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Spain is to launch official gay lottery this Christmas

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Reader comments

  1. ¡Genial! España está dando pasos que nos dejan a nosotros rezagados.
    Great! Spain is taking steps which leave us standing.

  2. waou – how refreshing !!!

  3. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 7 Sep 2010, 11:52am

    I wonder if the “lotto” has not considered something similarly.
    After all another way to tap into the Pink Pound, but admirably for Spain I love the idea that it is to donate ” 80 per cent of the administration office fee will go directly to gay charities as chosen by a local gay portal,” and if the UK were to do similar , i would buy into that as would a lot of other LGBT’s I’m shore.

  4. Super. How does one find the link to have a flutter

  5. it’d be nice if something similar happened in the UK, but I suspect if anyone so much as hinted at the idea it’d be shouted down by cries of NOW YOUR LOTTERY MONEY FUNDING POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD!!!11 from the usual suspects (tabloids, Tory MPs, the “Taxpayers'” Alliance)

  6. How would someone in California buy tickets???

  7. i want to participate in this lotterey to acheive the money because i am poor and i hope to find better live

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