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Stonewall launches YouTube channel

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, yes, very nice, but actually we want to you to remember who you claim to represent and to listen to us. I am thinking here about gay marriages. I am thinking about not nominating the transphobic lesbian radical feminist for an award for services to the gay community.

    L. I. S. T. E. N.


  2. who the f*** gave Stonewall the right to represent me or any other gay person for that matter?


  4. “It will have clips about research, campaigns, events and interviews with politicians…….”

    I wonder whether it will show clips of all those interviews etc with the current lab potential leaders who have come out , in very stong terms , on marriage equality. I wonder whether it will show clips of all the other party’s politicians and others who also feel that marriage equality is one of the major issues affecting the British gay community?

    I just hope that this website isn’t too bias and doesn’t omit issues that they don’t regard as a priority but which nevertheless are important to us and to politicans and the like…

  5. they can shove their website… they dont reprisent me… i dont want more bias crap and i dont wany them thinking they know what the lgbt community wants… we want the right to marry, we want acceptance in society,
    We dont want more cruising advice or stuff about the best bars,

    I just dont want stonewall making us look bitchy and vain

  6. Stonewall will say we make ourselves look bitchy and vain, since we want marriage equality, like the internalized homophobia bunch they are!

  7. “We wanted to make Stonewall’s communications more engaging”. How about starting with engaging with the gay community about we want you to do with the money we’ve given to you?

  8. Lets make sure we all comment on the channel about Stonewall’s lack of commitment to marriage equality.

  9. Ha – Stonewall are doing this as a PR move.

    Too late – the cat’s out of the bag already.

    We all know how irrelevant and homophobic Stonewall is due totheir refusal to support LGBT equality.

  10. YouTube = priority
    Equal marriage rights NOT a priority

    Go figure.

  11. Paul, London 28 Oct 2010, 1:41pm

    If you want “marriage equality” what do you want to happen to Civil Partnerhips? What do you want to happen about religious marriage? Stonewall have been surveying their supporters on these issues, and on other priority areas of work, before stating their position on “gay marriage”. Sounds rather fair, democratic and sensible if you ask me. A real engagement in the issues; a real consideration of the wider consequences of campaining for gay marriage.

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