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Emma Thompson takes back Isle of Wight gay stoning comments

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Reader comments

  1. As a young gay man living on the Isle of Man I can say what a wonderful place it is to live.

    The stupid “laws” like being able to shoot a Scotish person are not enforceable, owning a gun is illegal – its a fun law :D

    Ive face more homophobic abuse when I’m in London than I do back home!!

    There is certainly no torture going on over here!! well, unless your into that kinda thing

  2. People need to get over themselves and stop taking all too seriously. It’s pretty obvious it was a joke. Lets hope the NHS isn’t having to pay out for Humour transplants!!

    When we gonna get Dame Emma anyway? Kinda feels its overdue!!

  3. Ouch! First rule of bitching, if you make a barbed comment about someone make sure you’ve picked the correct target first!

  4. “When we gonna get Dame Emma anyway? Kinda feels its overdue!! ”

    Never. She won’t be asked.

    She is quite sensible and is opposed to the monarchy.

  5. the Isle of Wight has the honour of being the last place in the UK to be forced to accept christian superstition – hopefully it will be the first to renounce it. :-)

  6. Somehow I think she knew exactly what she was saying. Say the evil, cause more evil,a nd then say oops I am sorry.

    time whores like this woman get the old biblical punishment for sex outside of marriage. You can guess easily what it was if you dont remember the old testament

  7. @6:
    SteveMD2 …I think you have totally misunderstood this story and the intention of what Ms Thompson said.
    Emma Thompson is no homophobe in fact quite the opposite, she’s delightful and somehow I really don’t think a homophobe could have coped for long being in Footlights with the likes of Stephen Fry.

  8. SusanGabriel 15 Sep 2010, 3:36pm

    I love how good-natured she is and she appears to be quite authentic, as well.

    Susan Gabriel
    author of Seeking Sara Summers
    (a novel about falling in love with your best friend)

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