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Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in film

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Reader comments

  1. Much better than Micky Rourke playing Gareth Thomas.

  2. I am really looking forward to this.

  3. Sacha Baron Cohen actually looks like Mercury from a certain angle and a certain light. He can do flamboyant (Bruno) and sing (Sweeney Todd) and he’s pretty good at inhabiting a role, so all in all it sounds like spot-on casting.
    Can’t wait to see who they get for the rest of the band.

  4. He’s a bit tall to be playing Freddie who must have been all of 5’2″ tall, otherwise I think he’ll be almost perfect.

  5. Maybe they can digitally shrink him by a foot or so like they did to Elijah Wood in Lord of the Rings!

  6. this wont work if you can only have him at one angle. i think paddy mcguinness should of been tried, phoenix nights s2e5 he plays a stripper with mustache and i just think with the moves he does he could play our mercury

    i miss freddie. : (

  7. Lets face it, short of plastic surgery no-one is going to actually look like a dead ringer for Freddie, but I’d say Sacha is pretty close to it. Just compare the photos in this BBC report…
    Grease back the hair and trim the moustache right and I’d say he’s passable.
    Besides, Michael Sheen looked nothing like Tony Blair, Helen Mirren looks nothing like the Queen, Anthony Hopkins looked barely anything like Nixon and as for Ben Kingsley looking like Ghandi… need I say more? And half of them won Oscars for it! What the makeup team can’t fix, the performance should do the rest.

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