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French football club rejects gay player citing ‘trouble’ of sexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Well the club needs to be expelled from the league it is a member of.

    Simple as that!

  2. So a club ‘signed up’ to fight homophobia responds to it on its own turf by kicking out a victim of it.
    Makes the ‘charter’ look like toilet paper. What tossers.

  3. Kicking the club out of the league is a good start but more direct action against the club should be considered.

    The club and its staff and players MUST be made an example of. With sustained direct action, and good planning you could seriously jeopardise the very existence of a small club like this.

    Keep the club in the news: this will sap the morale of the club and deter sponsors or financiers.

    The player in question should organise a press-call, and turn up for training or matches as if he were still a part of the club. Get the press to film or record his being refused.

    Organise regular protest actions before, at and after matches or training sessions. Organise funds for ads in the local newspaper condemning the club. Petition sponsors, perhaps even protest outside sponsors’ offices.

    This is a small club but the story is still massively significant for football. And it is a battle that MUST be won by the player in question, for the sake of all LGBT people in the game. It can be done.

    The player must be reinstated; the coach and the homophobic players in question must apologise unreservedly to the player; the club and the league must show commitment to never petting this happening again.

    This is also a test of the gay community’s determination to see justice be done. It is high time it happened.

    Do not let this club get away with institutionalised bigotry.

  4. Peter Baird 8 Sep 2010, 9:12pm

    Yoann is invited to play Footy in OZ. He will get off like the rest of us do on our provocative, tight Footy shorts. Show off your sexy legs and bulging thighs! I mean.. That outfit he is wearing, was it invented by conservative Xians?

  5. How about kicking out the homophobes and bringing in the gay player. Let the transgressors off the hook and it’s only the beginning. “No homo, brother, no homo.”

  6. Seems like an open and shut case of “blame the victim”. If they did the same to a black player suffering racist abuse there would be riots.

  7. So he’s the one getting the abuse and ridicule and the two doing it are unpunished and allowed to carry on while HE gets the blame, for THEIR actions!

    Stupendous. Wonderful. How, heterosexual of society. Why don’t we all behave like this around anyone of colour or of a certain faith and then see the national outcry.

    Words, as ever, fail me. Though I have done my best.

  8. unfortunately the ones who get the hate also gets to be punished for being hated, that seems to be the way many work

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