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Comment: The effect of censorware on gay websites

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Reader comments

  1. If their product is in breach of UK /European equality legislation then have them change their product or take it off the market… failing that prosecute them. Who’s going to do it though? I suppose it will take Government action.
    Why doesn’t Pink News ask the various political party’s what they intend to do about it.

  2. PumpkinPie 10 Sep 2010, 7:22pm

    Good article. This definitely sounds like something we could do with a campaign on. Especially since the issue is so black and white. I’m pretty sure this directly contravenes both UK and EU anti-discrimination policies. Amd I’m sure we could win this fight just so long as we put the effort in.

  3. I think the Alabama values comparison was apt. Censorware does the greatest biggest in places with the most reactionary social mores – hence, it will be tailored most closely to customers from Alabama, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, etc.

  4. Pardon me, I meant to say “greatest business” or “biggest business”, not “greatest biggest”.

  5. Interesting that I made these self-same comments on a post about a week ago, and everyone attacked me for supporting “homophobic phone companies”.

    As Paul Canning says, this is more about companies covering their arses from litigious idiots than it is trying to protect the average user. They would rather attempt to block half the Internet than let the occasional nipple get through.

    I really do go with Pavlos’ comment though: This is an American product that does not conform to EU equality regulations, so I’m sure there is a case in there somewhere to get this lifted. Many systems offer “family-friendly” filters, and I’m not against that, but they should be off by default, unless specifically requested, ie: buying a mobile for your kids. On top of that, if the phone companies are apparently doing their “civil duty” by imposing these restrictions, they shouldn’t profit from it, and certainly not rip people off just for throwing a switch.

  6. Our local newspaper’s online service routinely filters ‘offensive’ words, resulting in some ridiculous postings. In some cases ‘hello’ has been shown as (filtered)o, dumb, eh? And that’s the mildest form of lunancy.

  7. It is blatant evidence of the Christian Moral Police who have sinisterly infiltrated governments and want to impose their view of morality on others and deciding for other people in a democracy what THEY decide is ‘bad stuff’.

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