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Gay hand-holding campaign celebrates first anniversary

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  1. My boyfriend and I often walk hand in hand down the street. It is so nice to be able to do this and while I understand that many people who would like to do this find it difficult, I hope that little by little it helps chip away at negative attitudes towards gay couples.

    As far as we are concerned, we see heterosexual couples holding hands in public and as we are supposed to have equality, so why not?

    On the other hand, my mother is very concerned for us as she thinks we’ll get beaten up. I suspect that many same-sex couples have the same fear (and there are places I would not feel comfortable holding my boyfriend’s hand) but people mostly don’t pay that much attention to it, however some smile and some scowl.

    I hope this campaign gains strength so that more same-sex couples feel free to hold hands, or walk down the street arm-in-arm. In the last six months I think I have seen just one gay couple do likewise outside of a “gayborhood” (and that was only just outside it)

  2. Hi Colin, great comment. Do get in contact with the campaign, go to website for A Day In Hand and look at About Us section. I’d love to chat.
    A Day In Hand

  3. This is a wonderful campaign, I only just heard about it though!
    I guess I’m not exactly heavily involved in the LGBT community but I try to be as supportive as I can of my friends and citizens.

    I always smile when I see LGBT people out and happy – the world needs more equality, and the only way we’ll get it is to educated the populace until the hostile majority is ostracised!

    I’ve been attempting to spread the word on other minority subjects like disability too, voices need to be amplified!

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