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Survey suggests British Catholics disagree with Pope’s teaching on sexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Refreshing but also proof that the role of Pope is obsolete and that religion is becoming a thing of the past!

  2. The Pope should NOT stand down.

    As Richard Dawkins says the current pope is the perfect pope as he is a true representation of the vicious bigotry and stupidity of the catholic church.

    The current pope is doing far more damage to the reputation and influence of the church than anyone else can do.

    And these survey results show the low regard in which ordinary catholics hold their church and its leader.

  3. John(Derbyshire) 13 Sep 2010, 1:17pm

    Marcus is right. The pope must represent catholic doctrine-and this one does that admirably!

  4. The more the anti-christ rants against us, the more irrelevant his cult becomes. He is NOT a national leader, the Vatican is NOT a country and as such, he should shut the f–k up about criticising equality in the UK and elsewhere. He has NO moral authority to judge others given the millenia long history and tradition of paedophilia, misogyny and abuse of women. He knowingly endorsed the covering up of molestors long before he became Pope. He knowingly allowed a British bishop who denied the holocaust to remain a bishop. This former Hitler youth member radiates sheer evil and corruption. He is NOT welcome in the UK and we should make that known when he arrives this week.

  5. If all these catholics disagree with the “infallable” pope, are they still catholics? If the pope disagees with all these catholics, is he still head of their’ gang?

  6. @ gordon

    Is the Pope Catholic?

  7. “If all these catholics disagree with the “infallable” pope, are they still catholics? If the pope disagees with all these catholics, is he still head of their’ gang? ”

    Well the amusing thing is that if the pope was to excommunicate those catholics who ignored him then there would be no-one ldr in the church as it would mean that the following people would be excluded:

    – Those who use artificial birth control or contraception
    – those who masturbate
    – those who are divorced
    – those who are gay

  8. PumpkinPie 13 Sep 2010, 5:41pm

    If all these catholics disagree with the “infallable” pope, are they still catholics?

    Thankfully, not every theist is a literalist, catholics and muslims included.

  9. Taxpayers can thank Gordon Brown for the expense of inviting weasel-faced, douche-bag, fake head of a fake state Pope Benedict XVI to Britain to spread his vile and false doctrine.

  10. The YouGov interviewees were obviously not practicising Catholics. It was a result the anti-Catholic BBC wanted.

    No one has ever caught HIV/Aids, other venerial diseases or had an unwanted pregnancy through abstention. It is so obvious that no one in their right mind could deny the wisdom of the teaching of the RC church.
    Belief in the effectiveness of condoms to prevent pregnancy or to prevent the transmission of disease is a misplaced belief. In my youth, my girlfriend became pregnant even though I always used a condom. She still suffers the resultant anxiety 40 years laters so please, no lectures on the false security offered by condoms.

    The other under reported aspect of Catholic teaching concerns homosexuality. The church does not exclude homosexuals (in fact the majority of the child sex abuse cases concern homosexual acts by homosexual priests) but does condemn homosexual acts; two different things. Again, it is abstention, control of the self, that lies at the heart of this teaching. As research shows, infidelity among the homosexual community is far more pronounced than in hetrosexuals leading to a far greater risk of contracting venerial diseases. Learning self restraint and practicing fidelity above self gratification would reduce the incidence of many cases of disease, the suffering it brings and the cost to the wider community of treating those people affected.

    1. Midnighter 26 Nov 2012, 8:56pm

      The poll was commissioned by the ITV, not the BBC. I suppose that we should discount it because you believe THEY are anti-catholic too?

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