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Video: 20,000 protest over Pope Benedict XVI’s views on homosexuality and the spread of HIV/ AIDS

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Reader comments

  1. Great to see and LOVE the sign!

  2. Dr Robin Guthrie 19 Sep 2010, 6:31am

    Isn’t it just cr@p that the UK news are NOT covering this, they are simply fawning over the old goat.

    I first learned about this story from an Israeli newspaper called Arurt Cheva israelnationalnews.

    Plus all this talk about bringing “god” into UK politics is simply scary.

    It seems to me that all this old “B” has achieved over his visit is to drag the UK back 30 years, which of course the idiots at the Daily Wail seem to think is a golden age etc etc,

  3. Dr Robin Guthrie 19 Sep 2010, 7:19am

    Interesting to note.

    I attempted a comment post on the pope child abuse scandal over at the Daily Wail and the forum simply hangs.

    I tried another post on a story about drivers grassing each other up and it took it straight away.

    Me thinks they are splendouring up Herr NastyBurger by not allowing alternate comment from the fawning drivel posted to date.

  4. Dave North 19 Sep 2010, 7:23am

    This pinknews forum censors you from saying that el pope was a na?i

    Well pinknews, he was a child member of said youth movement, why censor historical fact.

    Your no better than they were.

  5. What’s more worrying is the extent to which the right-wing press, like the Mail and the Telegraph, are lauding him as the new leader and saviour of “christian values” in the West.

    That of course is what he and the vatican have been working up to since the start of this papacy. His fundamentalist, evangelical world view dovetails nicely with that of the political right.

    If this man and his entourage were a political party and were forking out such extreme views, the media would be rightly tearing them to shreds.

    But dress that bigotted philosophy up as religion and the media and our politicians seem to fall for it every time, so sadly the pope and his bigoted views have remained largely unchallenged by them.

    A bit of moral courage from our elected leaders would be nice to see right now, but this generation of politicians no longer do “moral courage”


  6. An Cat Dubh 19 Sep 2010, 10:11am

    Dave: He wasn’t. Everyone back then was /forced/ to be in that youth movement, and he actually dropped /out/ of it.
    Chrissie: Same goes for Muslims!

  7. I was there. There was a great atmosphere.

    I honestly thought that a hundred or so people would turn out but it turned out to be something like 10 thousand. It was amazing.

    And I agree what others have said – it is said that the media didn’t give this march its fair coverage on the news. I really don’t know why the media, even the BBC, has its nose up the Vatican’s arse. It’s like they are under a spell or something.

  8. trouble is chrissie many right-wingers push similar views all the time and many papers like the daily wail and express share his agenda and none have any grasp of equality or reality, pagans we’re around before christians yet many lie the uk is a christian country, the ex-na*i obsesses over allowing inequality cos of conscience which is BS

  9. The Murdoch empire is really sucking up to him. On Sky there was no reporting of opposition to him, he was repeatedly refered to as ‘His Holiness’ or the ‘Holy Father’, and one night Christina Odone, who is basically a Vatican press officer, was given unchallenged space to say how wonderful his visit is. Revolting.

  10. Not very unbiased reporting here: “Professor Dawkins was rather more precise calling the Pope “an enemy of humanity.”

  11. Looks to me like the LIBCON pact will use this sorry exercise as their already announced “doing god” in order to push illiberal
    religious laws on us.

    And the media is clearly complicit in it, given the lack of coverage of opposing views.

  12. I don’t want to defend the BBC, but look:
    They are covering the protest as well.

  13. I agree with all who thought the coverage on the major news outlets was heavily biased, the BBC in particular appeared to be liking Red Pradas until yesterday when it gave us a token half hour coverage of the protest for “editorial balance”.
    And Amanda Patel of the Daily Hate appears to think it was the other way round.
    However I was gratified that amongst all the media fawning, our message got though to a most unlikely quarter. On the same page as Amanda Patel’s rant is a poll “Do you think the Pope’s visit will improve the Catholic Church’s standing in Britain?”
    and a resounding 80% said ‘no’. Seems like even the Mail’s natural constituency of Alf Garnet types can smell BS some of the time, so there may be hope for them yet.

  14. Organisers believe that up to 20,000 activists took part in the demonstration in Hyde Park.

    Believe being the operative word here. In the meantime the police *know* that only two or three thousand people joined the protests.
    An embarrassing disparity that foreign media is all too keen to outline. Which is a real shame because a lot more people joined the pride parades earlier this year which of course go completely unnoticed internationally. And doubly curios when you think about religion, not the government, being… well, the original sin with regards to lgbt inequality.

    A real missed opportunity to show the world how to treat Ratzinger and his views.

    I did like the banners, though. Very polished and very somber.

  15. Our Australian ABC said 10,000 demonstators and focused heavily on the child abuse victims, they also reminded us that Henry VIII kicked the guy out from the UK a long time ago, wonder why Lizzie didn’t do the same.

    Don’t watch much TV but saw a BBC video on the demo as well.

    Also read the “do god” article mentioned by someone in the guardian – what’s that mean? Haven’t they always done god , I think my god must be someone different to the one the pope claims he is acting on behalf.

  16. The BBC did not show it on television. They did show however the paedophile leader and the camera shots were all wide angle shots. The camera crew who filmed the demonstration were freelance camera crews who filmed all day long.

    The BBC shows you close-up shots on the website if you can find the link. It shows you close-up shots edited versions it makes a crowd seem smaller it is meant to. They would not have showed it at all but the power of the Internet the BBC is no more important on the Internet then anybody else and they know that.

    We outnumbered them easily. I was there. The BBC on the other hand would have you believe that they outnumbered us.

  17. George Broadhead 19 Sep 2010, 12:33pm

    Lucius (14),

    All the reports I have read, including ones on the BBC website and the French TV ‘France 24’, give the protest participation figure as at least 10,000 and some as many as 20,00


    Unfortunately it was photoshopped from the Beeb’s picture on the news story (, but it’s still fantastic.

  19. PD- I was very dubious about the BBCs claim that the gathered faithful outnumbered the protesters… they seemed to be at pains to point that out frequently even when the film footage suggested otherwise. Are they seriously trying to make out that a rally of gay people/ atheists/ secularists/ anti-abuse protesters and feminists when put together don’t amount to the same numbers as the catholics who showed up for one Papal sermon yesterday evening? I find that very hard to swallow, unless they were bussing the reinforcements there from Eastern Europe.
    The way the Beeb painted it, you’d think the UK was 80% papist.

  20. Well good old Ratzinger. At last something to thank him for: by just being, he’s elicited a brief sensible comment from Richard Dawkins. Dawkins called the old devil “an enemy of humanity.” Brilliantly put Professor Dawkins; you’ve never said a truer word.

  21. This is a horribly written article littered with more mistakes than the Guardian, if that were possible. I know it’s the weekend but come on guys.

  22. To be honest Dave I wouldn’t expect Newsround to be a source of hard-hitting journalism. You would probably get more editorial comment off “I can haz”. However, the rest of the BBC’s output was so nausiatingly pro-pope that I wondered if I’d inadvertantly subscribed to Fox News.
    The token soundbites yesterday from those affected by clerical child-abuse, sexism and homophobia were lost in a mass of fawning admiration.
    Somehow the press is a lot more caustic with the likes of Mugabe even when they get a state visit.

  23. Peter is being less than truthful? I can’t be the only brought up R.C on this forum and I can tell you regardless of my present beliefs I share the Pope’s view on abortion. Very few Catholics condone abortion in any form other than when the Mother’s life is in danger or maybe the baby is a product of rape.

  24. A few minutes ago when the Pope was leaving Matthew Amroliwala chatted to Archbishop Vincent Nichols, who said the police had told him there were 5,000 people at the Protest the Pope demonstration.


  26. Omar Kuddus GayasylumUK 19 Sep 2010, 10:18pm

    All of us are to blame for the injustices in the world. We need to unite to show that humanity is above all other things. Aggression and ignorance will not achieve anything, except a world where LGBT’s will never be Equal to their fellow Heterosexual Humans, not only in the “free west” but all across the world.

  27. you mean the church then Huk as LBg and others aren’t loonies or perverts

  28. To Chercher (24)

    Like you I was brought up in the rc traditions (and am still trying to get removed from their numbers, but that’s another matter all together).

    As far as I’m concerned I don’t ever want to have an abortion, but given that I’m a gay man it’s highly likely that it’s something that I’ll ever be involved in. When it comes to other people, and their right to an abortion, that is surely their choice and not something that another person, who is not involved in the situation, has absolutely no right to interfere in.

    Who are you to tell somebody what they can and cannot do with their body. Especially if it is within the law.

  29. The fact that the protesters were given scant coverage or none at all proves that right wing rags such as the Mail and Telegraph support paedophilia, misogyny, the spread of AIDS and inequality for gay people when they fawn over this arguably ignorant piece of evil. I would love to have been a fly on the wall during his meeting with Cameron. If Cameron doesn’t back full equality (civil marriage equality), then we’ll know who it was who influenced him. Religion simply does not belong in politics nor should it be given a voice. Time to end state religion and the House of Lords and have full representation. Why should unelected people, especially clerics, get to say which rights we are entitled to?

  30. There are scores of great pics of the protest on Flickr.

    Send this link to everyone you know – ESPECIALLY IN OTHER COUNTRIES.

    Help spread the message all over the world that it’s OK to mock the deluded leaders of any religion IN PUBLIC.

    Let people see what great fun people can have showing the Pope up for what he really is.

    The “Protest the Pope” march was a marvellous example of free speech in Britain.


    I didn’t see you there, Huk.

  32. Alan I would tell her what not to do with her child’s body. Abortion is barbaric and is almost always without justification. Don’t be part of the gay herd think for yourself too few of us do. We get sucked into a sort of student politics which really pisses me off.

  33. The pope should be arrested over the child molestations he ignored! And to forgive cardinals and others in the catholic church!is an outrage!!Not to put down all Catholics, but the reason the pope doesn’t want condoms used is Catholicism wants a woman to have as many kids as possible! I guess that means priests have a larger selection of alter boys to molest. I don’t remember where this study was done but it found that a child raised in a non gender specific home are better adjusted and have less stress and do better in school than in a heterosexual household! That alone should be argument enough to pass the gay marriage act! I live in the USA and in some states gay/lesbian marriage is recognized, but a greater number of states do not,this needs to be changed now.If more in the UK accept gay/lesbian marriage it might just rub off on the US and start an upward spiral toward acceptance of the institution of marriage for anyone. Last comment a woman should have complete control of her body and if she chooses early term abortion that should be her choice. Judge not lest ye be judged. We will all stand and be judged in the end. What a person does is between themselves and whatever higher power they believe in.The same goes for those who don’t have an organized religion or no religion at all it should still be a woman’s choice!! Love to all in Pink News :)

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