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Video: Gay MP Chris Bryant calls Sky News presenter Kay Burley ‘a bit dim’

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Reader comments

  1. Despite my dislike of Kay Burley, I’ve got to give her some sympathy given Bryant once called me a “numbskull” for daring to question exactly what he’d done in support of marriage equality during his time in the House (for which one can answer “Diddly squat”).

    I don’t think he takes criticism too well… bless him.

  2. Time to fight back against the Murdock empire and reclaim our democracy.

    Time to put him in the dock and close down his media.

  3. Simon Murphy 10 Sep 2010, 1:00am

    Kay Burley works for Sky.

    Which is owned by Murdoch.

    The News of the World (which is the paper under investigation) is also owned by Murdoch.

    She’s therefore hardly a neutral reporter (Murdoch employees have to spout the Murdoch editorial agenda or they get fired – she knew she had to defend the NOTW regardless of the evidence against it).

    Chris Bryant is a bit of a pillock, but in this case I’m Team Bryant.

    Kay Burley – isn’t she the one who made Peter Andre cry, and who didn’t know when Ash Wednesday was?)

  4. Well done Chris Bryant, at last the beginnings of a challenge to the Murdoch empire and lets all hope it rolls on until his power and ability to stifle democracy is quelled.

  5. I hope non of you have sky. I also hate murdoch since the gay plague headlines in the 80’s while my friends were dying I’d never have his crap in my house and I berate anyone who does.

  6. M. T. Bags 10 Sep 2010, 8:16am

    Typical of a Labour MP…. When things get tricky get personal!! Guess that way you can always avoid answering any questions.

    Didn’t Murdoch support Labour and Bliar for about 10 years plus? It was only after Mr forgettable unelected Brown that they decided to switch. That is their right just as much as yours or mine but then with Labour lovies your not allowed to have an opinion unless it agree with theirs.

    Murdoch clearly suit you lot when it was given to ya, you only have yourselves to blame that they didn’t want to back a loser!

  7. Nick Mellish 10 Sep 2010, 9:16am

    @ M. T. Bags
    Have you actually watched the clip? This is nothing about Labour vs. Conservative; this is about a supposed journalist– a very well-paid one at that– being shown to have done no research whatsoever and in once case blatantly lie about the subject in hand to push her own agenda. This is about shockingly terrible journalism.

  8. @ Nick Mellish

    Yes I watched it when it happened. Maybe research wasn’t done but that doesn’t give the MP the right to get personal but this is what most Labour politicans do and do best.

    These people are supposed to be able to handle being interviewed and most self-respecting people will get the best of this kind of situation without the need of getting personal with put downs.

    My point he is a Labour politican what do you expect, its all they know!

  9. “that doesn’t give the MP the right to get personal.”

    But Kay Burley is the journalist in question. It’s perfectly fine to insult her – after all that is HER stock in trade. Why should she herself be trated any differently to the way she routinely treats others (watch her make Peter Andre cry by asking him if he’ll lose his children, if you want to watch some toe-curlingly uncomfortable and inappropriate TV).

    She is about the most unprofessional and ill-informed journalists on TV. She routinely gets spiteful and personal when her interview subject doesn’t toe the Murdoch line.

    What goes around comes around. She did no research on the story she was discussing – it is only reasonable to point out how dim she is, when she is failing at the job she is being paid to do.

  10. And let’s not forget the Sky News was doing a story about its sister company the News of the World.

    Knowing the iron grip Rupert Murdoch keeps on his titles, it is blatantly obvious that Kay Burley had been instructed to make the case against the NOTW look weak, reagardless of how much evidence is piling up against the News of the World.

    Rupert Murdoch also also owne Fox News (which should not really be allowed to call itself a news station so biased is it). Fox News is one of the most revoltingly homophobic media outlets in the world.

    Did you know that Robert Fisk left the Sunday Times after many years as a reporter there, after Murdoch bought the Times. The final straw for him came when the Times started editing his articles to completely reverse the message he was telling, in order to toe the Murdoch agenda.

    Murdoch is a cancerous influence on democracy and free speech.

  11. Interesting that News International owns Sky and News of The World, and when Chris Bryant is interviewed by Kay Burley of Sky, she seems to be questioning why there is a debate about illegal journalistic phone tapping. Is she doing Rupert Murdoch’s bidding for him? Is this the more worrying side of a monopolistic media interest?

    I think if someone is pretending to be that stupid in order to score points over an interviewee, they deserve to be called on it.

  12. “Is this the more worrying side of a monopolistic media interest?”

    Well considering that The Sun; The News of The World; The Times; the Sunday Times and Sky are ALL owned by News International (ie Rupert Murdoch) and the fact that ALL of them share his editorial outlook then of course it is worrying. The editors of his papers are not allowed to have their own opinions. If they stray from the Murdoch worldview then they get fired. Simple as that.

    It is of course very worrying that a non-resident of the UK has such a massive involvement and influence the British media.

    News International also owns 20th Century Fox Studios. Films made by that company get overwhelmingly positive reviews on News International papers and TV station.

    Anyone seen that APPALLING Tom Cruise summer movie – Knight and Day – made by 20th Century Fox? That got almost universally terrible reviews owing to how dreadful it was. The Murdoch papers couldn’t sing its praises highly enough.

  13. PumpkinPie 10 Sep 2010, 6:59pm

    I would have hoped that when it comes to the Murdoch empire, we could put party politics behind us. Let me make this clear: if this was a UKIP politician (and I do despise them), I would still be congratulating them for insulting that contemptible harlot.

    It doesn’t matter whether the Murdochracy is supporting Labour, the Conservatives, a party you like, a party I like, or even the cuddly Greens. They are 100% evil and have 0% journalistic integrity. I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy – in fact, I’d wish for my worst enemy to trounce them and make them look like idiots! And I hoped that would be the consensus opinion here.

    If you hate Labour, you’ve got to admit Labour are at least our villains! Murdoch is a foreign billionaire who uses our country as a mere playground, to peddle his vile propaganda and to attempt to swing our elections in directions favourable to his media empire.

    We can vote out politicians, but we can’t do a bloody thing about Murdoch. He’s been cheating our system and making life miserable for Britons for decades. Murdoch is our prime villain here. We should be united against him.

  14. Wonder what Burley would look like in a burqa.?
    It’s coming…

  15. He wouldn’t have dared speak to a male reporter like that. Sadly typical misogynist queen.

  16. And what do you base that assumption on robert? I think that fact that you even tried to make this into a sexist issue probably says more about you that it does Chris Bryant. The woman was being vile, antagonistic and making baseless statements and he had every right to say what he did. Did you even watch the video?

  17. Simon Murphy 10 Sep 2010, 11:04pm

    In that interview Kay Burley was merely doing her job.

    Her job of course is to defend her employer – the owner of Sky and the News of the World. Her job certainly doesn’t involve being a professional journalist.

    She may well, once, have been a capable journalist, but once you work for Murdoch, your job is to toe the Murdoch line.

  18. Simon Murphy 10 Sep 2010, 11:09pm

    The BBC has many faults. I absolutely accept that.

    But have you noticed how the hysterical ‘The BBC is EVIL’ stories often emanate from the Murdoch titles?

    Murdoch hates the BBC as it is publicly funded and a LOT more independent and neutral than the News International titles, and doesn’t automatically accept the Murdoch worldview.

    Just saying.

  19. Like others here have said, I detest Murdoch’s empire. Apart from the Simpsons, that is.
    Incidentaly, I seem to recall Sky being rescued by Thatcher in the 80’s, or am I galloping into my dotage?

  20. Sven Wraight 13 Dec 2010, 1:09am

    Miss Burley was not asking Mr Bryant if he was “saying that.” She was asking if he was “content saying that.” She wanted to know how he felt.
    Later, he called her a liar when the evidence available from this interview didn’t even conclusively indicate she was wrong.
    Chris Bryant is a compassionate chap, but for some reason – possibly just a simple misunderstanding, possibly lack of confidence – he was aggressive. An easy-going manner and a willingness to work with people even when they make mistakes would help him immensely.
    By the way, did he pay back the £92000 he fiddled on expenses?

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