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Exclusive: More mobile operators blocking access to gay news and information websites

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  1. Goods and Services Act.
    Surely these companies are breaking the law?
    Can someone take them to court please?

  2. change your phone 10 Sep 2010, 6:26pm

    quite simple get rid of your phone company and get one that doesnt block…companies will soon change their minds when they start to see they are losing customers….wingers

  3. I’ve not had any issues on my 3 phone with non-adult content. Gaydar is blocked until I enter my PIN, but I can’t say I have any issues with that.

    Does anyone have examples of other sites that are blocked by 3 that aren’t adult oriented?

  4. This is nothing new. Way back at the beginning of 2008 another UK LGBT news website reported on this – it was Vodafone (and presumably others, but the story only mentioned Vodafone). Pink News, Pink Paper and UK Gay News, none of which have “adult” content, should get together (with other affected websites) to fight this blatent censorship. Next thing we’ll know is that these mobile phone companies will be blocking the Independent, the Guardian, the BBC and other news sites that regularly report on gay and lesbian matters. The main problem, I suspect, is that the software used is American who bow to the extremist religious groups which seem to run the country. As for me, I asked my mobile provider to unblock my access. As I am a contract customer paying by direct debit, this was done immediately. But there is a principle here – and it should be fought. Virgin Mobile, I see, also block, and one has to opt-in to being able to get the gay news websites. But with Branson’s Virgin Media (my provider) everyting on the net is availble, including porn sites. It is up to me to block access adult sites if I have children (which I don’t have) and don’t want them to be able to view those sites.

  5. It is happening world wide. Internet and mobile filters. Australia is on the verge of implementing their filter early next year after it found it has a few problems with it. CENSORSHIP has taken over every thing and our every day lives. Welcome to the new world age of the POLICE STATE.

  6. Perhaps we should have a filter that blocks out “Mormon” “faith” “Pentecostalist” etc. so that young people are protected from access to the offensive fundamentalist material they might be subjected to …unless they choose to have the block removed themselves.

  7. simon adams 11 Sep 2010, 7:37am

    Vodafone hasn’t blocked my phone from any websites at all, I go on a lot of websites without being affected

  8. This shows that prejudism against gay is alive and thriving. They still think being gay is only about sex, not love or lasting relationships, like straight relationsships. Sue the ass of them, please!

  9. This is nothing but money pinching laziness. Why would any company expect customers if they don’t provide the best customer service?

  10. If its not happening to straight adult sites, then clearly its homophobia. All those affected should take out a class action suit against the providers, hit them where it hurts, in the pockets.

  11. I find it rather ironic that one of the companies mentioned in this report,02, is now offering 3 months Gaydar membership when you sign up to a broadband or Pay Monthly contract on your phone! How crazy would it be to then find you cannot connect to Gaydar or any other gay related sites on your phone thru 02! This really needs to be reported and sorted right at the top! OFCOM!

  12. 3 block many sites including Gaydar which they allow you to access the mobile-pay version of, which makes a mockery of its web-optimised mobiles

  13. I think something like globally accepted security certificate, such as SSL should be used. You should be able to download one free after proving your age, and from then on, all sites should be accessible. The certificate will only work on one device, and cannot be replicated.

    As for blocking people on the net, big deal, I am banned on Pink News, but any blocks they find, I can always bypass. The Internet belongs to no-one, and that is the way it will always remain, so governments can huff and puff all they like – where there’s a will, there’s a way – or in the case of gay porn sites, where there’s a willy, there’s a way. ;)

  14. I’m on 3 and can’t access most gay related ‘adult’ sites – even though you can sign up to access adult content with a special PIN. You can access all sorts of pornography on 3’s own content, but you can’t access something like Fitlads or Ladslads…

  15. I’ve never had a problem with o2. bit if I did Id close the account. the same reason why I don’t have sky cause Murdoch is a homophobic scumbag I don’t think any self respecting gay person should have it. and rupert Everett and Stephen fry are shameless doing ads for the times

  16. A bit drama-queen-ish there dean. I have Sky and had it for many years. It provides a much better service than when I had BT and NTL (now virgin). Don’t believe in cutting you nose of to spite your face. Mind you I started Sky when Murdoch supported Labour which I guess suited you enough then. Their internet service I have to say is the best and I don’t believe in dumping things if they are good and you get what you pay for, unlike many other companies who continue to think they can provide a bad service.

  17. After seeing this article I tried to view ‘Pink News’ from my mobile to find it restricted to over 18’s. To allow me to view I have to confirm my age but to do this I would have to pay a fee via a credit card. I explained I don’t have a credit card so my other option was to go into my local O2 store, tell them I want to view gay websites and confirm my age. Therefore I need to ‘out’ myself to the store staff!!

    I did point out that anyone can go to O2’s pages and download pictures of semi nude women but I can’t view a major news outlet. I told them this was homaphobia but they didnt comment. I told them it was rubbish and put the phone down and told them this was rubbish

  18. Staircase2 10 Jul 2012, 1:44am

    This is happening again!

    Just heard from an American friend visiting London that 3 have blocked his access to Adam4Adam unless he goes into the store with his passport to prove he’s over 18…

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