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Clare Balding wins complaint against ‘dyke on a bike’ jibe

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Reader comments

  1. Great news. AA Gill’s comments, particularly the immature innuendo in the last part of that ‘dyke’ sentence, was gratuitous and offensive. I couldn’t believe he’d written that when I read the whole piece. Only immature 12 year old boys snigger at silly, irrelevant ‘jokes’ like that, and it made my skin crawl to hear them from an adult man.

    The fact that a racist ‘joke’ wouldn’t have been printed is proof that there are still double standards. People read such cr*p and think it’s ok to demean us because we don’t quite count. I hope The Times apologises properly and learns its lesson.

  2. My first instinct was that Clare Balding had overacted but whether or not that is a case AA Gill shouldn’t have written in such a derogatory way and he and his newspaper did need to be brought to account. A few years ago similar types of offensive language might have been directed toward black people. While sadly racism still occurs, albeit in more subtle forms, the current climate means we usually do see that type of language used when addressing black people. The same principle (sensitivity and respect) should also apply to gay people.

  3. errata: “do see” should be “do not see”

  4. Good for Clare! Lets have a bit more respect in public life!

  5. “Some time ago, I made a cheap and frankly unnecessary joke about Clare Balding looking like a big woman. And afterwards somebody tugged my sleeve to point out that she is a big woman, and I felt foolish and guilty. So I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise. Sorry. Now back to that bitch on a bike, puffing up the nooks and crannies at the bottom end of the nation.”

    He’d be sacked for a statement like the above.

    Guess it’s only OK to needlessly insult someone if they are gay.

    The PCC is still a worthless organisation however. You actually need to refer to someone specifically as a n***er; p**i; f****t, d**e for them to take any notice.

    Casual homophobia directed against all gay people is still perfectly fine with the PCC.

    And how nice that Ben Summerskill has found a reason to go chasing the press to offer his opinion on a matter that does not concern him or his group (Claire Balding was perfectly capable of addressing the Sunday Times’s homophobia all by herself).

    Why isn’t he so forthcoming in offering his opinion as to why Stonewall refuse point blank to support equallity for LGBT people.

  6. I’ve read The Times for years but have now switched to the Guardian which is much more gay friendly

  7. Hmmm,as with gaydar employing shock-tactics by employing near-naked ‘models’ to ‘demonstrate about his lowliness’s visit,now we have stonewall standing shoulder to shoulder with Ms Balding in her complaint against that moron also known as a.a.gill.changed your mind then have you,stonewall,on your lack of suport of full equal rights for lgbt people? hmm,what,speak up,i can’t hear you!
    oh,and goodo to Ms Balding,but how tragic that people are STILL having to defend themselves against homophobes like gill,who abuses his position as a 3rd rate columnist!oh,and if you happen to be reading this,mr gill,and object to my calling you a 3rd rate columnist,sue me,i aint got anything!

  8. James Pickering 17 Sep 2010, 11:09pm

    Can’t anyone say anything thats meant as a joke anymore. As a young gay man I hate the way we always have to make a drama out of everything. ok, so you want equality in everything, but you were all still marching in your pink hotpants and glitter at this years pride events I bet weren’t you! DOUBLE STANDARDS! If there was a straight pride you’d be moaning! Here’s a thought, just get on with your lives!

  9. Here’s a thought, James, think about how things affect other people, and not just yourself.

  10. James Pickering 18 Sep 2010, 1:43am

    Not really seeing the argument there SK. Why can’t people just take some comments as a joke? Or are we not allowed to find anything funny now? You’ve never laughed at a joke about the irish/scots/welsh/women/blondes I take it??

  11. From article: “Let’s be frank – would AA Gill call Vanessa Feltz a ‘fat Jew’ or Meera Syal a ‘fat Paki’?”

    If Ben Summerskill really said the above then he is sailing pretty close to the wind there, I hope Vanessa & Meera don’t take offense at being singled out by Ben to illustrate his point however valid.
    If I wanted to make a sly dig at Ben Summerskill then now would be the poerfect opportunity to do so… but I will resist the temptation.

  12. I am sorry but I don’t agree with you, James.

    Why should it be accetpable to make distateful jokes about gays but not Jews, blacks and et cetera? That is a double standard.

    Secondly, blondes, Irish people, women and et cetera, who, as you said, are often mocked and jocked about, aren’t killed for being who they are. It is not illegal, for example, to be blonde in 70 countrries in the world. So, I guess my point is that it is important to look at context as well.

  13. “Why can’t people just take some comments as a joke?”

    Okay, James, try this for size you fat faggot.

    See, it’s hurtful isn’t it when it’s aimed at you. Would you be laughing? I doubt it.

    Put yourself in her shoes.

    She didn’t ask for, or expect her sexuality to be made fun of when she wasn’t even waving it in anyone’s face.

    Btw, on a racing related note, the Racing Post is sexist and homophobic too. One of their correspondents got prostate cancer and actually said gay men might enjoy having the rectal examination. I couldn’t believe it when I read it. Ashforth I think his name is. Another general sports writer on the back pages of that paper called Claire Balding a ‘dyke’ by inference and tried to couch it in innuendo. Really rude and unnecessary. I wrote to them twice about it and never received a reply or acknowledgement.

  14. How dare she I remember the disgusting remark she made about amy winehouse looking ugly. It was cruel nasty and vile and now A. A. GIL has maDE A REMARK ABOUT HER AND SHE CANNOT TAKE IT STUPID UGLY FAT THIN SKINNED BITCH

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