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US federal judge rules ban on out gay soldiers is unconstitutional

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Reader comments

  1. “Judge Phillips said the Justice Department would have the opportunity to appeal against her ruling.”


    If they try to overturn the ban, then Obama is kissing the entire LGBT vote goodbye.

    And the midterm elections are in a few weeks.

    let’s see how Obama reacts.

    He has been an abject failure on LGBT rights thus far into his presidency. He promised so much and has delivered exactly nothing.

  2. Don’t hold your breath that this decision remains intact. But, I do commend her for stirring the pot.

  3. FYI: “Judge Phillips has not yet entered the judgment. She asked the plaintiffs to submit a proposed order including a permanent injunction by September 16. When she enters the judgment, she can either permit it to take effect immediately, stay it while the decision is on appeal, or temporarily stay it to give the Ninth Circuit an opportunity to rule on whether her decision should be stayed during the appeal. Because this is a facial challenge, not just an as-applied challenge, if the decision is upheld on appeal, it will apply to the whole country and will be the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” – National Center for Lesbian Rights attorney Shannon Minter.

  4. Aren’t those Canadian soldiers?

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