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Gay health charity to release guide to safer cruising

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Reader comments

  1. This is so not helping were now putting out guides to cruising and public sex like WTF ! I mean really how is this helping us.
    It’s so much hard work trying to convince people were not sexual deviants being sluts and then this sort of thing happens >.>
    This gives nothing but ammo to the biggots, it’s not helping us… What would be useful is people to not cruise >.>

  2. Is this a joke? I’ve looked at GMFA’s courses before, and some of them are unbelievable. What’s next? A course on how to unbutton a shirt? What a waste of time, the people who run this charity must have nothing to do.

  3. GMFA are volunteer led and research based, whilst some folks might like to think we are all going to live in monogamous pseudo-heterosexual marriage not all of us do. Particularly in big cities like London where GMFA is based cruise / public venues where sex happen are common place and there are real risks that perhaps not all the guys using them understand hence GMFA’s work. This may not make sense to provincial / suburban non-scene guys but for tens of thousands of gay Londoners it does and it is them the organisation is aiming at and they have my sincere thanks for this important work largely done by volunteers – and the Sports Day was fab by the way.

  4. I think its great. There are plenty gay men doing cruising so a help guide book is more then welcome, it will help novices to go cruising safer

  5. pozbloke – Your post is patronising. I’m a Londoner born and bred, but still don’t see the point.

  6. I agree with pozbloke. And sorry Adam, but if you’re so worried about giving ‘ammo to the biggots’ (sic), why not go straight? Then they’d have nothing to throw at you! Some of us enjoy being sluts – courses like this teach us how to be better, safer sluts, and are very welcome.

  7. The point is reinforcing safer sex messages for the guys using the thirty odd public sex venues and many more cruising areas in London. We have discussed here previously how scare tactics for HIV prvention don’t work, peer education does and is suppported by research.

    The one scary message I want to get out is that Hep C treatment is 3-5 self injected interferon does a week, it really should be avoided and GMFA’s current campaign on that is great too, by the way although I’ve admired the work of GMFA for years I’m not involved with them beyond giving then quid.

  8. Typos… 3-5 doses a week… beyond giving them a few quid

    I will re-read before pressing Say it sorry

  9. Could be a very small booklet.
    Page one don t meet strangers in toilets for sex you will catch something nasty.
    Page two get yourself a loving partner and be happy.
    The End.

  10. The only guide to cruising I would find useful at my age would be a couple of brochures from P&O, Crystal and Silversea…

  11. @ Karlos … many of us have a loving partner but after many years together like to play away too, public sex venues / cruising areas are less of a threat to relationships than meeting other guys socially.

  12. Cruising isn’t only about meeting people in toilets or clubs or the park.

    What do you think the guys on Gaydar are doing – comparing knitting patterns?

    They are cruising anonymously in their tens of thousands every day.

  13. The strategy?…
    “B4 we have sex let’s get tested 2GETHER
    for A VARIETY of STIs.”

    Do sexual health checkups reduce the ambiguity and can they be
    like anything else POTENTIAL sex partners do together?…

    If you needed surgery would you want the surgeon to wash
    before operating?…

    If you needed a blood transfusion would you want the blood tested
    before or after the transfusion?…

    see also

    “tested together” alerts

  14. Simon Murphy 11 Sep 2010, 2:17am

    “The strategy?…
    “B4 we have sex let’s get tested 2GETHER
    for A VARIETY of STIs.”

    I agree.

    But that’s hardly practical for the guys hooking up on Gaydar and other sites every night, in their thousands

  15. GMFA were handing out this stuff 20 years ago on Hampstead Heath.
    So does it work? No. The stats demonstrate that admirably.

    The problem is not one of education, any gay man who doesn’t understand the risks of unprotected sex is either a retard, or been living on a desert island for the last 30 years.

    The fact is, they don’t *want* to know. They are selfish and think that it always happens to someone else. “I’m not like that, I don’t sleep around.” they say. Oh, but they are, and they do.
    The only time they react is when a doctor breaks the news to them in the cold light of day that they are HIV+ and they collapse in tears. Some people that claim that we are too harsh on promoting the safer sex message. How would you like to get the message across that if you fcuk around, you will DIE? You can’t sweeten the pill, it needs to be hard hitting and obvious, or these idiots are never going to get it.

    Sorry if I upset any HIV+ people on here, but then you’ve already had to cope with that, but everyone knows they would do things differently in hindsight – so now’s the chance to try to give people some foresight instead of pussyfooting about handing out poncy leaflets.

  16. It is because the message is more complicated now than in the early days of the epidemic that education like GMFA does is important it simply isn’t true to say guys get HIV and die now with modern treatment someone newly diagnosed has a comparable mortality with a smoker smoking 20 a day. Indeed the recent BHIVA conference covered issues of HIV and smoking as co-factors. Either way 21st century HIV is a very different prospect to 26 years ago when I was diagnosed.

    If ypu don’t like what GMFA do join and change it they are volunteer led and community based, gay men doing work for our communities by our communities.

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