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‘Young, white gay men’ are ‘contributing’ to spread of HIV infections in Europe says report

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Reader comments

  1. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 7 Sep 2010, 12:49pm

    Thus why safe sex is so important and the message must continually be sent out.But not exclusively to the LGBT community, for to say;

    “Gay men are still the most at risk of HIV infection in the UK. We also know that more than a quarter of people with HIV in the UK are currently undiagnosed, and they’re far more likely to pass the virus on than those who know they have it.

    “Targeted HIV prevention programmes are key to reducing the numbers of new infections each year. But we’d also argue for innovative testing services to better diagnose men who’ve been at most risk.”

    is not totally accurate as statistically proved more heterosexual partners are likely to have unprotected sex and drug injectors also contribute a large proportion of newly diagnosed cases of HIV.

  2. Agreed! Resuructs the old arguments about the tomb stones and the lillies fromthe 1980’s(!) However, there is nothing like as much time and effort given to HIV awareness; its like its gone away; BUT It has not! A world without std’s where you could do all sorts of interesting things would be nice, but it ain’t going to happen kid! Take care out there!(from an “Oldster”)

  3. This makes a strong case for teaching safer sex in the schools, make it mandatory for all state schools. Society likes to think its still a “gay” disease but ignores the fact that a lot of heterosexual people succumb to it. Ignorance is what is causing the surge in infection rates and very bad lack of information as well as education.

  4. I do not believe HIV and AIDS has a valid link. I think the figures are being used to target gays. Last month we were hearing how significant numbers of women and young people in general ae spreading syphillis and other STDs and now it’s back to young gay white men again.

    It always seems fishy to me.

  5. Omar – while worldwide heterosexual sexual conduct is the primary mode of transmission for HIV, in Europe and particularly the UK, male homosexual sexual conduct does account for far more cases. The majority of heterosexual transmissions diagnosed in the UK have been acquired abroad. And IV drug use has not been a significant contributer to HIV transmission, in the UK at least, for quite some time due to the introduction of methadone and needle exchange programmes.

    EMM – this study does not contradict the previous reports as the results here mainly refer to HIV. And last I checked, young white gay men were also “young people”. And don’t even get me started on your AIDS denialist remark!

  6. I suspect that a lot of this comes from young gay guys getting off their faces on pills and/or booze and forgetting totally about protected sex. What to do?

  7. M. T. Bags 7 Sep 2010, 3:24pm

    Whilst there may be some truths with this report I have to say the media itself must take some responsiblity for the way it reports ‘reckless sexual behaviour’. Not only does this reporting target groups for possible homophobia, it also can be seen as suggesting that some groups are more prone therefore others will carry on acting irresponsibly because they believe it doesn’t affect them and they won’t get it.

    It does show that indeed schools should be teaching the dangers of HIV and all STD’s but taught in that it affects everybody not just certain groups in society.

    There is a culture of young people who believe it is just a disease that affects older people and this needs to be addressed but the media needs to be more active in reporting how the disease is spread rather than targeting groups.

    Like I say, I’m in no doubt there is truth in this report and we should be acting according but surely it is important that the message of the dangers should be transparent to all who have sex, gay, straight or otherwise.

  8. Slave_jed 7 Sep 2010, 3:56pm


    According to this article I must agree with all the above, Teaching save sex in schools etc.

    How ever the fact that Gay men are “contributing” to the spread … is a blatant attack.

    What makes us different from straight people ? Do we have more sex ? I seriously doubt it if you look at the average divorce rate in any country due to the devoted husband or wife not being so devoted. What if we look at the pregnancy rate of young teens.

    Basically the report would have been more shocking if it said Pigs or Cows or Ants are helping with the spread of HIV AIDS, But to say Young white gay men are… is an Idiotic remark and they might have kept the report to them self as weather your straight, gay, old, or young, you are at risk when ever you do not use protection.

  9. dont blame the teachers blame the bareback porn seller and those who watch it making it the most popular form of porn. blame those HIV ads which seem to play down the illness for fear of stigamtising HIV+ people lets watch another generation die for our own selfish pleasures

  10. They say 1 in 10 people are gay, so that leaves 9 in 10 that are straight. Personally I believe the true gay figures are far higher than that, nevertheless, it is obvious by ratio that straight people will pass on HIV 9 times more by ratio. We have so many unwanted pregnancies, how much evidence do we need that protection is the last thing on their mind?

    It seems the religious controlled press is, as usual, trying its hardest to ‘legally’ discriminate against LGBT in any way they can.

    The most effective way is indirect discrimination. Instead of saying gays are evil and should all be killed, they print any filthy statistic they can think up and say ‘look, this is what they do, this is what they’re like’, to create a building public resentment towards us. All in the squeaky clean, perfect cover of ‘science research’ of course. All for our own good isn’t it. :/

  11. In my 26th year living with HIV my take on this is perhaps different.

    We need to be clear what 21st Century HIV is in rich countries, realistically the virus will probably have less impact on mortality than smoking 20 a day. The change in treatment since my diagnosis is unique in medical history in the last 5 years I’ve gone from 22 pills a day to 4 many guys are on Atripia the single pill treatment.

    That said I wouldn’t wish the virus on anyone, encouraging testing a treatment getting viral load down / treatment as prevention is one way forward, encouraging safer sex is another.

    We know from the sex survey that +ve gay men are regularly rejected by partners who think they are negative the dating sites say guys are “clean” and looking for the same. These guys having unsafe sex with guys who tested negative at their last test may be infected between tests and infect their partners, for research also tells us very many new infections happen in committed relationships.

    In short HIV in its third decade is remarkably different to in its first.

    My fear these days is the bareback clubs and groups for positive guys hepatitis c is spreading – interferon injections are not as simple as a few pills for HIV.

  12. I concur with others about the language used to convey the risk. One does not want to play into the hands of the heterosexists and homophobes.

    In some part I wonder the extent to which a low self image plays when people subject themselves to risky sexual practises (combined with drug and alcohol use). These self image problems could arise during adolescence when “gay” is still portrayed as bad and there is a lack of positive gay role models.

    I’m not trying to exempt people from personal responsibility. At the end of the day, one should not let one’s behavioural choices be ruled by one’s past.

    At the same time, we all make bad choices. Some of us get away with it, while others do not. We need to still provide all the love and support we can to those affected and infected by HIV.

  13. I think the danger is that we’ve gone from one extreme to the other, where gay people were so marginalised by the AIDS scares of the 80’s that now gay sexual health issues including AIDS/HIV have become a touchy subject. Left unchecked they’re in danger of becoming the elephant in the room.
    Safe sex is everybody’s responsibility, and if we don’t want to go back to the 80’s in terms of homophobic public perceptions, we have to take our own sexual health seriously.
    If we don’t, we’re not only harming ourselves and those we care about but giving homophobic bigots all the ammunition they need, backed up by NHS statistics.

  14. I have encountered far too many people that buy the drug company’s propoganda, and even some gay men’s attitudes, that the disease is so easily managed now that they do not consider it a significant threat. No disease is easy to live with.

    I also see young people constantly lifting too much, and the wrong way, and speaking as someone who lives in severe constant pain from back problems…. Different issue, but not entirely. Young people often do not realize the risks of what they are doing until it is too late.

    I also whole heartedly agree that self-esteem plays an enormous role, which I think is the number one reason gay people are always on the bad end of the scale where new infection is concerned.

    There is also another large issue that I think is rarely mentioned. And that is how many young guys need money so badly they opt for risky employment opportunities of all sorts, and they did it only because they were so desperate for cash.

    Of course young gay men are at the greatest risk for these problems. Parental abuse is usually not as huge an issue for straight men or older men in general. Neither is anyone usually willing to pay for your dinner or your behind when you are older. And at least some of the time being desperate for cash is not as big an issue for an older man either.

    What is needed more than anything else is not just HIV education, it is a system that stops allowing gay men to be set up for failure from the start with bad practices and information in advertisements, media, schools, homes, and especially the miserable churches. If a church was preaching against any group of people other than gays the government would have a lot more to say about it. They want HIV curtailed, well a few other things need to be curtailed as well!

  15. Deeside Will 7 Sep 2010, 9:47pm

    I knew it. I knew as soon as I read this page that a woman called Jill would post a link to it on the “Anglican Mainstream” website. She has.

  16. And after these results, gay men STILL continue to bemoan not being able to donate blood? This is not stereotypes, homophobia or partitioning. This is a situation of our own making.

    And Dean, just because I watch some movie about a serial killer, it doesn’t make me want to murder anybody any more than watching bareback porn makes me want to have unprotected sex. If you so feeble-minded as to be persuaded to risk your life and others by such triviality instead of being in control of your own actions, it’s probably best you stay away from the media altogether.

  17. A major factor here will be the lack of access and information on access to testing and sexual health clinics. Outside of major cities Gay freindly health clinics are almost non exsistant and information about free testing almost immpossiable to find!

  18. let me guess ads don’t work on you either spammer you fcuking dhickead go and die

  19. not suprised judging by the number of profiles on gaydar with safer sex needing discussion! young heterosexuals are just the same and are exposed to the same risks. the message needs to be put across to all not just gays, but the truth is that we gay guys are more promiscuous.

  20. Daniel – I wouldn’t even say that it is so much down to promiscuity but to the statistical likelihood that a sexual partner will be HIV+. Men who have sex with men make up at most 5% of the population, yet men who have sex with men accounted for 42% of new HIV diagnoses in 2009 (stats from the UK’s Health Protection Agency). Of course, sexual practices and attitudes towards sex to contribute to this and it is hard to escape the fact that within the gay community, sex is viewed and practiced differently than among heterosexuals.

    Spanner – I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Dean’s idea. Although safer sex is a personal responsibility, cultural influences do affect people’s decision making processes. It is already accepted that pornography in general does have influence in many young people’s attitudes towards sex and gender and with gay sex still left largely ignored in mainstream sex education, it’s not completely ignorant to think that bareback pornography is the closest thing some young gay men have to “sex education”, which is very depressing.

    I would agree that more needs to be done about the sexual health of all people, gay and straight, but the gay community really needs to accept that HIV, in the UK and most of the Western world, still disproportionally affects gay and bisexual men. As a member of that community, it makes me angry and sad, particularly when I know many young gay men myself who seem to ignore safer sex advice because they believe it will not happen to them.

  21. Whoever wrote the title of this article makes it a gift to anti-gay bigots who will use it for their own nefarious propaganda.
    You translated this:
    “HIV-1 subtype B infected Caucasian men-who-have-sex-with-men with high prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, account for the majority of local HIV-transmissions.”
    …into something low intellect homophobes could much more easily understand and use against the gay community.

  22. Dean: that is the sort of fcukwit response we have come to expect of you by now.

    Andrew: The problem I seem to see is that gay men refuse to admit any fault, culpability or responsibility for this situation. It’s either homophobia, lack of education, barebacking porn, insufficient health literature, price of condoms, community attitude or some other piss-poor excuse they can dream up to avoid the smack in the mouth obvious conclusion: that they, and they alone are responsible for their sexual health. We live in a blame culture. It’s always someone else’s fault.

    Back in the 80’s I lost a lot of friends in the first wave of AIDS. Those people died because nobody knew what the hell it was. They were the only innocents in all of this. We have had thirty years of a continual barrage of information both in the mainstream and gay media, and one would have to have lived decades on a desert island not to know what construes safer sex.

    I may sound harsh, but unless you contracted the disease from an infected blood transfusion, or was raped, IT’S YOUR OWN GODDAMN FAULT! It’s not like you haven’t been warned time and again. *Everyone* knows the risks. I am sure people have become overly complacent due to the medications now available. One wonders had they never been discovered, and people still had 6 months from infection to death, I am sure the HIV+ figures would be considerably lower than they are now, and the disease almost eliminated because anyone still carrying the disease would be soon be dead, and everyone else would be so sh|t-scared of contracting the disease, they wouldn’t DARE have casual unprotected sex.

  23. Shame on you Pink News!

    Why the racism against white people?

    Have you been taken over by uber-liberal white bashing racists?

    This is the second time you have been caught using race so unnecessarily.

    You know for a fact that the original Ghen University study which I’v read DOES NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS about race. Pink News was the first news organization to do so.


    Why do you allow racists write shameful articles like these and others (like this one black person blaming white gay men for everything, and needing a “black pride” event.)

    WHY? Pink News do you promote racism?

    WHY are you a racist organization? You bigots!

  24. Damn, these white people are all ruining Europe !! White people, go back to where you came from, wherever it is !!
    Hahahaha, Pink News never fails to make me laugh. Isn’t it, pepa ?

  25. “and everyone else would be so sh|t-scared of contracting the disease, they wouldn’t DARE have casual unprotected sex.”

    Oh, the “fear works best” cry again. Actually, education works better. If you want fear, go find a religion, they specialise in that nonsense.

    The horrendous ads of the 80’s were OTT, but at least they got the message out there. Getting the message out there, is a form of education. And they need to get this into schools. We don’t need to demonise HIV suffering with that ridiculous “IT’S YOUR OWN GODDAMN FAULT!” line – you have too much anger, and not enough substance, spanner. All people are entitled to health services, equally and fairly, so we don’t refuse or persecute cancer victims for their lifestyle choices that may have led to that situation, do we? Well, perhaps you would, but so would Stalin. But normal people don’t think like that, becuase at the end of the day, we’re all at risk from some disease or other.

    And to Daniel that said “but the truth is that we gay guys are more promiscuous”, this is actually a myth. The reality of scientific studies show that a SMALL % of gay men are highly permission. But when you take these out of the equation, there is little difference between straight people and gay people. The problem with more-anger-then-smarts like Spanner here, is that he assumes the groups he sees in the gay bars and sauna, constitute the entire gay population – but that’s just his naivety and personal agenda to persecute all gay men as stereotypes, perhaps becuase his daddy didn’t like him or some messed up thing like that.

  26. andrew spammer dosents deserve a dignified response he’s a bnp troll ignore it. porn is an cultural identifier and our community on one hand says we need to give blood get married and have kids while our most popular porn is one which fetishises the spread of hiv. the next generation will die for profit. we should be ashamed.

  27. Mihangel apYrs 9 Sep 2010, 7:14am

    I think the article in Box Turtle Bulletin “Getting the story wrong on HIV” is worth reading

    Sloppy reporting is worse than none.

  28. Unfortunately the Christian Institute has pick this up as well. All the heterosexists and homophobes are having a field day!

    Thanks to Pink News and their sloppy biased, racist reporting.

    I am putting PN on notice. I am doing some research on this web site and see how much race-baiting is really going on.

  29. Kevin: “Oh, the “fear works best” cry again. Actually, education works better. If you want fear, go find a religion, they specialise in that nonsense.”

    The statistics speak for themselves: The education is quite obviously NOT working. Don’t give be straw-man bollocks about religion. If you look at the statistics around the early-mid 1980s, the incidence of HIV+ people plummeted, either because they were too sh|t scared to have sex, or they were already dead.
    Fear is a great motivator. Ask any insurance company.
    It’s only with the onset of modern medication, so people are lulled into a false sense of security, and go back to their old ways. Trust me, when you see a good friend lying in a hospital bed looking like a grey skeleton, it has a profound effect on the way you live your life after that.

    “We don’t need to demonise HIV suffering with that ridiculous “IT’S YOUR OWN GODDAMN FAULT!” line – you have too much anger, and not enough substance, spanner.”

    Why not? Who’s fault is it then? The government? The health service? The bit of trade you picked up last Friday night, but was too drug-fcuked to bother with a rubber?

    Like I said, it’s always somebody else’s fault. You and you alone are responsible for your own health. One assumes you are not a complete moron, so act responsibly and stop expecting everyone else to run around and wipe your arse.

    And angry? YOU FCUKING BET I’M ANGRY! It is poncy little do-gooders like you that don’t want to rock the boat that have got us in this sh|t in the first place.

  30. “Why not? Who’s fault is it then? The government? The health service? The bit of trade you picked up last Friday night, but was too drug-fcuked to bother with a rubber?”

    Dear, oh, dear. What a little tantrum!

    Your ignorance and lack of ability to read what I wrote astounds me. I’m sure you have a fantastic “holier-than-thou” approach to all facets of your life. As I said previously, you seem well suited to religion. There you can rant to your hearts content, and they consider that an asset.

    You obviously don’t have any intelligent statement to make here, and others clearly think the same here, other then make puerile little insults like “poncy little do-gooders”. If you are the opposite to this, a angry but stupid puritan nutjob, I’ll take that as a complement, thanks you.

    Next time, try to think before you slam your fists off a keyboard in a fit of rage, you might earn more respect for your stupid remarks, and maybe someone will answer you with the small amount of civility you clearly do not possess.

  31. Kevin:
    It’s impressive to see someone that can write four paragraphs of complete drivel, yet actually say fcuk all. Have you ever thought of going into politics?

    After all that, you STILL haven’t answered my question:
    If you are not personally responsible for your own health, who is?

  32. When someone like you refers to another as a “poncy little do-gooders” for making a statement, that person loses the right to demand answers. You are a tantrum throwing fool.

  33. Kevin, ignore that loser spanner, he’s some BNP/UPIP fcukwit with acute emotional difficulties that unfortunately likes to regularly share his ignorant thoughts with us all from time to time. Most people here ignore him as you would a hobo that shouts at passing traffic. Spanner by name, spanner by nature.

  34. I’m beginning to see that, thank you Robert. Vir bonus, dicendi peritus, he is most certainly not.

  35. I have to agree with Spanner. If I had unprotected sex and got an STI, I’d be a fcuking idiot and would blame myself; I am an adult and I know what the score is. There is a subculture of men who fetishize unprotected sex; the internet is awash with blogs and sites devoted to this stuff. while it may only be a subculture of men, it only takes one individual to a “core” sexual partner (i.e. the key link in a sexual network) for hiv to rapidly spread. See Its a very interesting article. I recommend it.

    I came across another report on a study which showed that older gay men were as risky in their behaviour as younger gay men so I am not entirely convinced by this report on PN.

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