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Brighton Pride email suggests fire service concerns

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarance 15 Sep 2010, 11:46pm

    Blimey … wonder how that managed to just ‘slip’ out … accidentally of course, I’m sure

  2. Let me guess… The solution will be a commercial high cost ticket-entry Pride modelled on Manchester? In Manchester it was the police and city council who managed to swing that due to the usual ‘health and safety concerns’ in 2002.

  3. I guess this means although there may be financial problems as far as numbers go this means Prides around the country are a victim of there own success.

    I will be interesting to see if the Pope attracts such problems being that we seem to attract those religious nutters here who insist on telling us religious numbers are increasing and not decreasing. Adding the fact that a number of Pope events have been cancelled due to poor to no people wanting to go.

    The fact that the numbers at Pride event in recent years has been questioned on Health & Safety groups suggests to those very nutters that people in this country are far more open minded than those within religious wish to acknowledge. I bet instead they will continue to lie just to cover up their very dwiddling truths.

  4. Will they ticket the bloody thing. It is a mess. Too big, too pikey.

    I live in Brighton and will avoid the thing in future. Terrible.

    The trouible is the council will only Support it (money wise) if it stays a free event to bring money into the city

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