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Former Mr Gay UK denies sex offence charges

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Reader comments

  1. Has there been a link yet to the 2 mr gay uk crimes?
    Is it if you win you end up behind bars (not gay bars)lol

  2. Typical policeman they think they are a law unto themselves!

    1. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?!? Unless you were there, you know no more than the press have chosen to reveal to you, and we all know how you should believe everything you read in the papers! If it had been a straight person saying “typical gayboy” would you have been so quick to criticise?

      1. Climb down off your orange box, everybody is entitled to an opinion, gay or straight he is still a policeman.

        1. And still innocent until prove otherwise! and yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion, though unless it is backed up with objective evidence, it is little more than bigoted prejudice.

    2. Do you also come up with such phrases as ‘typical plumber they are such a drain on society’


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