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Corrie lesbian characters will be branded ‘sinful’

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Reader comments

  1. Quote: ‘Viewers, whether they like the language or not, will be gripped.’
    Well – I wont be gripped because I wont be watching :-)

    I find these kinds of story lines really naff. They are there for sensationalism and masquerade as ‘progressive’.

    A really progressive storyline would be for a lesbian or gay couple to just get on with their lives, no huge outbursts of any type and the interest being with what they do in their everyday lives – but that may be too radical.

  2. I’ve nothing really of worth to add other than a “bravo”, Ian – well said.

  3. Agree that a gay couple just getting on with their lives would be better (like Hayley the trans woman). But dealing properly with issues of prejudice on these types of shows can be useful and be more effective in the long run than any amount of legislature.

    For me, the issue is two pronged – acceptance by society and true equality in law.

  4. My partner and I are in a stable relationship which has lasted for 26 years, but the troubles and heartaches we have endured with family mambers and “friends” along the way have been tremendous. In the past, many people were homophobic through ignorance and “not knowing any homosexuals” – and the media’s disgraceful attitude to gay people was quite revolting and negative.
    I feel that many young gay people simply are not aware of the predjudices and negative attitudes that have existed over the past twenty years – and if the two gay story lines in Coronation Street are going to highlight what being gay is all about (and let’s face it, the kids playing the characters are absolutely delightful), then I’m all for it.
    The Great British Public is being educated to see gay life from all angles, including the struggles and heartbreak that is involved in living a gay life without fear of who you are; if either academic research and learned tomes or popular culture such as Corrie bring this to the public eye, then I’m all for it.

  5. Oh Dear! Stand by for the xtians to bleat about beastly bias against them, no matter what.

  6. dave wainwright 13 Sep 2010, 3:33pm

    Reminds me of my coming out as a 15 year old and the bad advice I received when telling a so called christian elder , I turned my back on christianity and found the Gay Liberation Front , :). I am enjoying the Sophie Sian storyline and it seems like we waited forever for Corrie to have a gay character in the soap which reflected the reality in our own community now we have a Transexual whom no one bats an eyelid at , and three gay characters and one panto dame , it is amazing to me to see our stories reflected in this show , all we need now is for the street characters to plan for going to Manchester Pride next year as most communities in and around Manchester do , not a mention this year , it is the biggest outing in the northern calendar ,

  7. Peter & Michael 13 Sep 2010, 4:49pm

    It seems that Waterloo Road has also decided to include a gay pupil in the series, perhaps he will get to go to the Prom?

  8. Well said Ian. I too would prefer gay couples on TV not to be made an issue of and just have them living their lives like everybody else.

    The timing in this case was obviously to coincide with the Pope’s visit. We know all too well about the bigotry of the Pope and religons in general towards the LBGT community, but sadly not enough non-gay people know about it.

    I never watch Coronation Street, but I know millions do. If it raises the religious bigotry issue to a somewhat oblivious audience and some viewers adopt a live and let live attitude, then it could have positive outcomes.

  9. I’m sick of soaps doing everything at same time.
    Soaps dont do good lgbt writing it’s all stereotypical and really over hyped , there’s always a problem.
    I agree cant they just have a same sex couple without it being a story arc just let them be there.

  10. I too agree with Ian above. I think that showing a gay couple as just normal, just like anybody else can send a strong message. I see your point about raising the issue, RedDevil, and I think that may enlighten some people who hadn’t realised religious prejudice against us, but I fear that many of those people will feel that homophobia is justified in that case. I’ve had ‘but it’s in the Bible’ tossed at me by someone who wasn’t religious at all yet still felt that his homophobic view was right and decent because he’d heard religious people saying such things.

  11. RedDevil”
    > I too would prefer gay couples on TV not to be
    > made an issue of and just have them living their lives like
    > everybody else.

    > I never watch Coronation Street, but I know millions do.

    If you did watch Corrie you might know that it has long had a couple where the wife had a transsexual past, and most of the time they live their life like anyone else on a soap. Maybe the gay and lesbian characters will be allowed to stay and do the same?

    But then these new characters, as someone here posted previously, are smashing young people, whilst the actor and actress who play the couple I just mentioned have said that they took the initiative in making their characters something like autistic to extend their life, which worked.

    Public portrayal is a pact with the devil, it seems. Minorities only get it reliably if its not entirely positive, perhaps even negative.

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