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Australian swimmer keeps underwear deal after ‘homophobic’ comment

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Reader comments

  1. Apology accepted.

    Time to move on.

    She’s an idiot but she’s not a foul bigot like Australian PM Julia Gillard (who oppposes civil marriage equality despite being an atheist) and that revolting lesbian collaborator Penny Wong who opposes marriage equality for some bizarre, selfish reason – oh yeah – she wants to keep her job!

  2. Lordy, to hear her talk you would think that SHE was the victim here and we owe her an apology for making her feel bad.

    Stephanie, on behalf of the entire gay community I apologize for making you feel bad by reacting negatively to “Suck on that faggots” that you only meant to be pro-Australia. We’ll really, really try to do better next time and be more considerate of your feelings. I hope you’ll accept our sincere apology and put this behind you.

  3. The lady could atone by pressing the Australian government on equal rights

  4. ‘Australian swimmer keeps underwear deal after homophobic comment’?

    Maybe they were looking for someone who was pants?

  5. Soiled pants;)

  6. Peter Baird 8 Sep 2010, 8:51pm

    She consulted professional word manipulators before an apology was made. She apologized for what she said, not to the people she offended.
    This is the latest trend with these word hookers.

  7. It shows how ridiculous the role of sports people have become in modern society. Most of them have all this obscene wealth given to them and then we, the public, expect them to be role models. Ms Rice did not convince me with her tears last night as I felt she was really crying for her lost jag. But maybe it is a lesson learnt for others. Also last night on out tv we had the ex pm of the UK on, promoting himself and he was even less convincing than Ms Rice.

  8. PumpkinPie 9 Sep 2010, 4:24am

    The swimmer has received support from openly gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham who called her comments “thoughtless” but “not homophobic”, and from gay rights activist Gary Burns, who said: “What people need to understand is, she’s been made aware of what she said, she now understands that those words may have caused offence and she’s apologised publicly for those words.”

    I agree with them. More foolishness and ignorance than malice. Lesson learned.

  9. So if someone makes a comment using the N or P word we would need to tell them aware that these words may cause offence? With children yes, with adults I don’t buy into that.

    Pink New will update this article later today but its now reported the triple Olympic swimming gold medallist has lost a lucrattive sponsorship deal after the Australian star posted a homophobic slur on Twitter.


  10. Maybe she was thinking of her favorite sex act – and it wasn’t penis in her vagina.

    Christians Guilt shows itself in strange ways

  11. suck on that, breeder

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