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New book to examine history of homosexuality in the Conservative Party

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Reader comments

  1. Probably the biggest reason I don’t believe the Tories have changed is they talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk when it comes to LGBT issues.

    When we have bills in parliament for full gay marriage and the ending of the requirement for married trans people to get divorced before they can get a gender recognition certificate then we will know they have changed.

    Words are cheap and meaningless without action.

  2. Shouldn’t that title be ‘The Conservatives, Homosexuality and INtolerance’? There’s a world of difference between reluctantly waking up to the fact that homophobia is no longer acceptable and actually embracing social diversity.

  3. The fact that a book and documentary like this can be made does show how things have changed in the tory party, but there i still a way to go. When they deliver marriage equality then they can really say that things have changed.

  4. Shouldn’t it have been titled Behind Closed Doors? Or perhaps Skeletons in the Closets?

  5. I for one would be interested in studying the book’s conclusions. The Conservative Party has come a long way in such a short time even though many readers will feel it has not gone far enough. It seems only yesterday they were robustly defending their “Section 28” policy and now they distance themselves from it, deselect any prospective candidates that express traditional views on homosexuality and sack shadow ministers for rocking the boat e.g. by supporting the guest house owners who turned away a gay couple. My worry is the Party is increasingly becoming one based on expediency and current fads rather than based on principle, that they will bend without any compunction according to where it perceives its support is going to come from. I suppose (cynically) they are quite happy to alienate many in the gay and traditional Christian communities providing they are confident they can attract the middle ground.

  6. Sounds like a must-read, if a bit gruesome. I hope it’s frank about certain folk screwing rent-boys or keeping teen boyfriends while opposing an equal age of consent, supporting Section 28, etc, etc…
    I think the Cameroon leadership have changed to a degree but I suspect the party rank-and-file have not.

  7. I don’t want to be “tolerated”! The patronising, insensitive B*stards!

  8. I am not interested in a book about Tory attitudes to homosexuality until:

    1. There is marriage equality in this country
    2. The asylum policy for LGBT asylum seekers (ie send them back to whatever bigotted hellhole they come from and tell them to be discreet) is scrapped.
    3. The lifetime ban on blood donations by gay men is lifted.
    4. The criminal records of ALL gay men who were criminalisd for having consensual sex with another male aged 16 years and over is pardoned.

    The Tories have PLENTY of time to achieve all these by the time of the next election.

    After points 1 to 4 above have been achieved I will be very interested in reading a book about gay Tories.

    Until that point the book should be regarded as nothing more than an empty PR stunt designed to hide the fact that NOTHING has happened on points 1 to 4 above.

    We are waiting Cameron…!

  9. I’m a librarian. Would you advise me to stick this in the Fiction, (Light Comedy) or shall I place it directly in the ‘Comics’ section? Do let me know…

  10. Stick it in the stack Rufus, no-one will ever want to read it :)

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