He refuses to support legal equality for LGBT people.

    he’s too busy arranging absurd, unnecessary award dinners like this.

    Anyone who buys a ticket to this ridiculous awards ceremony if funding a group (Stonewall) which legitimises homophobic discrimination.

  7. Load of rubbish. What a waste of time. He’s an idiot, but Clare Balding showed her mettle by dealing with him very comfortably on her own. Stonewall is crap.

  8. i nominate stonewall for biggot of the year. the self appointed voice of lgbt people wasting time shameing others when they dont take a stance on same sex martiage and openly doesent support lgbt people and issues.

  9. What should happen with these anti gay bigots is that a team should go round and visit the homophobic bigot, after taking the cane out of the cupboard, and administer a sound thrashing.

  10. AA Gill is rather low level bigotry compared to bigots who are actually undermining our civil rights. For me it’s Ratzenberger every time, though if we widen the field to international leaders he’s up against some stiff competition.

  11. Martin Lawrence 20 Sep 2010, 7:54pm

    If the Dean of St Alban’s (The Very Revd Dr Jeffrey John, to give him his proper title) does get it, I, along with many gays in the Church, would be thrilled. He has worked tirelessly in explaining why homosexuality is a gift from God to be celebrated,and that this is entirely biblical. His commitment to honesty has led to considerable personal sacrifice on his part: if dishonest, he would easily be a senior bishop by now; more to the point he would not have had to endure such vile abuse over the course of his life. I know him personally, and always marvel at the way he keeps not just his faith, but his mischievous sense of humour. I’d have given up long ago.

    I take the point that others have made, though, that Stonewall is increasingly a waste of space, and £150 a ticket is just the thing to send out the message in inculsivity.

  12. I rather have the company of Pope Rat-face-zinger than ever sit down with Ben Summerskill and Stonewall. At the least, I know exactly where I stand with Pope Rat-face-zinger; Ben Summerskill would stab you in the back. Et tu, Brute?

  13. So a x factor contestant who lied about his sexuality until he was about to be outed and a rugby player who lied until his career was over r heros umm

  14. @ Simon #2 – Well said.

  15. HelenWilson 21 Sep 2010, 12:47am

    Bigot of the year is Ben Summerskill for continuing to deny LGBT marriage equality.

  16. many people lie or hid their sexuality to protect themselves or do the members of this board never remember that or see others doing it?
    There’ worse then gill like ratzinger and others for example

  17. @ Martin Lawrence. You are right, and I hope so too, but these awards are always about strategic positioning – I think religion’s just too unpopular among gay people (God knows with good cause) and that Gareth Thomas is therefore a far more likely winner.

  18. … nope second thoughts I was talking b*llocks – clergyman got it last year. But my money’s still on Thomas – if Stonewall haven’t imploded under their own unpopularity by then.

  19. Boycott these awards.

    Stonewall supports homophobia.

    They are bigotted scum!

  20. Stonewall needs to get their priorities right ! Why are they concentrating on this stuff rather than the issue of gay marriage ? I suggest a vote of ‘no confidence’ in their leaders ! They won’t get a penny out of me in future !!!!

  21. Anyone planning to protest this ridiculous event? We need to let the wider world know that Stonewall does not support the LGBT communities.

  22. Why no awards for

    The Christian Institute, which still calls for gays to be thrown out of the UK armed forces and has stirred up lots of anti-gay bigotry over the last 21 years?
    Anyone from the Catholic Church hierarchy?
    Anyone from the East London mosque in Tower Hamlets?

  23. Oo-er Missus ooo no 22 Sep 2010, 12:30pm

    The Ugandans and Americans trying for legal gay genocide should surely be considered, or does a nominee have to be British?

  24. Is anyone else tempted to protest outside the Stonewall awards regarding Stonewall’s stance on gay marriage? I think the fact that they have been so unrepentant about it, whilst claiming to speak for us says it all. Its time we showed Stonewall that they cannot claim to speak for us without listening to how we feel.

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