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Florida governor to promise gay rights reforms – but not marriage

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Reader comments

  1. You can’t have reform without proper equality. If you won’t treat everyone the same then you’ve nothing to build on.

    Another failure in office.

  2. I would label this a ‘FAIL’ if he were a Democrat.
    Although not everything that is needed, at least it’s a positive step. If the issues of adoption, inheritance, etc were dealt with, it means full marriage equality would be more within reach.

  3. Crist is trying to be all things to all people. It’s VERY widely rumoured that he himself led a gay life until he decided to get involved in politics and thus far as has behaved like a typical self-hating gay in following the republican line of being anti gay at every turn.

    Maybe now the republican party have ditched him and he’s forced to run as an independent he’ll start to be more true to himself and redress his anti gay policies of the past.

  4. Charlie is just another gay politician who tries to play straight for the votes. No gay voter in Florida should vote for him. His famous pronouncement was that he believes “marrage is a sacred union between a man and a woman”. He like so many politicians here in the USA don’t mind kicking the Constitution of the USA in the ass when it suits their political needs. Equality from Charlie? Not a hope.

  5. My gayer reading for Mr. Crist … 11 on a scale of 10. Coming from a republican it’s noteworthy but please don’t take the bait . It’s not full equality. Still I give the man credit for trying.

  6. Sorry, “gayer reading.”

  7. de Villiers 13 Sep 2010, 8:13pm

    > You can’t have reform without proper equality.

    I’m not sure that is correct. There can be reform without proper equality. The road to equality may have a number of steps, each building upon the last.

    Perhaps the thought is that there could not be meaningful reform without equality. But then the bringing in of civil partnerships may be meaningful. The UK certainly has had meaningful reform with the advent of civil partnerships.

  8. Governor Crist would have gays eat hamburger whilst straights dine on filet mignon?

  9. de Villiers 14 Sep 2010, 8:26am

    > Governor Crist would have gays eat hamburger whilst straights dine on filet mignon?

    This compares all the intimate and meaningful civil partnerships into which many people have entered in both England and France and which provide social recognition, acceptance, inheritance rights, medical consent and formal legal status to a hamburger.

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