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50 Cent in hot water for ‘anti-gay violence’ tweet

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Reader comments

  1. A Rapper. Homophobia.
    Nothing new then!

  2. He hates his own mother, for her sexuality.

    What a disgrace of a human being he is.

  3. PumpkinPie 13 Sep 2010, 5:39pm

    What a cretin.

  4. What happens if his fans decide to shooting us after this joke?

    Will 50 cent take responsibility for his insightment!

  5. The guy is s douche. A petty gangster wannabe who makes crap music going I was in a gang it was real bad and I escaped that life but I’ve prob told you this before>.> …. yea just a few times.
    If he can’t see what’s wrong with what he days then he is sick and is encouraging stupid young impresionable people who think he’s cool that this is what to think and how to behave.

    If you’ve a problem with loser that is Perez be a man just say it don’t be s douche. I personally hate Perez he is so bad for lgbt people with how he acts and the crap he says and I always hate when people think he somehow represents us >.>

  6. Andy Q beat me to it. Whatever your feelings about Perez Hilton, suggesting that if one member of a minority p*sses you off you then have carte blanche to take it out on their entire social group is pure bigotry.
    I hope 50 cents is the only record deal he’s able to garner after this.

  7. I love the way you guys use homophobia to justify racism you guys are as bad as that idiot.

  8. westcoastkid(USA) 13 Sep 2010, 7:54pm

    Another closet gay putting up a “I hate f*gs” front to cover his tracks.

  9. An irresponsible self-publicising fool, methinks, who nonetheless probably knows what plays to his fan-base (that’s right. I’m guessing that a lot of them are not nice).

  10. dean “I love the way you guys use homophobia to justify racism you guys are as bad as that idiot.”

    Call it racism … or call it reality. The facts are that the vast majority of all blacks dislike gays. Speaking for myself I refuse to be part of the “go to” group every time someone has had a bad day and are in need to getting their rocks off be they white, black green or whatever.ation ationsar

  11. 50 Cent was homophobic, so I got someone to shoot up a black wedding. Wasn’t his but made me feel better.

  12. I hate 50 cent, and all the other talentless hip hop ‘artists’. They’re a bunch of bigoted ar*seholes.

  13. What a surprise another untalented halfwit who can only make headlines through homophobia. Guess it make them feel big… sadly they just look like pratts!!

  14. It’s obvious that 50 Cent is not the full dollar
    (i.e. he’s not the brightest crayon in the pack)

  15. @ Dean – there is a difference between pointing out a logical/ moral fallacy and “justifying racism” as you put it.
    Speaking for myself, my point is if you reversed the situation [gay person suggesting lynching black people at a randomly chosen wedding to get even with one particular black critic] there would be public outrage, and quite rightly so. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.
    Still seems like gay equality is an afterthought at best or a joke at worst to some people who aught to know better.

  16. Brixton is the home of black people in the uk it full of gay people clubs and bars it’s safer for a gay man in Brixton than barking. so tell me how black people are more homophobic?

  17. flapjack so your saying that idiot speaks for all black people? if he wants to say idiotic stuff the attack him not all you assume he represents. by responding on his level you show yourselves to be no better

  18. “Brixton is the home of black people in the uk it full of gay people clubs and bars it’s safer for a gay man in Brixton than barking. so tell me how black people are more homophobic?”

    Don’t make me laugh. I lived in Brixton for 2 years and got more homophobic abuse from black people than anywhere else I’ve ever lived, that’s my experience. Are the black community more homophobic than the white community in the UK, I don’t know, but to make out that the black community in Brixton are less homophobic than the white community in Barking is as racist as those you hypocritically judge. And I don’t love the way you use your own white racism to justify black people’s homophobia. You should get off your moral high horse dean and accept that black people, including you, are homophobic, racist, and bigoted, just like white people.

  19. Dean – Where do you get off putting words into my mouth? As far as I’m aware, I said the precise opposite.
    I know for a fact 50 cent doesn’t speak for ALL black people. Thus the use of “SOME people who aught to know better” and I would hope those people know who they are. Jeeesus, do I have to spell everything out beyond the point of ambiguity? Any further nit-picking or are you done?

  20. Mihangel apYrs 14 Sep 2010, 11:28am


    Is that what he charges for a shag?

  21. Gesh, not with those teeth.

  22. I love how people on here will STILL defend homophobs when others have said such things as “shooting at black people”.

    White people playing the black card even against there own kind.
    Every wondered why some have this view of other minorites??

    Think about it. Not everyone is lovely dovey. The worls isn’t like that.

  23. Please can people stop calling every single scumbag a closeted gay person? People can be dreadful AND heterosexual you know. :(

    Black people don’t hate gay people, white people don’t hate gay people. Some people hate gay people. Race has nothing to do with it, but ignorance does, and it’s just as ignorant to generalize when referring to ethnicity as it is when referring to sexuality.

  24. No so. The black community is very homophobic. That is fact. Of course not all black people dislike gay people but there is a significant amount to be noticeable outside of said community.
    The same is said for America Christians.

    It is incorrect to say people are judging people on the colour of the skin rather than their comments or actions.

    If a black says as a joke he has shoot at gay people to make himself feel better than he and other should expect gay people to comment on the colour of his skin. They are not being raciest

    You can’t that fact and it is incorrect to say people are judging people on the colour of the skin rather than their comments or actions.

  25. sorry that should be a black man. I wasn’t calling 50 Cent a black. I would never do that

  26. countryboy 14 Sep 2010, 6:54pm

    I totally agree with you Mr. Quick.

    Want proof that the majority of blacks hate gays? Look at the policies in black Africa. In several countries if you are found to be gay you can be put to death!

    Sit in on a Black Baptists church service in America sometime. Being gay reigns supreme above all other “sins” on any given Sunday.

    How about the unbelievable hatred of gays in Jamaica and several other countries in the Caribbean? How would you like to have a tire put around your head and lit on fire or chased through the streets by an angry, howling mob (“batty boy!”) and beaten to death. Both have and continue to occur in Jamaica. And while we are in Jamaica how about the dance hall music that contains words of violence against gays that is popular in that culture?

    As for the the prop 8 campaign in California it was the black majority’s “yes” vote that helped that proposition win.

    Shall I go on? There certainly are a lot more examples, but I believe the point has been well made.

    The sad thing is I am old enough to remember when gays would march along side blacks in the American civil right movement days in the effort to help them gain their full civil rights.

    That was then, this is now. Times have certainly changed.

  27. By saying black people are homophobic, you are suggesting that it is intrinsically the case and is caused by their race, which is patent BS. Legal homophobic discrimination is indeed widespread in Africa. You know who put that legislation there? The white colonialists. Culturally ingrained homophobia is a tragically common problem, but again I must insist that race itself is entirely irrelevant. ‘Fiddy’ is obviously a bigot and seemingly a pretty worthless human being. Please don’t tar the many equality loving and tolerant members of the black community with the same brush because of your own shortsightedness. History and the derived culture in particular communities is certainly a problem, but white people raised in those communities would be and are just as likely to be homophobic as black people.

  28. lets bring the discussion back to the uk. in London the home of the black community is Brixton where one of the largest club the fridge hosted gay nights substation is Gay. sw9 gay but saying that the brixtons gay people are quite sophisticated so fit innto the bohemian lifestyle. I guess most of the anti black posters are uneducated roughnecks ao imagine you wouldn’t be welcome by most decent people. never mind you win.

  29. There’s a guy on youtube that i’ve been having a run in with. He thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to call people a ‘faggot’ Even saying that I should be used to the word by now and to stop being offended by it. In this he’s attacking the actor Robert Patinson. Have a look guys and tell him what you think. I’ve tried to get it removed by with no success.

  30. cityslicker 14 Sep 2010, 8:09pm

    Blacks homophobes? Try this youtube video on for size. Please, do read the posts!

  31. The word “nigger” occurs a whole lot in 50 Cent’s material… a semi-literate rap artiste.
    Anyone who refers to his “thing” as his “little toy soldier” is probably a bit of a tit.
    His vain posing, he’s really not all that, amounts to a frankly camp act suggestive of a male impersonator aping other more masculine males he admires … and you know what that usually means.

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