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Ken Livingstone promises new gay rights measures if elected London mayor

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Reader comments

  1. I want a commitment from Livingstone that he will not have any meetings with any group or person who calls for death or violence against gay people i.e any muslim extremist clerics will not be welcome in London.

    If he can’t make that commitment then he’s spouting rubbish.

    As for entering the GLA into Stonewall’s annual diversity index – well I wouldn’t bother. There is no evidence that the index is any use or even very accurate. A financial contribution to Stonewalll is apparently all that is necessary to be included on it.

  2. LGB & T people are low down on his hierarchy of favourite minority groups.

  3. Why doesn’t this idiot just go away. I used to support him until the incident with Yusuf al-Qaradawi – he wasn’t too concerned about gay equality on that occasion was he?

  4. Youre too keen to attack Stonewall (again – yawn) Marcus, even without checking your facts. Entering Stonewalls Index doesnt cost a penny

  5. “Entering Stonewalls Index doesnt cost a penny”

    How do you know? Stonewall are hardly a model of transparency now are they? I’m not attacking them by the way. I’m merely pointing out the undeniable fact that as as group they lack transparency and credibility. Mentioning that is not an ‘attack’. Jeez – the defenders of Stonewall have become so hyper-defensive.

    Has Livingstone confirmed that he will never again host or welcome any religious figure who calls for death or violence against LGBT people.

    If he hasn’t then no LGBT person should even consider voting for him.

  6. Vote for Ken! Boris is a flannelled fool.

  7. Admittedly Ken dropped a bollock with the al-Qaradawi incident – nevertheless, he has shown more commitment to London’s gay community than any other politician I can think of. I’ll certainly be voting for him.

  8. I will need some sort of guarantee that he will not host religious extremists.

    Otherwise, he is not that different from that dumb freak George Galloway.

  9. interesting to see so many knee jerk reactions on the postings here.

    Ken Livingstone has played a HUGE part in the Gay Liberation struggle from its very early days and while he headed the GLC they were at the forefront of equality politics – often ridiculed at the time by the mainstream reactionary press.

    It upsets me to see so many gay people spouting such drivel and being in complete ignorance of what this man has done and stood for all his political life.

    The argument that he shouldn’t talk to anyone who is violent is the same drivel spouted during the early days by the right wing press when he was accused of ‘talking to’ the IRA.

    People don’t change WITHOUT talk – its that simple. There’s only 3 ways that people change their behaviour 1) they have an epiphany and realise the error of their ways (often times inspired by no 2!)
    2) they are persuaded by reason and argument by a third party
    3) they are forced to change by violent means (which doesnt actually change anything in the first place!)

    The only lasting and effective one is the persuasion by debate – this is however rarely a simple process and often takes time and a considerable amount of energy to bring about.

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