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Missing Russian gay rights campaigner ‘in Minsk’

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Reader comments

  1. So, what’s the point of the news? He is alive and well. Friends told “bla bla bla…” There is no point to talk about him.

  2. He’s a brave man and I certainly wish to know more about his safety. We have a right to support and make it our business to know what happens in certain areas of the world which are much less tolerant and this man is someone that brings that news to us.

    how can one possibly argue it’s not relevant?

  3. chris in new england 17 Sep 2010, 4:45pm

    Apparently no one has actually spoken to Nikolai, and all the reports of his being safe and sound in Minsk are based on text messages that his friends no longer believe are actually from him, since whoever’s sending them has been unable to answer things only Nikolai himself would know.

  4. Kay from New Zealand 18 Sep 2010, 2:07am

    In some parts of the world the only protection that human rights activists get from police brutality is their visibility and attention from international observers. A Burmese friend in Thailand was saved from a beating and likely deportation and execution by BBC journalists filming the incident. Peter Tatchell still suffers permanent scars from his assaults by Russian police when he and others helped to raise awareness of institutional homophobia in Russia over gay pride marches. Friends of Nikolai in New Zealand who have escaped Russian brutality are deeply concerned for his safety. Britain may be safer for most gay people now, but it is not an absolute haven. Look at how willing it is to send gay Nigerians back to their original country to face certain torture and death.

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