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Gay basketball star John Amaechi ‘too black’ for Manchester gay bar

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  1. comment deleted

  2. Disgraceful stuff.

  3. Poor guy, I feel so sorry for him.
    Sadly you give people authority and a uniform they think their special.
    I myself was refused entry to a poxy little club in my poxy little city due to wearing jobbers not jeans while a girl dressed as a fairy was fine.
    No proper reason just a big guy thinking he was special on a power trip so my advice to amaechi is sod them they’re sad excuses for people and they lost out on your custom, just remember the saying give a monkey a uniform and he’ll sh*! all over it

  4. Disgraceful. I suppose being lbgt doesn’t make you free of bigotry.

  5. Yeah, this definitely sucks. Some people get a uniform and a bit of authority and think they can exclude anyone they want. Definitey disgraceful.

  6. Stuart Neyton 13 Sep 2010, 8:50pm

    “most problems are caused by non-white individuals”

    Don’t be ridiculous!

    The bar staff stereotyped. I’m boycotting this place from now on.

  7. “most problems are caused by non-white individuals” i would cause a problem if i met someone with such an attitude. Gay rights were fought on a human rights equality ticket – forget that at your peril !

  8. @Paul – that hasn’t been my experience in the various incidents that have happened to me over recent years. Also what about the BBC reporter who was attacked in and around Sackville Park last year? He was Asian and was attacked by two men who seemed to be white. CCTV video here:

  9. PinkNews: Please remove the comment by Lincoln above. The Report Comment link is broken.

    @Paul: If you are correct (and I don’t agree that you are) that “in Canal street… most problems are caused by non-white individuals”, then the solution is certainly not to exclude one of Britain (and America’s) leading black LGBT advocates. Engagement, not racial profiling, is the way to deal with homophobia among non-white communities.

    It seems that this bouncer and his colleagues on the radio network confused John Amaechi and his friends with a completely different group of people causing trouble. Anyone can make a mistake – but that is exactly the kind of mistake that bouncers are paid not to make. If the bouncers using this joint radio system can’t describe a troublemaker in ways that allow them to tell one big black guy from another, maybe they need some more training. Or a different job.

  10. But they have black bar staff, and there are black guys and girls in that bar all the time, so how can they be racist? Sounds like someone got turned away from a club for reasons that were not racist, and didn’t like that fact that they were denied entry, and are using the racist card to provoke hatred for the bar/club.

  11. Phwoar! He can enter me any time he likes and without a johnny!

  12. Can somebody tell me how the two black bouncers at the Crunch bar telling John Amaechi he can not enter the Crunch bar. Because of reports about the behaviour of his group on the bar watch system, racially discriminated against him.

    Making false claims of racism is as bad (but not the same) as a false rape claims.

    It sounds like John Amaechi needs to stop acting like a prick while he is out and he wont have a problem.

    I hope the owners of Crunch sue him.

  13. Sister Mary Clarance 14 Sep 2010, 3:45pm

    Helen, first off, others on the pub watch scheme (and its not clear if Crunch actually is as they were not in contact with other bars) heard no reports about this group, in fact it was pointed out by another venue that Mr Amaechi was very pleasant.

    Second point, the rest of the troublesome group were allowed entry and he was not, when purportedly the ‘group’ had been badly behaved.

    Third point, what exactly is the comment ‘too black’ if not racist?

    I don’t know Helen perhaps the pussies on the door were a bit intimidated by him and thought if something kicked off they wouldn’t be able to deal with a six foot ten guy who spells fit with an ‘i’ and not with an ‘a’.

    Either way, taking a look at the wider media on the story, the reputation of Crunch is deservedly not in the gutter.

  14. john sharp 14 Sep 2010, 3:47pm

    gays discriminate too
    either you are not dressed
    or too old
    not fashioned

  15. This isn’t a suprise as the venue itself targets the dregs of humanity. The owner of Crunch is well known to be an arrogant and deluded individual with misplaced delusions of grandeur.

    I hope Mr Amaechi prevails over this low rate, backwards dive of a ‘venue’.

  16. What is teh point of deleting my original comment when you have 17replies!! Freedom of speech lost on this site huh? o.k one less reader then.


  17. Cool Paul, hopefully you’ll crawl back under whatever rock you crawled out from you bigoted little racist. Maybe you could drag the other two little apologists for racism, Helen and Thomas K, back under there with you.

    I wonder how many other black people who didn’t fit have been turned away as well. I’m sure most couldn’t make headlines like John Amaechi, so we’ve never got to head about it.

    Equality isn’t a one way thing, you’d hope that gay businesses would know better.

  18. Helen go and was your Cnut I can smell it from here

  19. Not being funny have any of you seen the bouncers for Crunch. There nationality is not White British so Mr Amaechi is trying to say a black person called another black person black wtf. He needs to stop being an arse he should be an ambassador for the gay community instead of actin like a prick

  20. Sister Mary Clarance 15 Sep 2010, 11:12am

    Adam, I don’t know how familiar you are with the principle of not being your own boss, but I think you’ll find that the management of a club generally determine the door policy, and if they say to the doorman ‘don’t let too many straights in’, irrespective of whether they are straight themselves or not, the doormen won’t let the straights in, similarly I would imagine the same could well apply to black people.

    If the ‘group’ was causing trouble elsewhere (which other accounts suggest not anyway) then why were the ‘group’ allowed in but the 6’10” black member of the group not permitted entry.

    The club has entirely failed to answer this point.

  21. @Adam – I don’t know if it’s the case here, but certainly in the US there is discrimination by lighter skinned black people against those who have darker skin.

  22. I go in Crunch all the time and i have never seen or heard anything like this before, but it does not supprise me as the bouncers on there are rather picky. It’s totally out of order and i hope they get a serious roasting for it!

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