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Half-naked male models greet Pope’s visit to Twickenham

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  1. Ah, good old gaydar – never a business to miss an opportunity for publicity.

  2. It’s why it’s as big as it is. Regardless of how it damages gay men and women by encouraging them to treat sex as a commodity. In my opinion it’s also to blame for the rise in HIV cases.

  3. Gaydar is vile. What an utterly crass, embarrassing thing to do – instead of making a meaningful point they push out some skanky looking model to once again make it look like were just superficial shallow sex obsessed nuts. Great way for the population to think were just a little bit more worthy of no respect than usual

  4. That and those permeable condoms, eh Danny?

    Good to see the Papist trolls on here :-)

  5. Gareth Evans 17 Sep 2010, 2:06pm

    As an organiser of the event at Twickenham, I and others were very happy to have the support of Gaydar.

  6. Simon
    if you want respecability get a girlfriend gay men like sex get over it you fridged limp dikc muppet

  7. de Villiers 17 Sep 2010, 2:47pm

    > instead of making a meaningful point they push out some skanky looking model to once again make it look like were just superficial shallow sex obsessed nuts.

    I agree – and cannot understand why this makes the poster of the subject a “fridged [sic] limp dikc [sic] muppet”.

    The comparator for this incident would be if a heterosexual dating website chose to put scantily clad, young women in the Pope’s vision.

    This exercise does not assist in our achieving full equality and being seen socially as equal with our heterosexual peers. On the contrary, it turn people away from us.

  8. Sister Mary Clarance 17 Sep 2010, 2:54pm

    Hats off to, you Gareth – fantastic idea. I’m sure it will get headlines and stimulate debate on the Pope’s attitude towards both homosexuality and HIV/AIDS.

    Gaydar has gone up in my estimation hugely.

  9. Gaydar was invited to Protest the Pope by the Richmond Coalition against the Pope’s state visit. Given our global headquarters are *in* Twickenham we were only too happy to lend our support. We also sponsored members of Mario Mieli, the largest LGBT organization in Rome, to come to London – without Gaydar’s help they would have been unable to attend and we felt it important that they did. We used the Gaydar Angels to help draw attention to serious issues – if you want more info or to make a donation please visit this link.

  10. Georg Ganswein 17 Sep 2010, 3:10pm

    more libera anti catholic bias from the liberal media …

    but, oh my life, is that gold leather!

  11. Peter Fuchs 17 Sep 2010, 3:11pm

    Oh, come on. The guy is very cute dressed up like an angelic being. Angels are never skanky! You blaspheme. I am sure if the Pope had seen this hunky angel he would have been delighted and edified.
    Do we honestly think that the Catholic Church has changed that much from the days of Caravaggio?

  12. “Gaydar was invited to Protest the Pope by the Richmond Coalition against the Pope’s state visit. Given our global headquarters are *in* Twickenham we were only too happy to lend our support.”

    Indeed, why miss such an excellent photo opportunity?

    “We used the Gaydar Angels to help draw attention to serious issues”

    Whilst at the same time giving yourself oodles of publicity. The self-sacrifice is inspiring. Anyway, you ensure that no one could mistake your philosophy for a Christian, giving one – although if you ever read the Bible, the Pharisses and their mode of charity donating might be right up your (local) street.

  13. @Simon,well said that man!yea,coz placing a trio of scantily-clad mingers in front of some old git is REALLY gonna help the ‘gay cause’!gaydar,shame on you! but as some1 else said,never one to miss a chance to promote themselves.since when has gaydar ever given a *uck about the important stuff in gay lives? BANDWAGON,with benefits.unless,of course,gaydar was using the ‘models’ as some kinda assassination attempt,hoping the old duffer would keel over with a heart-attack and snuff it at the sight of near naked blokes.nah,he’s probably seen much more naked flesh inside vatican city,lol!

  14. Im not a papist – im going to protest tomorrow – it’s just so tragic that as usual, the idiots hi-jack events for the rest of us. Gaydar dont give a damn about anything other than making money for their skanky website. Having a bleached haired bimbo in a pair of gold wings does not challenge anyone’s view of the pope or homosexuality. It just makes us look like imbeciles. Once again the message is just that gay means nothing more than sex. Still, it is gaydar after all. Its very popular with people who have nothing more in their lives than penis so im sure theyll find lots of support. Tragic.

  15. I was referred to as a papist? That’s a laugh. don’t be an idiot all your life.

    Gaydar is a business. An organisation committed to maing a profit. Nothing wrong in that but it exploits gay men just as much as the cock of a pope exploits a fairytale father figure in the sky. Both gaydar and the pope are very similar.

    If shagdar had its way we’d all be musclebound stereotypes unable to think about anything else other than where our next shag is coming from. Let’s not make a mistake here, Gaydar isn’t behaving in an altruistic manner – it’s lining it’s own pockets, and it’s low!

  16. Ok we the gay community want to be taken seriously and respected and treated equally to our hetero counterparts, what do we do to discourage negative stereotypes? Get a cruising website to pay some male models to stand in their underwear, yeah that’s really going to show everyone that we’re more than just a marginalised sector of society obsessed with dick. Better not mention to the Pope how one of the Gaydar founders met his demise either, that would be the real nail in the coffin of being taken seriously.

  17. Do you think that if I start spouting off with the bigoted medieval homophobia, Gaydar will send these three lovely gentlemen round my house?

  18. It’s a good stunt and Gaydar are totally justified in making a protest….even people who like sex have rights!

  19. A lot of po-faced comments on here. Enjoying physical beauty and sensuality is one of the many things religion isn’t very affirming about. So why shouldn’t we affirm it, along with everything else?

  20. don’t see the problem with this myself, cruising and internet dating websites are as much a part of being a gay man as judy Garland records or anything. as for them being to blame with the spread of hiv there’s no evidence in that. I ask all the guys I meet on there if they have tested poz or neg, if they are neg they get to go in bare, if they test poz I say no to them unless they’re rubbered up, no matter how good looking they are, just ask and you;ll get the truth.

  21. What is everyone getting so upset about? For two millenia thereabouts has been diddling young boys and girls, abusing women and preaching hatred and intolerance. I find that more repugnant than scantily clad gay men protesting. Yet this cult continues meddling in the affairs of state of another country such as ours.

    “Yesterday, he met the Queen in Edinburgh and warned of the dangers of “aggressive forms of secularism”. The only danger in all this is his aggressive antigay tirades and pronouncements that send a clear message to bigots….its ok to go out and bash and bully us. We need to disestablish the Anglican cult for starters, abolish the House of Lords and keep religion out of politics altogether. No foreign entity (Ratzinger) should be allowed to make any political statements when it comes to social issues when he or she is a guest in our country. He should respect the law even if he doesn’t agree with it. He and his cult, among others, have NO moral authority to make any statement or judgment of others, given its track record of paedophilia (almost two millenia old) misogyny, torture and execution of gays and others it deems undesirable. The man should be arrested and tried in the Hague for crimes against humanity. He is nothing more than the personification of pure evil.

  22. Well Pope Sith has to have something he likes to look at out of the corner of his eye. These state visits are quite boring I’m sure.

  23. PumpkinPie 17 Sep 2010, 6:31pm

    A lot of po-faced comments on here. Enjoying physical beauty and sensuality is one of the many things religion isn’t very affirming about. So why shouldn’t we affirm it, along with everything else?

    Best comment on here. I hate the “must look good for the straights” puritanism. It reminds me of those obnoxious types who pick on camp gays for giving us a “bad name”. I don’t care what does and does not hurt our cause. If we as a community are constantly under pressure to conform to “socially acceptable” behaviour, lest we damage our reputation, then we’ve already lost. The whole point of fighting for equality is that we do it as we are, warts and all. No compromises, no dressing up and wagging our tails for the masters.

    If the guy marching at Pride in butt-less leather chaps doesn’t represent you, then bloody well go and join him and represent yourself. But don’t tell him how he should act. He has every right to act that way, and if the bigots stereotype you as a result, blame them, not him.

    That said, I’m not totally naive. Of course this isn’t a selfless move by Gaydar. They’re a business. If they contribute money to an event, they have every right to advertise. Seems fair to me, and I’m glad they joined in.

    PS: That angel boy looks delicious. :q

  24. Why does this disgusting old man who fronts and covers up for a depraved cohort of child-molesting priests think he can come to the UK at our expense and preach at us about our morals? Give me 500 British expenses-laundering MPs rather than this pathetic geriatric in his pansy clothes and bright red shoes and his band of self-righteous perverts and liars. Ironically, he makes Cameron and his money-grabbing clan seem like a cloudful of saints.

  25. Ian Bower (Lincoln) Not the other Ian 17 Sep 2010, 6:39pm

    Right on PumpkinPie. I agree with you totally.

  26. Sister Mary Clarance 17 Sep 2010, 6:48pm

    “Why does this disgusting old man who fronts and covers up for a depraved cohort of child-molesting priests think he can come to the UK at our expense and preach at us about our morals?”

    Absolutely – pot, kettle ….

  27. Jason Quinn 17 Sep 2010, 7:07pm

    And this is supposed to send the Vatican what kind of message exactly?????? Pathetic.

  28. Sorry whaa… you’re saying the pope visited this week? I was distracted for a moment… I might have to look at that again.
    Ok so perhaps it’s not on message, but I still… nope, it’s no good. My train of thought has been cancelled…

  29. I liked this and I don’t care who done it – as for looking bad: being lesbian, gay or bi is enough to “look bad” to bigoted scum like the pope and others

  30. To those complaining that Gaydar’s fun protest makes ‘us’ look bad: if you’re that concerned with appearing respectable, why not get married, have lots of kids and start going to church? (Or are you doing that already?) The Vatican thinks we’re all intrinsically, morally evil anyway. We might as well enjoy ourselves while telling him to piss off by highlighting the very think that marks our difference: sex.

  31. Mihangel apYrs 17 Sep 2010, 11:23pm

    Merciful Mother:
    sex is natural, fun, and/or meaningful. The majority of men would shag around if given a free pass: being in love/loving is something different; it’s just the straight world with it’s sex-ownership idea that has produced what we have today: sex as a consummation rather than part of the introduction

    A pretty boy from any source is a joy to the world

  32. Like many others posters I detest the Pope and his ridiculous “state” visit, but this silly sort of publicity plays right into the hands of our opponents such as the Daily Mail, Ann Widdecombe etc. There are millions in Middle England who might just be persuaded to accept gay marriage etc (albeit grudgingly) or at least not oppose it too much, until this sort of gratuitous nonsense undoes much of the good work that others have done.

    How will this sort of role model help gay teenagers (or even gay 40-somethings like David Laws) to come out?

    Indulging in opportunistic free publicity is fine, but not when it puts the clock back for many others.

  33. Gerry, in what way does this put any clock back? And why should we care what Ann Widdecombe thinks? She’s appalled by most straight people too – why do you want her approval? And how will the sight of conventionally good-looking men dressed in few clothes deter teenage gay men from coming out? If anything, surely this will make the commercial gay scene seem all the more attractive to them?

  34. I have voiced my disagreements with Robin at Gaydar Radio in the past, because of the station’s unwillingness to put more emphasis on politics. Well, I take my words back. the idea of sexy guys as angels, ridiculing the idea that gay love and sex for pleasure sends you to hell, was wonderful – I am sure it gives many young LGBT people hope.

    I hope Gaydar will continue engaging its members and listeners a little more in future. PS Simon, if you are ashamed of sex or your body, Simon – fine, but that’s your problem.

  35. @ Jason: – if you want more info or to make a donation please visit this link.

    Erm, no thanks.

  36. Gaydar and the Pope? Both unnecessary evils…

  37. …actually, hard to tell which is worst for humanity’s sexual health! Let’s just pack Gaydar and the Pope off to a desert island and let ’em [email protected] each others’ brains out so that they both leave humanity alone.

  38. Why does PinkNews write “a small number of protesters angry at his teachings on homosexuality”?

    Local press report “more than 300 protesters lined the road to express their anger at his visit”: see “Scantily-clad angels protest Pope visit to Twickenham as protesters turn out in force” at

  39. One woman, viewing a banner proclaiming “Holy Joe Ratzinger: concealed abusive priests for 20 years; excommunicated rape victim aged 9; promotes sexually transmitted infection; promotes poverty; destroys rainforests; peddles superstition and sectarianism; exploits and fleeces the gullible”, commented: “That just about sums it up”. Yet the PinkNews article reduces this to: “accusing the Catholic Church of covering up child abuse and being against gay rights”.

    Prof. Richard Dawkins is more outspoken. —

    “Mr Ratzinger, as head of the world’s second most evil religion you are not welcome. True, your church recently ‘pardoned’ Galileo (four centuries late), and eventually revoked its historic anti-Semitism. But the equally long-established misogyny remains. On almost all issues concerned with sex, contraception, population and reproduction your stance is illiberal, inhumane and immoral, and your propaganda claim that condoms don’t protect against AIDS is scientifically inaccurate and murderously cynical. In criminally shielding child-raping priests from justice you have placed the welfare of your church ahead of your victims. Go home to your tinpot Mussolini-concocted principality, and don’t come back.”

  40. Loved seeing the angels on the news today. Was a nice light-hearted way to show how the Pope is so out of touch. Glad it didn’t rain though as I bet those wings would have got heavy!

  41. I’m not saying that sex shouldn’t be celebrated or that we can’t admit physical beauty. Personally, I just don’t think it’s fair to wheel out some blonde twink dressed as a golden angel with ‘gaydar’ access his chest. It is nothing more than advertising.
    If gaydar wanted to get involved then why not write an article and publish it on their website. Or attend with placards as gay men – not a business. It just smacks of a blatant marketing ploy and using something as important as this when perhaps we could have used it to highlight papal homophobia, HIV awareness or child abuse is really low and really tacky.
    As for sex. I don’t care who or what or why any of you have sex. Gaydar serves a purpose but my point is that it’s hypocritical for them to turn up to condemn a man who has solely increased the spread of HIV within many of the world’s poorest communities when they themselves have little information on their website about HIV awareness, and let’s face it – that site it used to pick up. Don’t you think that they have a responsibility to help their own community as opposed to just looking for new markets under the guise of altruism?
    The pope uses religion to exploit (and charges for it) and gaydar does the same with sex.

  42. I will be taking part in the protest in London today (1:30pm, Hyde Park Corner).

    The mainstream media needs to be reminded that not everyone is happy about the Pope, with his anti-tolerant, anti-secular, anti-woman views, being in this country.

  43. Its nothing to do with looking good for the straights, its about having some dignity for ourselves. No wonder so many gay men stay in the closet when they see things like this crass stunt.

    Giving people hope??? Are you serious? I dont think young gay people take any hope from thinking that if they give up the church that hates them then the alternative is dressing up as an angel and bleaching your hair, gaydar does nothing but spread the message that gayness is about sex and thats all there is. Its the kids i feel sorry for. Gaydar has blood on its hands.

  44. There are some really screwed up gay guys that leave comments on this website; simon, danny, william, gerry, jason, ignacio, de villiers. Sounds like you all need a shag to me, maybe you should all join gaydar.

  45. de Villiers 18 Sep 2010, 12:13pm

    > There are some really screwed up gay guys that leave comments on this website;

    Thomas, to say that people who disagree with you are “screwed up gay guys” does not make it true. It adds no rigour to your argument. It makes no agreeable point.

    A screwed up gay guy is one who cannot see beyond their own nose that there are valid arguments that disagree his own, who is so self-absorbed and narcissistic that he considers himself to be one of the the only persons who have discovered the one-truth and who cannot bring himself to argue a point without deploying personal insult. Those who have disliked the gaydar stunt have been personally criticised – a favour which for the most part has not been returned.

    In any event, contrary to that which pumpkin pie said above, it is not about looking good for “the straights”, whatever that vulgar and divisive phrase is supposed to mean. It is about building coalitions with those who disagree with the Pope and changing the minds of those who disagree with us.

    This demonstration is yet another example of confusing morals with manners.

  46. de Villiers 18 Sep 2010, 12:14pm

    – disagree with his own

  47. And who are you Thomas? Gaydar’s damage limitation officer?

    Gaydar is positively THE single worst thing that has happened to gay life, bar none. It has no conscience or accountability. Just take the money and run. It steals our energy and feeds are self-absorption yet leaves most unfulfilled, when that energy could be harnessed into something positive like helping mend our broken community.

    Anyone read the latest, brilliant issue of Attitude on gay men and shame? Gaydar just takes from our community and leaves drug-fuelled gays, sexually diseased gays, isolated gays, depressed gays, unfulfilled gays… and, ultimatelty, shameful gays behind with nothing to redress the balance. It gives nothing back.

    Even their radio station is a moronic, dumbed-down embarrassment to the word “gay”. In short, Gaydar has coarsened and debased the essence of who we really are.

    No wonder many “men who sleep with men” choose to stay closeted in deceit rather than fess up to who they are when Gaydar is always out there with its emblematic, spandexed glitter boys and banners to tell the world that this is what gay culture is.

    Gaydar is not about homosexuality. It is about homogenization and the pursuit of profit at all costs. And thank God people are seeing that at last.

  48. de villiers, I don’t need to prove my point, your further ramblings in your post prove my point that you are screwed up. It’s some men dressed up like angels with a gaydar sash on, get over it, you’re responding to it like Mary Whitehouse would have responded to it.
    I’m not a member of gaydar, but I fully respect others who are, even the ones that join just because they want ‘dirty sex’ and would not JUDGE them as you and the others I have previously listed have done.

  49. People have stripped to nothing or near nothing in the past to protest things before. Why is it that you all have double standards for yorselves (gays) and the fact that one of the sponsors is Gaydar (while all of you went ‘no thanks’ at sponsoring it yourself)?

    Obviously none of you are busy outside at the protest, so Gaydar is already better than you in that sense.

    Sad, but utterly true it seems.

  50. @Thomas – “Get over it”

    Ah yes, the latest retort/fashionable jargon used by bureaucratic monoliths to steamroller their stand when they know they have lost the argument. My, my, Gaydar really have you well trained. Yawn…

  51. Hope the Pope saw the Gaydar angel. As the bible says: ‘there are more things in heaven and earth than man can dream of and that angel was a dream.

  52. de Villiers 18 Sep 2010, 4:37pm

    > de villiers, I don’t need to prove my point, your further ramblings in your post prove my point that you are screwed up. It’s some men dressed up like angels with a gaydar sash on, get over it, you’re responding to it like Mary Whitehouse would have responded to it. I’m not a member of gaydar, but I fully respect others who are, even the ones that join just because they want ‘dirty sex’ and would not JUDGE them as you and the others I have previously listed have done.

    Thomas, this is hopeless. That which I wrote was not a ramble. In no way does it prove that I am “screwed up”. Even if it would have aligned with Mary Whitehouse, at no point did I suggest that Gaydar and “dirty sex” had no place – just that the place for it was not in the face of the pope. That is, perhaps, not an unreasonable view.

    I have judged no-one. You have judged me. And your judgment is found wanting.

  53. Aodhán Curtin 18 Sep 2010, 6:40pm

    I’d like to thank Simon and others for articulately expressing the sentiments I share about Gaydar’s rather tragic stunt.

    I spent 17 years growing up in an Irish Roman Catholic family, attending Roman Catholic schools and it was not a nice experience. Trying to untie an identity as Roman Catholic and gay was horrific, it was traumatic and upsetting to have to confront that everything you’re told to subscribe to and hold dear views you as inherently evil. It was irritating to have issues that relate to being gay completely left out of my school experience, which was completely heterocentric.

    I have to say, if Gaydar were to have done this when I was 17 and contemplating coming out and abandoning Catholicism, it wouldn’t have made me more determined and sure of my sexuality, it wouldn’t have given me greater confidence in my choice to leave religion. It would just have reaffirmed the stereotype that’s constantly pumped out by the Church about gays, that we’re incompetent of emotion, of intelligence and of holding principles.

    Gaydar says it wanted to join in the expression of political and principled opposition to the Pope, but are we seriously expected to accept that putting some stereotype in angel wings is somehow going to help young gay people? To improve the education system? To combat the culture of homophobia that the church breeds and thrives off in the developing world? Nonsense.

    One other aspect that irritates me about this however is just the way in which we always have to wheel out the same tanned, muscled, automaton every time. Perhaps a little diversity? Perhaps a truer reflection of what the average person looks like? Maybe the army of gaydar robots now pummeling this thread enjoy the sight of gaydar’s models, but some may actually enjoy seeing something of a more realistic looking person would be welcome once in a while?

  54. Just want to clarify my comments. My objection is nothing to do with the near nakedness and everything to do with the craven advertising by gaydar.

    If there’s one thing I can agree with Benedict Xvi about, it is the exploitative nature of Capitalism. Gay businesses like gaydar have reduced homosexuality to little more than a consumer demographic, to their own enormous profit.

  55. Sister Mary Clarance 18 Sep 2010, 10:30pm

    Extremely interesting to note that the only place this seems to be getting negative comment is from Pink News readers. I’ve even dredged through the Daily Mail comments pages (which incidentally seem to love Stephen Fry at the moment) and not a negative world to be found.

    So folks is it that damned victim mentality rearing its ugly head again? No one else persecuting us, so we have to do it to ourselves.

    It did what is was supposed to do which was raise the profile of the Pope’s outrageous view in relation to gay people and HIV/AIDS.

    Been a good day for Peter Tatchell as well as far as I can see. Been a complete press w hore all day, but come across as a rational and well reasoned commentator.

  56. Oh, screw the puritans and sexual fascists. I think it’s great that Gaydar was supportive and there. Sex workers and sexually-explicit dating sites are part of the community get over it.

    What I find more objectionable by far is some sex-starved old coot thinking he can dictate the sexual mores of the rest of the world.

  57. Phoenix0879 19 Sep 2010, 5:45am

    First, let me say this – I am no fan of gaydar (sorry gaydar team, but I prefer my sex in a relationship), it’s just not my *thing*. However, these protests are for ALL of our community and that includes both Gaydar, those who run it and those who use it. They have every right to join the protest in a way which suits and represents them.

    Further, this could be used as in a very subversive way by Gaydar to further both the protest and it’s business (as others have said, it IS a business and they would not take part without some benefit to themselves. Look at ANY corporate sponsor of any event, protest, gathering etc and you WILL find a selfish reason to their involvement) – all they have to do is publish an open letter (both online and sent to every paper in the land) thanking the Pope for providing this great opportunity to participate in a community, for uniting the community in a common goal and for providing them the opportunity to advertise their business on national and international news broadcasts.

  58. In response:

    We’ve all got valid arguments here. Some pro and some anti but firstly, how on earth can you equate any of the arguments with being irrational? Thomas, if you have issue with people that disagree with your viewpoint then you should really consider some help.

    Secondly, Sister Mary Clarence – I doubt very much that PinkNews readers are the only one to identify this in the negative. Go and ask all those protesters what they think. Victim complex indeed, just sounds like an excuse to try and prove how intellligent and ‘above’ you are from us mere mortals petty squabbles and views.

    Also, why do people automatically assume that because I am anti-gaydar that I am anti-sex? My sex life is great thanks, it suits me and I can assure you I get it on a very regular basis. I also have been to a few sex clubs and saunas in my time too so I know all about ‘dirty sex’ and certainly am not a puritan either.

    I believe two things:

    1. Gaydar were there to advertise and make money
    2. The pope is evil.

    Go on gaydar, go on..go and search for any information on sexual health. If you find it then tell me!

  59. Sister Mary Clarance 19 Sep 2010, 2:57pm

    Okay, fair point Danny, maybe you’re right, but go and read the Daily Mail. Go and read the Telegraph. Go and read any of the mainstream media that usually gives us a hard time and you’ll see that they haven’t over this.

    Its gay people that seem to be horrified by connection between our lives and gaydar, and yet gaydar can afford half dressed models and to fly people half way across the world to take part in anti-Pope demonstrations because we subscribe to them so all this high and mighty [email protected] wears a bit think frankly.

    It was a demonstration. It was designed to attract attention. That is clearly what it did. I suspect also it was what got a foot in the door in a lot of cases for Peter Tatchell to get his face on TV and articular extremely well what the issues where.

    In PR terms it was a diamond.

    Who of us would have heard about Fathers For Justice and their cause if they hadn’t drawn attention to themselves in such attention grabbing ways? The stunts of stopped now and they have sunk back into the ether.

    Like it of not, it works, and I fully accept that gaydar is far from a perfect company, but I didn’t see many other companies putting up in support of our human rights.

  60. “Gaydar were there to make money.”……………You don’t say. wow, what an illumination. But so what? The pope is here to make the catholic church money. Pinknews makes money, every business needs to make money, what is wrong with gaydar wanting to do the same.
    “Gaydar were there to advertise.”…………….really, I’d never thought of that. But so what? The pope is here to advertise, you watch the recruitment for catholic priests increase over the next five years. Life is one big advert. Never seen anyone leaving negative comments about capitalist advertising before on pinknews – not just repeating the popes words are you?
    “Gaydar have blood on their hands.”………….I can’t even be bothered with that comment, you are clearly insane.
    “Gaydar reinforce stereotypes.”…………so what? Guess what, some gay men are shallow empty muscle men who love sex, guess what, some heterosexuals are too. What’s the problem?
    “Gaydar spreads HIV”………And you have mental problems. You need to try and use your one brain cell to realise that unsafe sex spreads HIV, not a dating website.
    “Gaydar don’t have info on sexual health.”……so what? Go to a site about sexual health about info about sexual health. Guess what autotrader doesn’t have the highway code on its site.
    “Gaydar encourages sex as a commodity.”……..So what? Sex is a commodity for some people, let them buy it if they want to, what the hell has it got to do with you.
    “Gaydar doesn’t help us be respected.”……… mean like page 3 doesn’t help heterosexuals get respect. Respect from who? Some gay people like sex, guess what some heterosexuals like sex.

    Honestly, I just can’t believe how screwed up some of you are, and that you don’t even know it. If some of you think that gaydar should have sexual health info on its site, I think pinknews should have mental health info on this site, preferably about how gaymen internalise heterosexual’s homophobia and then use that homophobia to feel righteous amongst their own community.

    Instead of protesting gaydar, maybe you should protest the Iranian embassy for killing gays. Maybe you should protest the catholic cathedral for slowing our fight for equality. Maybe you should protest the tory government for not putting gay equality legislation in place. Maybe you should find businesses that discriminate against gay people and protest them. But to protest a successful gay business is just pathetic. Truly and utterly pathetic. Sad beyond description. Just stupid. It’s actually doing exactly what your homophobic repressors want you to do. You’re under the influence of fairy tale righteousness, and you don’t even know it.

  61. Gaydar is positively THE single worst thing that has happened to gay life, bar none.

    This has to take the prize for the most preposterous and foolish statement here. Worse than Aids, worse than Clause 28? Time for a reality check, I think.

    Like others on here, Gaydar does nothing for me but, as I like to think I’m a rational adult, I’m perfectly capable of making my own decision whether to subscribe to it or not. As is everyone else. SMC puts it perfectly well above.

  62. WOOF @ Gaydar Angel.

  63. I met my partner on Gaydar and never used it for Sex. As was once said to me by a good Christian everything can be used for evil. Why critise gaydar it does good as well as bad, it’s up to the user.

  64. de Villiers 20 Sep 2010, 1:04pm

    Thomas – you must be right. We, the benighted, are unable to match the intellectual heights and level of understanding that you have attained.

  65. Well that’s going to help isn’t it? I like semi naked men as much as the next poof but how exactly is doing this going to do us any favours? Typical bull from Gaydar thanks for the tacky help!

  66. Excellent theatrical costumes from Gaydar! As long as there were plenty of placards from other people around them to project articulately what the Gaydar contribution meant, I think the Gaydar contribution was stylish!

    Were there such stylish and impressive costumes on Saturday’s march through London?

    I reckon we gay boys ought to shut our gobs and get onto our sewing machines to come up to Gaydar’s high standards in dynamic theatrical presentation for the next protest against religion!

  67. “I met my partner on Gaydar and never used it for Sex. As was once said to me by a good Christian everything can be used for evil. Why critise gaydar it does good as well as bad, it’s up to the user.”

    Yes, Steven, that’s right, but a gun is only dangerous when used for evil deeds but at last it comes packed with instructions. Gaydar does virtually sod all to mitigate against the many dangers and compromised situations perfectly naive members may come up against while using its service. It is just a free for all, but that;s fine so long as the cash till keeps ringing. At least sites like Manhunt take customer care very seriously and do active outreach work and offer free banners to health educationj organizations to easily get their messages through. Gaydar? “The rate card’s in the post.”

  68. Is that Thomas a.k.a. Simon Johnson, Gaydar’s PR mouthpiece who set up the well-intentioned Puffta web site for young gays before selling out and giving his soul to the corporations? What a sad fall from grace by someone who was once covetted for his work aimed at empowering men to becoming the money-men’s full-time professional liar.

  69. Simon Johnson 22 Sep 2010, 8:19am

    @William – in response to “Gaydar does virtually sod all to mitigate against the many dangers and compromised situations perfectly naive members may come up against while using its service.” We’d like to clear up any misconception that Gaydar does not engage in outreach and other initiatives to support the LGBT community. In fact Gaydar pioneered many of the online outreach projects you may find on other Gay dating sites. Here’s an overview that we hope will be useful to anybody reading the comments who may be able to take advantage of the services or get in touch with us to suggest other initiatives we can get involved with.

    o) THT – The UK’s leading HIV, AIDS and sexual health charity. Currently there are specific THT chat rooms manned by advisors and counsellors from THT who offer sexual health advice, information on PEP and where to get tested. Recently the Gaydar & THT HIV+ Group Workshops were launched, where everybody comes together in one chat room to discuss issues around HIV. A series of 1:1 sessions can also be booked. We hope that members of Gaydar will use the new online HIV+ Group Work service, it’s the first of its kind and we’re delighted to continue our partnership with the THT. We know Gay men are more likely to talk openly and seek advice online, and this service helps facilitate just that.

    o) National AIDS Trust (NAT) – Everything from World AIDS Day campaigns such as banner inventory, online messages to millions of Gaydar guys encourage testing to events at our venues in support of fundraising and policy work on ensuring rights for those living with HIV are a high priority in Parliament. We’ve also financially supported the NAT to have materials printed and support their own fund raising efforts. GaydarRadio carried out two successful on-air auctions and a series of adverts and presenter reads about HIV and AIDS prevention have been recorded for the past three years.

    o) Crusaid’s Walk for Life – this year the Gaydar walking team raised over £5000. We sponsored a package of banners on Gaydar, on-air advertising on GaydarRadio and a special edition of Playtime endorsed by Dannii Minogue was sent to hundreds of thousands of Gaydar guests and members to encourage sign ups and donations.

    o) Condom Distribution – distributing 160,000 condoms and sachets of lube in partnership with The Freedoms Scheme across London. Every Friday and Saturday throughout July, August and September in 2009 Gaydar’s street teams hit the streets of Soho and popular Gay neighbourhoods to hand out the packs, making condoms and lube more accessible to gay men in the Capital.

    o) Stop Sida – A not for profit organisation dedicated to HIV/AIDS and other STD’s prevention. is developing with Stop Sida an online outreach chat room where Spanish members of Gaydar can talk to trained online advisors, or make appoints for counselling. will also display banners linking to sexual health information and other channels of support.

    o) Australiant Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) – Online sexual health, information and support. Banners are currently running across Australia focusing on sexual health and HIV prevention.

    o) Freedoms Project – The Freedoms Scheme has had a long collaborative relationship with Gaydar over the 9 year life of the scheme. Gaydar originally provided technical assistance in setting up the online Freedoms Shop and has sponsored Freedoms Packs in the past. The Freedoms Shop offers quality condoms at low cost, with 144 condoms costing only £18.99 with free postage and packaging within the United Kingdom. Visit;

    o) LGBT Liaison Officers – Police forces across the United Kingdom have a profile on Gaydar, where Gaydar guys can send online messages and report minor incidents or ask for help and advice. The Police will not engage or interfere with conversations in the Gaydar chat rooms – this is simply another way for Gay men to contact the Police.

    o) NHS Scotland – HIV Awareness Campaign: – also included online messages to all Scottish users and online banners across Scotland.

    For further information on these initiatives contact;

    Simon Johnson
    Product Manager
    [email protected]

  70. Is that a Star Trek delta emblem on his right hip? We need to further investigate this and I volunteer. haha

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