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California waiter ‘stabbed for being gay’

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Reader comments

  1. You know Pink News, I usually question the necessity of articles like these. LGBT people are always going to be stabbed, shot, beaten and killed everywhere in the world. We don’t need articles reminding us of that.

  2. My best wishes to the guy hope he gets better soon
    To you Felipe if MORE people know, what is wrong with that,
    when i tell my friends that 211 Trans people were KILLED last year alone they are shocked to hell and canot belive that in this day and age that people are doing this, the more that they know, so that one day there will be no need to put it in the news
    Lady Tanya

  3. I hope the warped individual who stabbed this poor man will receive his just rewards in prison when his fellow inmates get a hold of him. Felipe is just an example of the cold individuals who still inhabit this planet. People must ALWAYS be reminded of the hate that still roams the planet. Should we not be reminded of all the other injustices in the world, then?

  4. I agree with Lady Tanya and JAG but I dont condemn felipe’s remarks,,,i understand his frustration with a world that doesnt understand the concept of live and let live.

  5. Keep telling the truth about violence against gays. Christian do not want you to post news about attacks on gays anymore than they want you to post news about Catholic pedophile priest. The truth will set you free.

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