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Serbia to hold first Pride Parade since 2001

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Reader comments

  1. The whole freaking world is changing, except for the Islamic world and the Russians. Even in Red China things are beginning to happen for the good.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was something we could put in the water that made half the people gay.

    Think of the solution to the populcation problem, and the gay priests and bishope of the catholic church holding gat porno night in the church. Way to go

  2. There are plenty of things happening in both Russia and the Islamic world, it depends if you want to define yourself by the worst reactions… people are changing EVERYWHERE in the UK it took us this long to get this far. Other countries have started later and are in many ways making faster changes than we ever did. Let’s not create new stereotypes.

  3. Elena Gordon 8 Sep 2010, 7:19pm

    It is a real shame that Belgrade PRIDE 2009 is refered to only in passing and only in negative terms because the organisers (Labris) did a brilliant job and took enormous personal risks to put the LGBT of Serbia back on the map. It is conceivable that it is indeed their work that has paved the way for the political support that Lazar Pavlovic talks about. Bravo Belgrade…hoping to be with you again this year!

  4. FYI….Serbia is not nor was it EVER a part of Russia/USSR….we are located near Italy and Greece southern Europe……take a map!

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