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March to protest against Pope’s visit will be held this weekend

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Reader comments

  1. George Broadhead 14 Sep 2010, 12:35pm

    Since this ia state visit, it is woth noting that the pope is head of a bogus state which covers an area of a mere 110 acres and has a population of around 800. It is not a country. It was set up under an accord (the Lateran Treaty) reached between the Fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, and the Catholic Church in 1929. The accord not only created the state of the ‘Vatican City’ with full diplomatic rights but made a substantial financial payment to the Church and recognised Catholicism as Italy’s official religion. In return the Church gave its blessing to the fascist regime and, not surprisingly, the accord won huge prestige for the regime both at home and abroad.”

  2. This old fart is so out of touch with reality. I cannot for the life of me understand how people can possibly follow or support him. Religion used to be a way to control the masses. It has No place in modern society.

  3. Anyone who saw P. Tatchell’s programme on this Pope can only have one opinion on his time in office, and let’s hope he’s out of it soon through natural causes.
    He’s an absolute menace and guilty of mass murder, untold number of deaths through preventable AIDs – spreading sex, and ensuring those who suffer from conditions where stem-cell research could help to cure, contine to suffer in great discomfort, untold suffering and total lack of dignity.
    What a shame this monster of a man is not able to be pensioned off back to Germany.
    If you can see PTs programme, make every effort to do so – and, Peter, if you read this, add my name to the list of those who support, admire and congratulate you.

  4. PM offers “very warm welcome” to Pope Benedict XV

  5. PumpkinPie 14 Sep 2010, 9:56pm

    Many of the speakers at Saturday’s event are gay. They include Catholic priest Father Bernard Lynch

    Good on him. It’s nice to see more liberal catholics showing that the Pope doesn’t speak for all of them.

  6. Dave just watched Camerons welcome speech.
    At 1.32 min ‘We have incredibly important work to do together, in fighting poverty and disease’ What total hypocrisy.

    What the f#ck Cameron, the evil little twat will does not believe on condoms in an aids epidemic and would rather see thousands of children born into misery and poverty than support a woman’s right abortion.
    I mean are we talking about the same man here, I cannot believe what is coming out of Cameron’s mouth, Stand up for your country’s equality laws which he disrespects and stop Kow towing to this monster.
    On top of this there are to be vicious cuts to the most vulnerable people in our society by Cameron and his cronies to get us out of a recession which was caused by risk takers the banks. But still we are forced to pick up the tab for his visit, a tab which his vile organisation can well afford.
    I mean has the world gone f#ckin mad!!!!

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant , but it is…

  7. Love the Catholic but hate Catholicism ;)

  8. This phoney head of a phoney state with his equally phoney and vile doctrine will be very busy politicking to maintain and gain further privileges for his religious clones at the expense of the rest of us.

    Perhaps given enough rope on this visit he’ll finally strangle himself…one can only hope.

  9. Hi, as far as I am see, I have no doubt that justice will prevail, so help make the world a much better place, Good Luck

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