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Faroe Islands MP refuses to dine with Iceland’s gay prime minister and her partner

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Reader comments

  1. Dave North 7 Sep 2010, 3:21pm

    “Jenis av Rana MP, leader of The Centre Party, a Christianity-based conservative party, declined the invitation, reportedly saying it was against his religion and that he wouldn’t “dream of attending such a banquet”.”

  2. Dave North 7 Sep 2010, 3:22pm

    Forgot to add:

    One would expect nothing else from these brainwashed so called christian bigot types.

  3. Christianity (and religion in general) is defined by hatred and bigotry. This story is not surprising.

  4. Fcuk the Christian beliefs of unpleasant Faroese bigots.
    Christian fascists expect everyone to conform to their mentally deluded beliefs without evidence.
    Jenis av Rana is rude and obnoxious, typical these days of most religious fundamentalists who have lost the plot.

  5. I agree; refusing to eat at the same table as someone because of their sexuality is religious fundamentalism. This bigot has done a huge and damaging disservice to the Faroese, paiting them as backwards and prejudiced. Thank goodness for the reactions of people like the writer quoted at the end of the article.

  6. Wait a minute. I want to see if I understand the good Christian man’s point of view.

    He, as a righteous Christian, can’t sit down to dine with an invited foreign homosexual guest and her wife, because of his Christian faith, which requires that he follow the teachings and examples of Jesus, the Christ, who, on more than one occasion dined with prostitutes and adulteresses, to the dismay of the most pious religious leaders of His day. Did I read this story right? Am I missing something?

    Or perhaps he’s one of those Old Testament Christians who gets his inspiration from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, you know the one where God destroyed an entire city in a ball of fire for their sins. He doesn’t want to be seen as supporting and promoting the sins of the Sodomites, which the Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel said was hatefulness, injustice, verbal abusiveness of strangers and shameful in-hospitality to guests. Wait a minute, is it that he DOESN’T want to promote the sins of Sodom, or he DOES?

    I’m confused. What part of the Christian faith, or the Bible, is inspiring this good Christian man to be so inhospitable to this honoured guest?

    Maybe as a Buddhist outsider looking in at the Christian faith I’m not aware of some of the insider-only rules of the faith that would justify this unloving and unkind act.

    1. Har Davids 19 Nov 2012, 1:00pm

      I don’t think there’s a mention of lesbianism in the Bible, so Jenis av Rana could have attended, without having to feel bad about him letting down his god. Mind you, I don’t know much about the Faroe Islands, they might still be living in the 1950’s for all I know.

  7. How exciting. And there I was, thinking that all the Faroese did was fish, steal seabirds’ eggs and get drunk over Nordic sagas in the long Arctic night. It’s nice to know that there are nice lgbt-friendly ones.

  8. Richard S. 7 Sep 2010, 5:02pm

    Well, any “Christian” who is stuck on the Old Testament’s teachings is not much of a Christian, since Christ’s teachings (not even those of his apostles) are what constitute the definition of being a follower of Christ or a Christian….

  9. Dave North 7 Sep 2010, 5:28pm

    Idiots like these long ago lost the message of their own “faith”.

    Now they just make it up as they go along to suit their own personal prejudices and hide behind it hoping nobody notices.

  10. She’s married – why didn’t they use wife in the headline? (Wouldn’t they have done that for a straight couple?) It’s still that subtle second-class treatment and we even do it to ourselves.

    Regardless of what the guy uses as an excuse, he is no Christian.

  11. she is her WIFE, not partner! Most Faroese disagree with Jenis av Rana. There are even gay people in the Faroes, so mnind your language, please!

  12. most Faroese disagree with Jenis av Rana. And there are gay Faroese people as well – do they need your patronising ways? Don’t think so. All religion is hatred!

  13. Anyone surprised by this really backward set of people?

    these are the same people who drive whales into a bay. The whales exhausted, terrified and confused are eventually driven into the shallows. Here the bloodbath begins. The islanders repeatedly hammer 2.2 kg metal gaffs into the living flesh of each whale until the hooks hold. A 15 cm knife is then used to slash through the blubber and flesh to the spinal column. Next the main blood vessels are severed. The blood-stained bay is soon filled with horribly mutilated and dying whales.


  14. Yes, since Ms Siguraardottir is married, the special lady in her life should indeed be referred to as “wife” and not “partner”.

    I can well imagine that av Rana is an embarrassment to the Faroese. What a Farkwit for refusing to dine with the lovely Ms Siguraardottir and her wife.

  15. Gav’s comments are inappropriate. My experience of the people of Torshavn and the villages outside is one of a friendly and warm people for whom the psuedo-Christian beliefs of an obscure MP are unrepresentative. Faroese society is more egalitarian that mainland Denmark and Rana aside, seems more wedded to the positive ideals of Grundvig, in particular the concept that no-one is better than anyone else (the Christian Bishop who, amongst many other things founded the Peoples High School movement in Denmark).

    Where else in Western Europe are hospital doctors paid similar salaries to bus drivers?

    Whaling is unpleasant, but when you eat turkey at Christmas, are you aware of how these birds are usually scalded alive to facilitate easy removal of the plumage?

  16. Hayden, your comments were amazingly well-put. I couldn’t have put it better myself. There is deep dense irony in this incident.

  17. Actually, thank you to all of the Christina bigots because you are speeding up the process towards equality for all people! Keep being bigots, keep saying the things that you do, keep discriminating and most of all, be uncivil, that really wins others over to help fight for our freedoms!

  18. … Hi, gee, does this mean that one should not dine with people who are in a hetersexual relationship because it is not part of their philosophy.

  19. Tweetless 8 Sep 2010, 1:53pm

    It’s against his religion?
    Oh, I remmber that bit in the bible now. And the Lord spake unto Abraham and said ” I forbid you to go to state banquets where there are married lesbians”.
    Was he expected to have sex with them then? Or were they just going to eat a few courses and have a couple of drinks.

  20. TampaZeke 8 Sep 2010, 5:31pm

    Jenis is clearly the new and improved Jesus. Jesus dined with women who had sex with people who they WEREN’T married to; even people that they were PAID to have sex with but Jenis, being an even MORE devout Christian than Jesus has taken it one step further and refuses to dine with a woman who ONLY has sex with the person she’s married to.

    Hail Mary, Mother of God…and blessed is the fruit of thy womb JENIS!

  21. Random Turner-Jones 8 Sep 2010, 10:06pm

    Partners certainly rings hollow and condescending. But do they each consider the other a wife? What does the word they use in Icelandic translate into? What do people think about just using the word spouse in the English language presses to describe all married couples relationships to each other.

  22. Well they do use wife in the article. I know I live in a fantasy world, but I would hope the person who wrote the article did at least a fraction of research. (I know – as I said, fantasy.) Theoretically they would have noted how her wife is referred to in other circumstances.

    Unless she specifies the desire to use a term other than wife or spouse, then I think the appropriate thing to do is use the more standard terms. If she has a preference, then it should be used. I look forward to the day when spouse is the journalistically correct term across the board.

  23. Saskplanner 10 Sep 2010, 1:52am

    What a mean spirited little baby.

  24. Where it a casual occasion I would say he’s entitled to wine and dine wherever he chooses, but as this was not the case he does himself, and the people he represents a disservice. I’m glad their reactions highlight this.

    I’m sure the evening will be all the more enjoyable for lack of his presence.

  25. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Nov 2012, 4:38pm

    Of course, the correct Christian thing to do would be attend and put aside one’s personal beliefs and opinions. Those bigots make me laugh when they call themselves Christians? How can they be when they’re judging others and making negative, untrue statements about gay people, or any other minority for that matter?

  26. Nobody who votes for such a tw@t deserves to live in such a lovely part of the world.

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