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Rugby club fined £40,000 for anti-gay chants has amount halved

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Reader comments

  1. I would have thought about £100,000 would have been an appropriate fine.

  2. John(Derbyshire) 10 Sep 2010, 7:16pm

    Halving the fine sends out the WRONG message!

  3. Backing down on the fine sends the wrong message… Oh it’s ok you went a little too far this time >.>

    Zero tollerance on racism but homophobia is still lightly punished

  4. I think all this is rather the wrong thing to do, even if it is for the right reasons.

    How is a Football or Rugby club meant to enforce a rule stopping 20,000 people in a stadium from shouting “poof” or whatever?

    Their stewards have enough trouble monitoring security, health & safety, fire hazards and random fights breaking out between fans without having to cope with this cr@p.

    Equally, would you want to be the low-paid bloke in a fluorescent jacket told to reprimand some drunken 25st gorilla hurling homophobic remarks at the players?

    This just isn’t workable. If these ruling associations don’t want this to happen, they need to employ people specifically to target these yobs, and eject them forthwith. Imposing fines on a club where most of it’s members are just decent people gone to watch a game is unfair and inequitable.

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