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London clinic warns of ‘party drug’ addiction among gay men

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  1. Has anyone noticed the latest fashion of blameing young gay men for (SOCIAL/MEDICAL PROBLEM OF YOUR CHOICE) at the moment? Only last week they were responsible for spreading new HIV infections, WORLDWIDE, no less! Before that it was syphilis, and before that chlamidia) Doubtless the entire banking crisis of 2008 – to present will turn out to have been due to gay men not shopping at the right places, next. I didn’t start out writing this to be glib, sorry folks, but I am a bit tired of headlines starting Gay Men Responsible for + DISASTER of late, aren’t you lot? All the best,
    Ah, and great free publicity for Dr.Bell, too.

  2. Rufus Red – if young gay men are addicted to substances at a higher rate than other sections of the society then it is only appropriate to report on it.

    I well believe it – been out on the scene lately?

    It’s no use playing the victim card if the story is based on fact.

    As for the HIV rates in gay men. Well don’t you think the high levels of addiction and the high levels of HIV infection could in fact be related?

    Or are you in fact disputing the figures and claiming that gay men are not more likely to be abusing substances?

    If so then what are you basing your findings on?

  3. Neither the data of just one clinic is enough to be used as evidence, although highly likely to be. The fact that this doctor has treated more young gay men doesn’t mean that other groups in the UK are not addicted to the same substances. Perhaps young gay men in London are the ones who seek treatment first. This same phenomenon must be repeatable in different places.

  4. “Who cares all we want is the right to marry!”

    Stope being so facetious. That’s becauuse it’s the only right we are denied solely because we are gay.

    However there are obviously other serious issues facing the gay population.

    This story contains no new information. Time and time again reports from the UK, France, netherlands, US etc show evidence (circumstantial or not) that state that gay people are more likely to smoke cigarettes and abuse alcohol and drugs than straight people.

    Pretending it’s not true isn’t helping anyone.

  5. It’s cos no can party like the gays can!

  6. Hello Marcus. No need to be so discourteous, or adopt that tone. If you bother to read my comment properly you will see that I did not attempt to dispute the doctor’s findings; I am a librarian, not a clinician. My comments, rather ‘tongue in cheek’ (you can look it up if that’s a tough one for you) referred to the portrayal of stories in the media. Now, at the close of the day, I stand by them. And no, I’ve not been out on the scene recently. At my age (47) there is rather too much hostility, rather like the attitude in your comment, I’m afraid. But please don’t fall into the trap of thinking drug taking is the preserve either of the young or the gay.

  7. I’d be interested to know how the recent research by the UK Drug Policy Commission was carried out. Not another survey of 1,000 readers of Gay Times and Diva hopefully. Then that tiny none-typical group scaled up to cover all LGBT people in the whole UK.

    We need to be sure they are comparing like with like. Many of the most visible and accessible LGBT people are not typical of the majority (some of whom are impossible to reach). Most LGBT adults are aged over 40, as they are in the general population. Is that demographic ‘three times more likely to use drugs’ than their none-LGBT counterparts?

  8. What are “professional gay men”?

  9. Let’s not forget that there is a problem with using quantative staistics. It relies on a cross section and then translates that to the majority. This is inherently flawed.

    As someone who has done drugs in the past (Coke, K, Ecstasy and Speed) I have seen it’s more of the older generation who actually do these types of drugs.

    The vast majority of youngsters out on the scene that I know don’t do party drugs, they’re also much more inclined to use protection as many of my older friends seem not to care so much about their barebacking antics.

    Moral: don’t assume one set of stats as fact. Don’t also assume that because someone is young, they’re alcoholics or drug riddled.

  10. Alex Quinn 30 Aug 2011, 3:28am

    Heroin addiction is a very sad and heartbreaking thing to watch a loved go through. I do not think most people understand how hard an addict life is. Once they become addicted, they become a different person and often lose many family and friends. Often they become homeless as their life evolves around trying to get their next high. Please do not ignore anyone with a heroin addiction or any other addiction, and help them get the treatment they need.

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