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General Election 2010

Ed Miliband tops poll of LGBT Labour members while Diane Abbott tops Labour voters poll

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Reader comments

  1. vulpus_rex 4 Sep 2010, 10:02pm

    Interesting but irrelevent.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to be the leader of:

    the party of illegal wars
    masssively increased social inequality
    staggering economic incompetence
    fascist abuse of civil liberties

    With a track record like Liebour they have no chance of being re-elected in a million years, why is he even trying?

  2. The illegal wars most Tory MPs voted for and the economic incompetence caused by members of David Camerons family and the social inequality supported by most Tory party members. Lets not forget The Tories killed hundreds of men on a ship in international waters leaving a war zone when they sank it. Complicit in the illegal bombing of thousands of innocent Libyans when the USA carpet bombed Libya.

    Fascist abuse of civil liberties oh like Thatcher in the 1980’s and the government supported blacklisting of thousands of miners.

  3. Lets not forget Norman Lamont and his special adviser David Cameron caused Black Wednesday on 16 September 1992 when the Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) after they were unable to keep sterling above its agreed lower limit.

    In 1997 the UK Treasury estimated the cost of Black Wednesday at £3.4 billion. This forced the UK interest rate form 10% to 15% and forcing many people to lose their homes because they could not pay their mortgages and sent the UK into recession.

    And the man who advised the chancellor to do all this is now our prime minister!

    vulpus_rex you just threw a handfuls of stones in a glass house!

  4. Diane Abbot is the only one with a spark of personality. The rest are just hot air and sadly unelectable.

  5. Tories are fascists 5 Sep 2010, 10:25am

    > Fascist abuse of civil liberties oh like Thatcher in the 1980′

    And lets not forget that in the 1819, the Tories passed the six acts. The Tories in power today are responsible! And also lets not forget that they supported Charles II and were sympathisers with Rome at the time of the Glorious Revolution in 1689! The Tories today must not be allowed to forget their fascist abuses of the past.

    And let’s not forget that Thatcher was, anyway, a FASCIST. Yes, a FASCIST – that being someone who believes in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group and a contempt for democracy. It is IRRELEVANT that she as leader of the Conservative Party won three successive elections or that she allowed herself to be deposed in a leadership election without murdering her opponents. She has blood on her hands.

    She also allowed herself to be persuaded by John Major, the Labour Party led by Neil Kinnock and the entire political and financial establishment to enter the Exchange Rate Mechanism. It is HER fault because she is a FASCIST.

    If that were not enough, in a war declared on the Falklands by Argentina – something she deliberately procured in order to kill Argentinians because she is a FASCIST, she sank a ship during wartime on the advice of her generals! Tories today must be held to account for this.

  6. I didn’t think labour had much chance prior to the Hague affair but it does bring back those memories of sleaze, toffs and intrigue in the cons party prior labour….

    Funny how silly little things like the Hague affair can turn you off a party overnight…

    Unfortunely for labour though the gay vote would still be with the lib dems, wouldn’t it?

    At least they have 5 yrs to prove themselves…

  7. Hmm I think pink news is voting for Ed

    If any have to win I want it to be Abbott … But she won’t so I dunno

  8. Tories are fascists 5 Sep 2010, 12:47pm

    > Funny how silly little things like the Hague affair can turn you off a party overnight

    It is funny. It shows how shallow a person’s political thinking is to be turned off an entire political party and their entire manifesto programme overnight – over something that is not political.

  9. Lucio Buffone 5 Sep 2010, 1:08pm

    Valpus, Labour is also the party that delivered LGBT equality within 13 years of government, equal age of consent, ended section 28, civil partnerships, gay adoption rights, ended the ban on gays in the military, equality act, minimum wage, the party of the NHS. Also more Labour MPs voted against the war than MPs of any other party.

  10. Hodge Podge 5 Sep 2010, 1:51pm

    It’s a pretty woeful time to be a Lib Dem but they’re still the best for LGBT issues. Diane Abbot seems lovely though, though Andy is from round here. I might consider voting Labour if the Lib Dems don’t get a little more bitchy with the Tories, and if they make a commitment to respect civil liberties more. David the torturer won’t get my vote.

  11. Tories are fascist – ah well if I’m only allowed to consider manifestos and the such then at the moment we only have the promises of potential leaders during a leadership battle and I wasn’t quite happy with those labour mps not actually using the word “marriage” in their endorsement of the other milliband the other day, so I guess I’d stick with the lib dems….. but who knows , early days , nothing’s happenned yet!

  12. The labout muppets will do anything and say anything to get votes.
    Now they are trageting the lGBT community with speeches and promises that they know they will never keep.
    As for Diane Abbot, she can go to hell as well
    She has done nothing for this country in the past and only now she thinks that she can jump on the LGBT bandwagon and shout what she wants to do for our community.
    Unfortunetly these people only pay lip service for our votes and i for one will never vote for another labour candidate in my life.
    The trouble they have left this country of ours in is totally unacceptable and it shows all along that the labour goverment were negligent in the running of this country and do not deserve ANY votes by lgbt folks.
    Labour are a disgrace, and people like Milliband and Bro and Abbot are just trying to get a name for themselves….well i say, Not In My name..Labour, your scum end of.

  13. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 5 Sep 2010, 6:45pm

    Over the past decade, the Labour Government has made great progress in dismantling the legal discrimination faced by the gay community. From the equalisation of the age of consent to workplace anti-discrimination legislation Labour’s record on gay rights is a proud one. Unfortunately, the same progress and enlightened leadership has not been shown in extending protection to our oppressed brothers and sisters through the asylum system. Asylum and immigration has always been a highly contentious area of policy for successive British governments. Indeed, until a 1999 House of Lords ruling, persecution due to sexual orientation was not even grounds for being granted refuge in the UK. Today therefore – and forced by the Courts – the Home Office now accepts that if a person does have a well founded – and evidenced – fear of persecution because of their sexual orientation then they can begin to qualify for asylum. However, the Home Office makes it as difficult as possible.

    In common with other asylum seekers, the Home Office deploys a ‘robust ‘ approach in determining gay asylum claims. The individual must demonstrate the harm they fear and demonstrate that the fear is justified. Most asylum seekers flee their country without documents, often because their departure is sudden and rushed. Further, accumulation of evidence is often hard to collect and even harder to export. The Home Office issues country-specific guidelines to immigration officers to assist in determining the likelihood of persecution on the grounds of sexual orientation in given countries. Whilst there are many countries that publicly persecute gays individuals, the Home Office often fails to acknowledge this real risk in its guidelines. Last year in an infamous case involving an 18 year old asylum seeker from Iran, the Home Office’s own guidance issued to immigration officers conceded that Iran executes homosexual men but, unaccountably, rejected the claim that there is a systematic repression of gay men and lesbians.

    Where the Home Office issue guidelines, the Courts held that two gay asylum seekers – one from Iran, the other from Cameroon – should be returned to their country of origin. The Court argued that the decision to grant refugee status to the men depended on the social context in which homosexuality was viewed in their home countries, with one of the judges stating that “a degree of respect for social norms and religious beliefs in other states was appropriate.” It was ruled that the men’s applications for asylum should be denied on the basis that they would not face persecution in Iran and Cameroon if they carried out their lives “with a tolerable level of discretion.”

    Quite what those judges deem to be tolerable is unclear. Iran has a highly disturbing record on LGBT rights. As President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed there were “no homosexuals in Iran”, Human Rights Watch reported the execution of two more men for ‘homosexual conduct.’ That the United Kingdom should deem it acceptable for our LGBT brothers and sisters to face persecution daily and then to compound that insult with the admonishment that they should “be discreet” when rejecting their asylum claims is shameful.

  14. vulpus_rex 5 Sep 2010, 10:12pm

    Helen – ridiculous wishful thinking about what the tories might have done doesn’t excuse the following, all caused by labour:

    1 million dead iraqis
    longest recession ever in UK history
    ever increasing gap in social inequality
    Police kill innocent protestors with impunity.

    Labour = evil, sh*t, dishonest government of the worst kind.

  15. This Tory government & MI6 killed Gareth Williams and are now busy trying to discredit him.

  16. vulpus_rex 6 Sep 2010, 10:03am

    “This Tory government & MI6 killed Gareth Williams and are now busy trying to discredit him.”

    I refer you to my earlier comment about ridiculous wishful thinking, and add that self deluded speculation about the tory party doesn’t alter the appalling track record of liebour – they are Sh*te.

  17. Ian Bower 6 Sep 2010, 5:14pm

    Why is it that we detest most politicians.
    Has it always been this way?

  18. Diane Abbott MP 30 Oct 2013, 6:57am

    Just for the record I certainly do abhor homophobic lyrics. And the Buju Banton song I chose for Desert island Discs did NOT have any.

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