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Majority of Irish people in favour of gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. This is surprisingly good news. I’ve always wanted to visited Ireland, but assumed it was generally homophobic, what with the influence of the Catholic church. Seems the Irish are more enlightened than I thought.

  2. Richard – Homophobic, Catholic holy joes who don’t believe in sex before marriage etc etc etc…the image of Ireland, many have

    I have walked many a time in Dublin with my boyfriend, few blinked an eye lid! I could do it in my home town. People would look, then continue what they are doing.

    Granted. In parts of the west of Ireland, people wouldn’t be as open but few would treat one with contempt.

  3. If an Irish village (population 250 people) can hold a Gay Pride festival, I would suspect that homophobia is not that big a deal in Ireland in 2010:

    There is an active marriage equality campaign in Ireland.

    And Dublin is one of the gayest cities I’ve ever visited.

  4. An Cat Dubh 16 Sep 2010, 10:06am

    I’ve been told that while in Australia the Catholic preachers focus mostly on sins and what God hates, in Ireland they talk about God’s love of mankind.

  5. In Ireland these days the catholic clergy generally keep their bigotted mouths shut. If they try to lecture anyone on morality the general response is ‘Well is the problem of child-rape in the catholic church solved yet? Until it is, keep your nose out of other people’s business.’

    The catholic church has been fatally damaged in Ireland by the epidemic of child rapists in the catholic priesthood.

  6. Moninne Griffith asks why the Irish government persists in denying gay couples the right to marry. The simple answer is its the Roman cult they’re afraid of. All that nonsense about making a constitutional change to accommodate same-sex civil marriage is just a red herring. Its not difficult if the political will is there. Now that Ireland’s population overhwelmingly supports it, similar to the UK, they can’t hide behind religion any more.

  7. Well the good thing about the Irish situation is that thanks to the active marriage equality campaign there, that each and every single political party accepts that the civil partnership law is discriminatory and inadequate and is only a stepping stone.

    Unlike here where we are STILL being told that ‘separate and not quite equal’ is good enough for us.

  8. Two things from previous commentors. Firstly, I’m from the West of Ireland and we’re not bigoted backward red necks thank you very much. Secondly, our constitution can only be changed by referendum and as there is a section relating to the “traditional family” a referendum has to be held. Granted the current Minister for Justice is a conservative idiot.

  9. “Secondly, our constitution can only be changed by referendum and as there is a section relating to the “traditional family” a referendum has to be held.”

    But that is only according to the Attorney General who is a government appointee.

    There are other legal experts who dispute the need for a referendum.

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