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Video: George Michael jailed for eight weeks

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Reader comments

  1. They could of done him a favour and put him away in secure rehab for six months.

    But just eight weeks will see him released on a tag in three weeks time and upto his old tricks again.

  2. Any of you other guys smell a conspiracy against us poofs? That idiot Pete Doherty got off loads of times for more serious crimes.

  3. The guy is doing wonders for the image of gay men as cottaging druggies

  4. Bang on Bower!
    Pete Doherty is always getting off with driving under the influence of drugs, which are a lot harder than cannabis.

    I bet this judge is looking forward to the Pope’s visit?

  5. Black Hawk Down 14 Sep 2010, 4:21pm

    Lock me up before you go go!

    Don’t let the guards go down on me …

  6. About time too. He was caught on more than one occasion off his tits and trying to drive. Makes you wonder how many times he got away with it. He’s had more than one chance. Maybe next time he wants to get twatted he’ll do the same as the rest of us and get a lift/cab!!

  7. “That idiot Pete Doherty got off loads of times for more serious crimes. ”

    That’s not true.

    Pete Doherty gets off because he’s merely in possession and under the influence of drugs.

    George Michael keeps getting behind the wheel of his car while under the influence.

    That is a far more serious matter as he is endangering other people in a manner that Pete Doherty is not.

    George went into rehab a month ago (before he was sentenced). I hope he has time to ponder his stupidity while in jail and can turn his life around like Boy George has.

  8. BrightonDrJohn 14 Sep 2010, 4:46pm

    George – I’m so sorry to hear that things have ended up like this for you. My thoughts are with you. I wish I could help in some way. One answer has to be in the future that whatever you do a driver is with you. Keep smiling sunshine – I love you.
    John xxx

  9. Toni-Louise Dillon 14 Sep 2010, 4:48pm

    Has he not considered hiring a driver?? Just that he doesn’t seem short of a few quid and given that he is prone to getting off his bonce it would be safer all for crashing into Snappy Snaps…classic :-)

  10. Lucky sod all the same. Barebacking and drugs for the next 8 weeks, he’ll be in his element, so would I in his position.

  11. Tailored Rehab 14 Sep 2010, 7:06pm

    Isn’t he lucky that he is off to prison and not off to an early grave. Rehab would have served him better. has the solution to stopping drink and drug use.

  12. Don’t be absurd. It’s not a conspriacy. Sentencing often depends on the judge and what their views on such issues are. They can choose to be lenient or severe.

    As a dangerous driver he deserved the punishment. He could kill someone and will never learn.

    To draw the conclusion that the judge is homophobic without any proof or idea fo context is irrational and quite frankly reeks of victim syndrome.

  13. Hodge Podge 15 Sep 2010, 4:50pm

    Snappy Snaps should be delighted. They can now advertise that ‘Yes- George Michael got stoned and drove into our shop!’.

  14. George Michael is a twat. He could kill someone while driving under the influence of drugs. What a sad loser he’s become.

  15. Chin up Georgie boy! You’re a legend!

  16. Comment 10. That comment was sick. Are you suggesting that rape is fun?

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