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Olympic medallist Stephanie Rice apologises for homophobic tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 6 Sep 2010, 5:36pm

    Did not mean to cause offence. What did she mean then?

  2. I echo Ian Roberts here. She is an Idiot. An idiot wouldn’t know what causing an offence is.

  3. Simon Murphy 6 Sep 2010, 5:47pm

    Nasty comment for sure.
    But I think it was thoughtlessness more than intentional homophobia.
    At least she apologised and removed the comment.

  4. Matthew Mitcham posted this comment on his facebook: “To those asking for my opinion (inc. media): I know a lot of ppl are upset by what Steph Rice said. I agree, it was offensive & very thoughtless, but being friends with her for 2yrs, I know she is not homophobic. She meant no malice, & she has apologised for her careless comment posted in the excitement of the moment”.

  5. How sad it is that people who deny they’re homophobic still are ‘careless’ enough to use language like this.

  6. yes, Rehan, it’s even sadder that people on here, such as apologists like Simon and John, then go on to apologize for her again. What part of “suck on that, faggots’ don’t they understand? Which part of that expression is not homophobic or designed to insult? Possibly the preposition?

  7. I can see where she can use that word & not realize she is being homophobic: she simply does not associate the word w/gays anymore. Many kids *don’t* (Anyone watch “South Park”?). The word has meant other things in the past & perhaps is still evolving. I think it’s a good thing – but I am likewise glad that she quickly realized what she had said, apologized & deleted the comment.

  8. She doesn’t mean it of course. It’s just PR. In her heart of hearts, we’re still faggots.

  9. She meant “faggots” in that warm and fuzzy, love ya bunches sort of way that people use when they talk of their opponents/enemies. She didn’t mean offense by “Suck on that faggots” she meant it like “Good job! Fine game! I admire your level of sport!”

    Matt Mitchum is an idiot too for defending her.

  10. For those of you who say she can use the term and not be homophobic I ask you this, had she said “Suck on that n*ggers” would you be willing to say it was a slip of the tongue and she wasn’t racist?

    I get pissed at people and make rhetorical jabs at people all the time, and though I was born and raised in Mississippi it NEVER crosses my mind to use a racial slur, in ANY context.

    You’ll never convince me that a person who uses a racial or homophobic slur is not on some level racist or homophobic. They may not be proud of it and they may be embarrassed that they let it show, and it may not be strong bigotry, but it most certainly IS there. Rather than denying it and making excuses they need to acknowledge it and figure out why it’s there and actively work to eradicate it. Denying it does not fix the problem.

    And gay people need to stop making excuses for them and coming up with ridiculous explanations about how they can use slurs and not at all be bigoted. It just doesn’t happen.

    And by the way, gay people who use gay slurs to demean, degrade and attack, are also homophobic and need to get to the bottom of their self hate.

  11. i actually only watched the olympics for her… shame.

  12. Surprised Matthew Mitcham defended her. My generation cringe at the word faggot when directed towards anyone because it usually meant we were about to be bashed up or worse, murdered. No, we have to keep screaming at inappropriate language until we REALLY have equality.

  13. Simon Murphy 6 Sep 2010, 10:24pm

    No 6: Rufusred says:

    “it’s even sadder that people on here, such as apologists like Simon and John, then go on to apologize for her again.”

    Oh build a bridge and get over it.

    I’m not apologising for her.

    She made a moronic, homophobic comment, apologised for it, and removed it.

    I think we should not over-react.

    Her comment was stupid and offensive for sure, but it’s hardly in the same league as Pope Ratzinger, or William Hague’s voting record on gay rights, or Stonewall’s support for civil partnership apartheid.

    She’s a stupid person, but in the grand scheme of things, she’s just not very important.

  14. Ms Rice […] is a heavy user of Twitter

    And you want us to take her and her comment seriously?

    Try again Pink News, or is the gay news slow today?

  15. I am in complete agreement with Ian Roberts. She is an idiot. Unfortunately she is typical of her generation – the “me” generation, no consideration for anyone else and as such are offensive and thoughtless. As for Matthew Mitcham, he is an embarassment to the gay community. I am an aussie but hope to hell the Chinese thrash him in the London Olympics, and hope the poms or even the yanks do the same to Stephanie Rice. Jaguar have dropped her but Davenport have not – perhaps the latter isn’t so gay friendly afterall.

  16. M. T. Bags 7 Sep 2010, 6:41am

    I can’t help thinking all homophobia and racism within competitive sport should be treated & punished just the same as drugs cheaps. Ban them from competing for a period of time, 5 years for example or even a lifetime ban for persistent offends.

    Sportmanship is about competing not abuse. Stamp it out!

  17. And she is not even a religous person!!

  18. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 7 Sep 2010, 12:38pm

    Sorry but if you said it , you meant it, and the saying “foot in mouth” springs to mind.
    Anyway “faggot” is unacceptable in or at any time.

  19. I can see why Matt defends her but it was very stupid to say it

  20. Sorry, love – you really have taken a dive this time.
    Just watch what you say in future – even though this is a hard way to learn.

  21. Her excuse that she Tweeted it in a moment of excitement doesn’t ring true. If it were true, she would have very quickly realized that it was improper and offensive and would have removed the Tweet of her own accord. She DIDN’T. Not only did she not remove it immediately. Not only did she not remove it of her own accord. She removed it much later and ONLY after being confronted repeatedly. She seemed to remove it reluctantly and then she made a lame, very uninspired half-apology, NOT for saying something terribly offensive, but for “causing offence”. That’s PR speak for distancing oneself from responsibility and apologizing, not for your words or actions, but for people taking offence to the words that one “innocently” spoke.

    This makes it even more clear to me that, in spite of Mitchum’s protestations, Stephanie does have some issues with subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, homophobia.

  22. The apology was so touching that it almost brought a tear to my eye. I didn’t think it would be possible, but I think Ms Rice managed to put even less thought into the apology than she put into the offending Tweet! TONS of passion in the “f*ggot” Tweet; NONE in the apology.

    Way to go Steph!

    I’m surprised that anyone would keep her as a spokesperson for their brand. Of course if she had gone with the other slur for the South African team we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. It would have been game over, NO sponsors, no questions, no discussions. I guess we “f*ggots” just don’t command that much respect yet; and from the comments of some of the apologists here, it’s pretty clear why.

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