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20 September 2010

  • 20th September 2010

    Update: Stonewall boss Ben Summerskill argued that Lib Dem equal marriage plan could cost up to £5bn 128

    Mr Summerskill claimed that the Lib Dem proposals could cost up to £5bn

    11:53 PM — 24 hours ago, PinkNews.co.uk carried a report from about a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats party conference where Stonewall chief executive was reported to have said he was opposed to gay marriage equality because it could cost £5bn. This was based on reports coming from a number of blogs and people who have previously contributed to PinkNews.co.uk as we were not there in person. The reportage was subsequently supported by a number of other people in attendance. Stonewall's chief executive Ben Summerskill has complained about what he claims are a number of inaccuracies in the content of that report. As such we are partially suspending the content from this report while we investigate these claims.

  • London’s gay art festival GFEST announces programme 1

    GFEST 2010 takes place in November

    7:14 PM — London's gay art and culture festival GFEST has announced its programme for this year. The event will be held across venues in London between November 8th-21st and is now in its fourth year.

  • Russian gay campaigners to protest against homophobic mayor

    Russian gay rights campaigners will protest tomorrow

    6:39 PM — Gay rights activists in Moscow will hold an unauthorised protest outside the city hall tomorrow to condemn homophobic mayor Yuri Luhzkov. Moscow authorities denied permission for the march last week, saying that the area would be too busy and the pavements were narrowed.

  • Cricketer Jimmy Anderson poses naked for gay magazine 21

    Jimmy Anderson posed naked for Attitude

    4:17 PM — England cricketer Jimmy Anderson has posed nude for next month's Attitude magazine. The married player, 28, said there was no homophobia in the game and urged gay players to come out.

  • Lady Gaga to join gay rights protest 7

    Lady Gaga will join a protest today

    3:43 PM — Lady Gaga will join a protest in Maine against the ban on out gay soldiers in the US military. A spokesman from the Servicemembers Legal Defence Network said the bisexual singer would join LGBT veterans at the event today in Portland.

  • AA Gill nominated for Stonewall’s ‘Bigot of the Year’ award 24

    The Stonewall awards take place in November

    2:12 PM — Sunday Times columnist AA Gill has been nominated for Stonewall's 'Bigot of the Year' award for offending lesbian TV presenter Clare Balding. Gill wrote in a July column that Balding was a "dyke on a bike, puffing up the nooks and crannies at the bottom end of the nation".

  • Gay German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle has a civil partnership 2

    Guido Westerwelle had a civil partnership on Friday

    12:09 PM — Germany's foreign minister Guido Westerwelle tied the knot with his partner in a civil partnership on Friday evening. Mr Westerwelle, 48, has been with 43-year-old Michael Mronz, a sporting events organiser, since 2003. The politician came out in 2004 during chancellor Angela Merkel's 50th birthday celebrations.

  • Stephen Fry says he’s ’90 per cent gay’ 32

    Stephen Fry said he had been attracted to two women

    10:46 AM — Broadcaster Stephen Fry says he believes he is "90 per cent gay" because there are two women he has been attracted to. In his latest autobiography, the 53-year-old wrote that he had had been attracted to make-up artist Sunetra Sastry, who is the wife of his Blackadder co-star Rowan Atkinson, and novelist Caroline Oulton.

  • Gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseev ‘kidnapped and drugged’ by Russian security agents 5

    Nikolai Alekseev suspects he was drugged by Russian security agents

    10:04 AM — Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseev says he was kidnapped and possibly drugged by Russian security forces who detained him for more than two days. Mr Alekseev went missing on Wednesday evening from Domodedovo Airport in Moscow when he was due to catch a plane to Geneva.

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