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National AIDS Trust launches fundraising drive

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Reader comments

  1. I can barely afford to live as it is and this morally tough for me. I truly care and am concerned about HIV but we got this type of organisations then others giving tips on how to cruise etc then religious sides on protection and the consequences… It feels like s losing battle.

    Also I can’t see this type of event really helping, perhaps something giving back a part something fun, their plans sound very narrow and formal it will limit the support they get which is very sad.

  2. I agree with Adam. How predicatable how now that times are getting tough they are begging for our cash but what do they actually DO that is of any benefit the rest of the time? HIV rates an an all time high, and yet another “HIV charity” is spending the recent proceeds from a sports day event on a cruising course for gay men. You couldn’t make it up. What are we doing raising funds for these nincompoops when they can’t win an egg and spoon race, let alone prevent thew onward spread of HIV. If the axe falls their way they have only themselves to blame.

  3. I am HIV+ and have doubts as to the necessity/wisdom of this ‘fundraising’. Will it merely provide more leaflets telling Londoners how to have safe-sex, or pay another salary, or finance a course in how to cruise for gay men who do it anyway?
    Most HIV+ patients in the UK are fit and healthy thanks to the NHS, some of us cannot work and may need a little extra support but few ‘charities’ offer real help. I am retired early on a reduced pension. I cannot claim anything except partial Housing & Council Tax Benefits even though my pension is small and have had little effective help from HIV charities except for a couple of hand-outs from Crusaid – but they limit the actual amount to about £200 for life! The charity that has really helped me to cope/survive is the Civil Service Benevolent Fund which has been generous and non-judgmental on two occasions. I am not whining as I am contented with my life-style – and happy to be alive! – but I do wonder why so much cash is generated for ‘HIV Charities’ and who really benefits from them …..

  4. The HIV charities have long been self-serving and adopted a self-preservation mindset ahead of the need to prevent the spread of HIV as long ago as the 1980’s. In the mid-1990’s they were racked by the real fear of HIV being eliminated due to the effectiveness of the hard-hitting messages of old in conveying their messages and therefore eventually being out of jobs. Imagine how loudly they all screeched “hallelujah” in unison when HAART appeared; giving then the excuse to divert their resources away from prevention and into HIV services and management of the virus. It’s an industry, nothing more, nothing less. Like the quangos that are being revealed to be self-serving at the cost of billions to the taxpayers, in these austere times it is hoped that the spotlight is shone at the HIV charities who must now be made to justify their existence or face the axe. GMFA, I imagine, is already on Death Row. Shone too brightly, the light will reveal most of them to be travesties of the purpose they are no longer fit to serve.

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