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Lady Gaga supports gay soldiers as she picks up 8 MTV awards

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Reader comments

  1. TheBrutalKremlin 13 Sep 2010, 1:55pm

    BEWARE the smiling faces! I think Gagme is just like the Madonna of he past 15 years: when they need sales, they go for the gays. If sales are good, these people don’t hang out with the second-classes.

    Pop Stars will sell your pink souls if they can.

  2. TheBrutalKremlin you’re an idiot.
    Lady Gaga is bi, and when did Madonna do anything for gay rights recently?

    “If sales are good, these people don’t hang out with the second-classes.”
    Lady Gaga still sings in small gay bars quite often because they made her what she is and recognised she had a talent.

    Go and do something worthwhile for gay rights and see how much you can actually accomplish, it won’t be half of what she has/is

  3. dave wainwright 13 Sep 2010, 3:36pm

    ,Lady Ga Ga , like Kylie with balls and a better voice , eat your heart out Kylie , you had the power and squandered it , you are now history .

  4. She’s a complete loon. However, she’s powerful and supportive and genuine and she’s bloody brave to take 4 LGB ex-servicemen and women to a worldwide award ceremony. That takes serious bollocks.

  5. David Myers 13 Sep 2010, 11:23pm

    I agree that TheBrutalKremlin is an idiot. If you did your homework you would know that Lady GaGa has been consistant and insistant in her support for gay/lesbian rights. Instead of sound off with out any intelligent perspective, you should get connected on gay/lesbian rights and help out instead of sounding off.

  6. I thought it was cool that Lady Gaga used her celebrity to bring attention to the plight of gay service members in the U.S. Lady Gaga need not bring gay troops to the VMAs to increase her sales. An internet search reveals that the pop star sold more than 12 million albums, 51 million singles and has three consecutive albums reach in the top ten.

    I’m not a fan. I don’t own any of her music. I am gay. Not all of Lady Gaga’s fans are gay. She had gay fans before she came out in support of gay rights. In addition to speaking out for GLBT folk, she also came out against Arizona’s anti immigrant law SB-1070. When some of her supporters asked her to boycott Arizona, she showed keen insight on her role as a pop star – and about who really must lead the fight:

    “I got a call from some big rappers and big rockers. They said, ‘We’d like you to boycott Arizona because of SB 1070’,” GaGa told the crowd. “I told them, ‘Do you really think that us …pop stars are going to shut down the state?’ ”

    “We have to be active. We have to actively protest. I will not cancel my show. I will hold you, and we will hold each other, and we will protest this state.”

    It is not her responsibility to lead the fight for us. It wasn’t Madonna’s or Cher’s. To the extent that they openly embrace us and speak out on our behalf, that is enough.

    We have to lead the way.

  7. I agree with ‘the brutal kremlin’. I don’t like this straight/bi wanna be tranny talking for my rights. She’s a self confessed ‘freak’, who thinks that gay men are ‘freaks’ and I don’t like this ‘freak’ being my spokeswoman – she just reinforces the stereotype that straight people have created for gay people – that we are ‘freaks’. Gay men are such a joke that they think these stupid brainless moronic pop stars have done anything for gay rights, I mean do you seriously think that the US government are going to change their policy because some two minute wonder of a entertainer takes some service men on stage with her. Hahahahaha.
    U freakin Idiots.

  8. “I don’t like this straight/bi wanna be tranny talking for my rights. ”

    It’s because of people like her that you have rights Thomas K.
    Sit down and shut up, and do something for others you selfish nothing

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