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Hague’s former advisor took part in taxpayer funded trip despite lack of official role

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Reader comments

  1. He’ll be gone soon, I reckon. Countdown starts now, if it hasn’t already.
    One significant backstory remaining is whether Hague’s homophobic record will actually get the media exposure it merits.

  2. Oo-er Missus ooo no 6 Sep 2010, 7:44pm

    No matter what the voting record says I’m sure I remember him supporting an equal age of consent, or it was reported that way on the news. I’ve always seen him as supportive of us. Am I wrong?

  3. William Hague voted for an equal age of consent (16) in 1994. He was absent from later age of consent votes, but he did vote to keep Section 28.

  4. If he turns out to be gay I’ll remember him for the mp who made every effort possible to deny it and wonder why on earth he chose to do so… Still can’t truly understand why Laws would have been so mad to…

  5. I also cannot see him lasting very long at the FO now, not after this — talk about reckless and irresponsible behaviour; he must been desperate and just thrown all caution to the wind. Did you notice the phrase, “it is suggested that Mr Hague paid for a separate room for Mr Myers” meaning there is a distinct possibility he did not and the old queen shared his bedroom yet again with young Myers.

  6. Simon Murphy 6 Sep 2010, 11:32pm

    Aside from the ‘is he gay?’ element of the story, I think the fact that he took his ‘friend’ on official business at the taxpayer’s expense is a sackable offence.

    If I stole from my employer in a similar way, I’d get sacked instantly, and possibly face criminal charges for fraud.

    Clear your desk Hague.

    You’re fired!

  7. But Myers is not Gay. So what’s the fuss?

  8. Of course Myers is not gay. How could he possibly be?

  9. “But Myers is not Gay. So what’s the fuss?”

    That’s now irrelevant.

    The relevant part of the story is that Little Willie Hague took his ‘special friend’ on official business at the taxpayer’s expense.

    That is unacceptable.

    Hague should be sacked and investigated by the police for fraud and charged with a criminal offence if need be!

  10. Is he not sacked yet? Maybe they’re waiting to consult the pope on the matter as he has a lot of experience with ‘intense but chaste’ relationships amongst male clergy as well as full sexual intercourse.

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