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Video:Ray Gosling admits wasting police time over ‘mercy killing’

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Reader comments

  1. After seeing the reports about Gosling and the condition he was in because of his drinking the BBC saw no problem with the fact he was alcohol dependent, it did not bother the BBC. I just wonder if the BBC could be seen as exploiting a vulnerable person.

    Alcoholics often suffer from alcohol induced psychosis, they seem to have exploited this to sex up a fairly boring and depressing program.

    Yes what Gosling did was wrong, but the BBC should never have put him in the position to do what he did.

  2. I agree with Helen. It seems to have been mad attention-seeking from a sick old man exploited by the BBC. The investigation was a horrendous waste of time and money – and the Police would certainly have been damned if they hadn’t done it.

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